Proof of Address Letter

Some situations, such as applying for a bank loan, may require you to prove that you reside at a specific address. You can do this through several documents, but it is best to accompany these papers with a Proof of Address Letter. Depending on the requirements set by the recipient, this letter can be prepared by you, your landlord, your relative, or your employer. Let’s review it in detail.

What Is Proof of Address?

Proof of address is any document that verifies where you live. To do this, a proof of address document must contain your name, current address, and an acceptable mark of validity, such as an official signature or notary seal. Usually, these documents are requested when you are applying for an official government job, registering for school, getting a visa, or applying to a national or state program. You may also need to provide proof of address at the DMV or public library.

What Is a Proof of Address Letter?

Proof of address letter, also called an affidavit of residence, is a formal document written to acknowledge that an individual resides in a given state or mailing address. It is used to confirm that someone lives where they claim by accompanying supplemental evidence like utility bills.

Documents That Can Be Used as Proof of Address

As mentioned, several documents can act as proof of address. In the US, examples include:

  • Credit card statements or bills
  • Car registration
  • Utility bills
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Company pay slips
  • Bank statements
  • Home or car insurance policy
  • Government tax letter
  • Municipality bill
  • Lease agreement
  • Driver’s license

In most cases, two of these documents will be enough.

Essential Elements of a Proof of Address Letter

Proof of address letter should basically establish a viable relationship between the resident and the sender and confirm the resident’s address. This is achieved through the following details:

  • Sender’s Details: This includes the official name, address, and contact information of the sender – employer, landlord, relative, etc.
  • Affidavit Date: This is the calendar date on which the letter was written or signed by the sender. It establishes the validity period of the affidavit.
  • Address: This is where the sender confirms the resident’s physical address by stating the street number, street name, city, state, country, and so on.
  • Tenancy Date: The sender must also confirm when the resident started residing at the given address.
  • Sender’s Signature: The sender’s signature makes the affidavit official and credible.
  • Witness Details: It is advisable to have two witnesses verify the landlord’s signature and include their signatures for verification.
  • Notary Acknowledgment: Lastly, it is advisable to have a notary public authenticate, sign, and seal a proof of address letter after confirming that all parties were present and not under duress during the signing.

Sample Proof of Address Letter from Landlord

6 August 2032

Millicent Graves

300 Mulberry Road, Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ 20100

Re: Proof of Residency for Henry Tillman

Dear Mrs. Graves,

I, Ms. Melissa McCall, the landlord and proprietor of McCall Properties, am writing to verify the residency of my tenant Henry Tillman.

I certify that Mr. Tillman, his wife, Mrs. Vera Tillman, and his son George Tillman currently reside on my property located at 320 Hillstreet Road, Jersey City, NJ 99090. They have been tenants on the property since 12 May 2028.

I also certify that this information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Melissa McCall

McCall Properties

Sample Proof of Address Letter for Bank

6 August 2032

Bank Manager

ABC Financial Bank

120 Rife Street

Raleigh, NC 87391

Re: Proof of Address for Colin Kruger

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

In response to your bank loan application requirements, I am writing to certify that I currently reside at 600 Fiddle Road, Raleigh, NC 90663. I have been a tenant at the Gregory Apartments property located at this address since 30 January 2030.

I have attached my utility bills and other relevant documents to prove my residency. I also certify that the information I have provided is truthful and accurate. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any further questions.


Colin Kruger

Sample Proof of Address Letter from Employer

6 August 2032

Theresa Fowler

656 First Avenue

New York City, NY 21100

Re: Proof of Address for Lucy Matlin

Dear Mrs. Fowler,

I am writing to certify that Mrs. Lucy Matlin has been working for Grace Solutions as a Regional Manager since 12 September 2025. Per the company records, she currently resides at the following address:

290 Justice Lane

Atlanta, GA 92122

I am providing this letter as proof of address as Mrs. Matlin’s Supervisor. The information herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Uvala Hansen

Staff and Operations Supervisor, Grace Solutions


Whether it is written by a resident, their landlord, or employer, a Proof of Address Letter is an official testimony of the resident’s current address. It should identify the resident, where they live, the sender, and their relationship with the resident. Although it is not a requirement, it should also contain a notary’s signature and seal for authenticity.

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