11+ Promotional Email Examples & Templates

To reach out to a client in these days and times, you need not necessarily employ the traditional print and broadcast media. Instead, you may also leverage the cyberspace as a possible means of achieving this end. Sending out promotional emails is one of the most outstanding means to do so.

Promotional emails are bulk electronic mails that are sent out to multiple recipients at a time. They generally persuade the recipients to consider making purchases of the merchandise that is vouched for or pushed. We seek to furnish more details about them here below for your consideration.

What to include in a Promotional Email

Once an email is opened, it has to be read and acted upon to bring about the necessary outcomes. To boost the chances of it being read and acted upon, there are things you must include in the body of the message. We now highlight and explain these items hereunder:

Sender’s Name

You have to include the name of the sender. The sender here is mainly the company that is seeking to have its products pushed to a targeted recipient. If possible, incorporate the company logo to allow for easier identification and the attainment of the official character that is necessary.

Beautifully-crafted Subject Line

Next, should come the beautifully-crafted subject line that summarizes the intent of the letter overall. The line should measure 6-10 words and should contain variations in the case of many similar emails being sent out at a time. That will go a long way in making the emails more unique all factors considered.

Main Body

This is the core of the message you intend to push through. It is here that you place the details of the product or resource you would wish to have the recipient purchase. Keep it short and as related to the subject line as can be. Consider subdividing it for better appeals and preciseness of purpose.

Call for Action

End the body of the message with a ‘Call for Action’ clause. This clause appeals to the reader to purchase the product, sign up for the site, click the link, subscribe to the newsletter, or visit the website for more actions. It has to be polite and attractive to be able to stand a higher chance of succeeding.

Promotional Email (Format)

Subject Line: _______ (indicate subject)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We draft this letter to sell to you _______ (identify the merchandise you wish to sell through). This product is beneficial to you in these many ways (list how the product is beneficial).

Would you wish to give it a try? Reach us on XXX-XXX-XXXXX.

We look forward to responding to your inquiry.


____ (sender’s name)

____ (Designation)

Sample Promotional Email

Subject Line: Promotional Email Template


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Promotional Email Examples & Templates

Here are a few promotional email examples to help you in writing your own.

Automated Promotional Email

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Business Promotional Email

nacada.ksu.edu D
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Company Promotional Email

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  • MS Word

Formal Promotional Email

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What is the purpose of writing a promotional?

You write a promotional to let others know about your products and services as well as notifying your readers and followers about your intention to market the said products and services. Such a letter goes a long way in attracting and retaining followers whom you convert to your clients in the future.

Promotional Email Example

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Inconfidence Monthly Promotional Email Enhancements

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  • PDF

What are the four types of promotions?

  • Advertising. This is a form of marketing communication that makes use of the openly-sponsored and non-personal messages to make known a given product, idea, or service to the masses. It is costly and reaches the widest audience of all the known methods.
  • Sales Promotion. Sales promotion is the total of all the steps taken to persuade a prospective client to purchase a given product. For a large part, it is short-term and is mainly employed to boost the visibility of a given product.
  • Personal Selling. In this approach, you use a number of promoters, otherwise known as a sales force to push a given product through to the masses. It relies heavily on the attitudes, appearance, and the know-how of the product to push its acceptance.
  • Publicity. Here, the visibility or the awareness of the product is bolstered by the use of mass media. These include billboards, signage, posters, and other items that seek to make the product easily viewed by a large number of people at once.

Nuride Promotional Email

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Sales Promotional Email

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Sample Promotional Email

sustainability.tufts.edu D
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What are the five methods of promotions?

The five methods of promotions are:

  • Advertising. Advertising is the use of paid spaces to make the product known by the masses and possibly acted upon. It employs mass media and other forms of mass communications to play this role.
  • Public Relations or Publicity. The public relations or publicity is the general awareness that is accorded to a given product or service. This may be achieved through a combination of resources and facilities that tend to have an inkling at maximum visibility.
  • Sales Promotion. Sales promotion is the act of persuading a prospective client to purchase a given product or service. In many cases, it serves as a short-term approach and is hence hardly used to build long-term relationships or customer loyalty.
  • Direct Marketing. This is the sales of products from the company directly to a targeted individual. It uses mails, couriers, or other forms of deliveries to do this task. It is more efficient in that it reaches potential buyers directly but is nonetheless too costly and time-consuming.
  • Personal selling. As its name implies, this entails the use of people to do the bidding. These people are technically called the ‘sales force’ and will employ the branding of the company, their appearance, and their knowledge of the products to sell the goods.

Tips for Writing a Promotional Email

Sending out bulk emails in and of itself does not guarantee that you will make a sale, let alone that message hitting the inbox of the recipient. For this reason, you have to adopt ingenious tactics to guarantee the success of your email marketing campaigns. This can only happen if you adhere to the tips spelled out and explained hereunder:

  • Personalize the Subject of the Email. Studies have deduced that emails that are personalized stand a higher chance of getting opened and subsequently read. What does this imply? You too should attempt to personalize yours. This could take the forms of incorporating the names of the targeted individuals. Remember also to stick to the subject of the email when drafting the messages.
  • Keep it Short yet, Striking. Maintain the email short yet striking. Only include those pieces of information that are important insofar as enticing the recipient to make a purchase is concerned. Leave out any other detail that does not somehow agree with the subject line. That will also make your message easily read and understood.
  • Write about only one message at a Time. If you have numerous items to push through, you should refrain from bundling them together. Instead, stick to one message or product at a time. In that way, your message will most likely sink, not to mention that any confusion that is likely to arise will also be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Optimize it for the Mobile Platform. Many people these days access the internet via mobile platforms and other mobile gadgets. As such, you should also seek to optimize yours for the mobile platform. Keep the paragraphs short and leave a sufficient amount of space between two consecutive lines to achieve this.
  • Proof-read and Edit before Sending. Needless to say, you have to proof-read and edit the message before hitting the ‘send’ button. While at it, eliminate all the grammatical and semantical mistakes you may come across. That will not only make your message easily understood but also make you appear more serious.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writting Your Letter

When drafting this letter, there are things you have to keep in mind. In this segment of our conversations, we spare some time to examine those things for you to know them in-depth:

  • Make the letters clear and catchy. Make your emails clear and catchy. This is to make them easily read and attractive to the person whom you target with them. In this way, the targeted audience will also find the letters more natural to understand and less ambiguous, as is the norm with many other items of its kind.
  • Draft a relevant email to the subject line. The contents of the body of the email have to be relevant to the subject line as much as it can be. Any serious variations between these two might usually render the email largely irrelevant and out of tune with its intended purpose. Limit the conversations to the subject matter at hand only; nothing else.
  • Use the second person to draft the email. You must use the second person to convey the contents of the email. The second person talks to the reader of the email. This entails the use of ‘you,’ ‘yours,’ and associated words extensively throughout the body of the email. The use of such words creates a connection with the reader and makes him feel at home.
  • Point out the benefits of the products. To boost the chances of the products being accepted by the recipient, you must point out their potential benefits instead of merely listing the features. A person is more likely to pick and settle with a product that is proven to be beneficial to him as opposed to that which is out of touch with him.


We bring an end to the promotional email templates there. As you may note, these items are essential as they aid in making a product known to the masses. Why not invest some of your company’s financial muscles to get one for yourself? It will go a long way in pushing your sales to higher echelons.