Promotion Letter: Sample & Writing Tips

A promotion letter is an internal letter written to an employee by their employer informing them of a promotion at work. The letter outlines the new position, the description of the job and new benefits and salary. In most cases, the human resources manager drafts the letter on behave of the company.

Promotions characterize career progression in the life of any employee to new positions of responsibility. The development can translate to a transfer to a new department or an elevation to a higher status in the same department.

Employers must write detailed letters when promoting their employees to avoid confusion later. The employee must know what the new position demands and the remuneration and other associated benefits besides the reporting line. Samples and templates can help in drafting a winning letter.

What to include in a job promotion letter

A promotion letter must bear the following details;
  • Name of the employee: The promotion letter must have the name of the employee receiving the promotion.
  • The current and new portfolio: To clarify that the employee has been promoted, include both the current and the new title of the employee. Describe the new role the employee is taking over and the expectations of the company.
  • Date effective: In the letter never forget to include the effective date for the promotion. The effective date for the promotion is necessary to allow the employee to prepare for the new role. It also informs other close colleagues of the employee to be ready for the change.
  • Job description: The promotion letter must highlight what the new position entails. Specific duties, task, and responsibilities in the new role must be clearly spelled out in the letter. Inform the employee on their immediate boss. The employee must know the company’s expectations for the new position. If the company has a target, let the employee know in advance.
  • Congratulatory note: Promotions are as a result of the employee’s achievements in relations to the company goals. When writing the letter, congratulate the employee for working towards the promotion. Employees can earn promotion through hard work or advancing their studies. Welcome the employee to their new role and ask them to give the best to the company.
  • Edit and proofread the letter: Mistakes in the promotion letter can be costly. Makes sure all titles, benefits and salary are clear and accurate.

Tips for writing a promotion letter

  • The letter should include the procedure that was used to arrive at the promotion. It should highlight any qualifications and achievements that made the employee the best candidate for the promotion in the letter.
  • Avoid irrelevant information. After writing the letter, edit to cut any fluffy details.
  • Summarize both the current and the new roles. You aim to enable the employee to understand the changes that will take effect when they ascend to their new office.
  • Avoid negativity. Avoid referring to other weakness of other employees as the reason for promoting the specific employee.

Sample promotion letter/ email

3rd February 2019

Phillip White

Assistant Marketing Manager

Navide Foods

313, St Peters Street

Kentucky, CA 54370

Subject: Promotion to a Marketing Manager

Congrats on your promotion to the position of the Marketing manager at Navide Foods. The promotion takes effect immediately.

In the last 3 years, you have shown exemplary performance in increasing the company’s market share in your region. The company is therefore pleased to promote to a Marketing manager.

In the new position, you will earn an annual salary of $70,000 payable on the last day of every month.

You will report to Mr. Mark Etins the group CEO at Navide Foods. We expect you to amplify your efforts to make Navide Foods the leading brand in the state. We hope that you will be consistent in growing our brand and offering leadership to the marketing team.

Once more congrats for your achievement; we wish you the best performance in your new role.

Best regards

Jim Trevors

Managing Director

Navide Foods

Types of promotion letter

Promotion request letter

A promotion request letter is a letter an employee writes to the management if they feel they are competent enough to handle more responsibilities in the company. In the letter they will include;

  • Specific achievements in their current position
  • Why they think they deserve the promotion
  • Their academic qualifications
  • A commitment to do their best in the new role

Promotion Thank-you letter

An employee who has received a promotion to a new position in a company can write a promotion thank-you letter to thank their employer for the new role. These details should feature in the letter;

  • A confirmation of taking up the new role
  • Gratitude message
  • Name of the recipient
  • A promise to deliver in the new position

Congratulation promotion letter to an employee

A congratulation promotion letter to an employee is written by their seniors to praise them for attaining a promotion. In the letter one can include the details;

  • What made the employee qualify for the promotion?
  • The mane of the employee and the new title
  • A message of luck in the new role
  • Praise for their achievements in their current role

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