Punch List Template 14+ (Word, Excel, PDF Format)

No matter how well a project is executed, it would never be truly complete without dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. Most steps in construction are easier said than done and a really good job could go up in the smoke if you fail to correct all items that don’t conform to the contract specification. This is where a punch list comes in. A punch list is simply that document that contains all the items of a construction work that doesn’t satisfy the initial specifications on the contract. And it’s usually prepared towards the end of the work. But then, you can avoid all the stress of preparing one from scratch by using a punch list template.

Usually, in preparing a punch list, both contractor and client will walk through the site when the project has reached substantial completion and note down all the deficiencies. In order to make things easier and simpler, you may want to use a punch list template to whip up a list instead of preparing one from scratch. But at the same time, it’s very important you are very familiar with the project specifications.

Sample Punch List Template

Sample Punch List Template

New Construction Punch List Template

Construction Punch List Template

Project Punch List

Project Punch List Template

With a good punch list checklist, a contractor will be able to discover and make the required fixes before final occupancy. Sometimes this may include new details and scope which are added at the last minute of the work. Most of them are customizable, so you can adapt them to a particular project.

Construction Punch List Format in Excel

Construction Punch List Template Excel

Commercial Construction Project Punch List

Commercial Construction Punch List Template

Project Punch List Template (DOC)

Project Punch List Template DOC

Punch List in PDF

Punch List Template PDF

Construction Punch List in Excel

Construction Punch List Template in Excel

You can generate a new construction punch list form by either downloading online or generating with software. The items that appear on the form will normally depend on the type and scope of your project. Using these forms can generally help to make the process of inspection more efficient with considerable reduction in error.

Blank Punch List Template

Simple Punch List Template

Remodel Punch List Template

Remodel Punch List Template

In the last phase of your project, you can resolve all the small details in construction snag list format in excel in order not to forget. Such a list is more simple and easier to work with. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy in the process.

Project Punch List in Word

Project Punch List Word

Punch List Template in PDF

Punch List Template in PDF

Fillable Punch List Template

Fillable Punch List Template

Choosing a template is the best way to speed up your construction punch list process. Ideally the template should suit your particular situation. Make sure you review your specifications and the punch lists before your final walk-through.

By using a concise punch list template, you can easily overcome all the lapses that may stop you from getting paid. And perhaps it offers a better solution than preparing one from scratch in the sense that, it saves you a lot of time and makes the whole process a whole lot easier. At the end of the day, your entire construction team, as well your client will leave happy.