Promotion Offer Letter Template

If you’re a manager or business owner, you know one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated is to give them promotions. This does a superb job of keeping your employees committed, focused, and strive to work harder to achieve the organization’s goals. The best way to pass the information about a promotion to one of your employees is through a promotion offer letter.

The promotion offer letter is the official document informing an employee they’ve been promoted as an appreciation by the company for their hard work. This letter should be written professionally and clearly outline the promotion offer to the employee. Here’s a guide on how to write a detailed promotion offer letter.

Details To Be Included In A Promotion Offer Letter

The promotion offer letter needs to include several key details, including;

Employee’s Full Name. You need to clearly state the first and last name of the employee given a promotion. Doing this is very crucial, especially if there’s more than one person within the organization with an identical name. This way, you avoid any possible confusion from arising amongst your employees.

An Acceptance Request. If the employee is yet to accept the promotion, make sure to include a request to recognize accepting the promotion offer. While doing this, also mention why they were chosen for this opportunity and the recommendations as to why they should accept the offer.

A Congratulatory Message. Pass a congratulation message for this new opportunity while showing appreciation for the employee’s hard work and remarkable performance. Try and make this message both be professional and personal.

The Current And New Job Title. Make sure to mention the current and new job title on the promotion offer letter. By doing this, you’ll give the employee an idea of the role they’re being assigned, hence give them time to make adequate preparations.

Date From Which The Promotion Take Effect. It’s also essential to include a date from when the employee is expected to start their new duties. Doing this gives the employee to know when they should start reporting to their new supervisor or department.

An Updated Figure of Their Salary. If a salary increase accompanies the promotion, this should also be conveyed in the promotion offer letter. This means stating the new payment schedule, their new salary, and any commissions or bonuses is applicable.

Tips To Write A Promotion Offer Letter

You should observe several tips when writing a promotion offer letter. This include;

  • Keep it clear and concise: You should make sure that the promotion offer letter doesn’t exceed one page to capture the reader’s attention. Ideally, the whole letter shouldn’t be more than one page.
  • Use formal language: Make sure to use a professional tone on the promotion offer letter regardless of whether you and the employee are friends. This means not using too much punctuation marks or emoticons. Instead, you should clearly spell out all words and not use slang or abbreviation.
  • Proofread the offer letter: Go through the promotion offer letter to make sure it doesn’t have any errors before submitting it to the employee. This is crucial to ensure the details about the promotion are well conveyed to the employee.

Promotion Offer Letter Format

Date {}

Employee’s first and last name

Company name

City and state of the company’s location

Subject Line {Job Promotion}

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {First and last name of employee}

Opening Paragraph

Congratulating the employee on their promotion in this opening paragraph. You should also mention the name of the new job title and the date they should start their new role.


Here, state all the appropriate details of the employee’s promotion.

Closing Paragraph

Once again, congratulate the employee on their achievement. Consequently, request to get their feedback on the promotion offer.


{State your first and last name}

{Your job title}

Sample Letter of Promotion Offer Letter

January 5, 2021

David Smith

XYZ Audit Firm

Brooklyn, New York

Subject line: Job Promotion Offer

Dear Mr. Smith,

First of all, let me pass my congratulations on getting promoted to the finance manager position in the finance department at XYZ Audit firm. Your new role will be as effective from February 2, 2021.

Following your promotion, you’ll get an increase in your annual raise from $45,000 to $65,000, with payment done on a bi-weekly basis. From now on, you’ll now be reporting directly to the Audit department director Allan Smith.

Once again, congratulations on landing this position. Please reply to this email as soon as possible if you accept this promotion offer to do the necessary paperwork.


John Lee

Human Resources Manager

Promotion Offer Letter (Word Template)

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Final Thought

The promotion offer letter is a vital document for passing across to an employee they’ve been promoted. If you didn’t know how to write a promotion offer letter, this guide has provided you with the details you need to know.