Promotion Announcement Email: Template and Examples

Promotion Announcement Email: Template and Examples

“Due to your endeavors in fostering the company’s productivity, you have been promoted to… effective as from…” Such comments are characteristic of a promotion announcement. Whether you are a general manager or a human resources manager, you are bound to interact with a promotion announcement email. Promotion announcements are conveyed through various media such as letters, company meetings, and emails. Drafting the announcement is key in indicating personnel change and the new duties. We guide you through creating your promotion announcement using various tools that evocatively communicate the promotion.

What is A Promotion Announcement?

A promotion announcement is a notice to an employee that lets them know they have advanced to a new position in the company. Most companies send the announcements to the whole company or the department that concerns the promotion post.

Conventional methods of announcing a promotion include emails, letters, in-person deliveries, and postings on the company website. The nature of the announcement method depends on your company’s size and technological integration. Ideally, small staffed companies use in-person announcements, while larger companies use emails and letters to notify employees of their promotions.

Tip: Use emails to convey promotion messages. Emails are professional, and you can refer to them easily in the future. Remember to use the official company email domain when sending out the promotion announcements.

What is a Promotion Announcement Email?

A promotion announcement email is an official notice of employment promotion sent through the mail. A human resource manager usually sends the mail via the company email address to employees, indicating their advancement. You can also send the announcement directly to an employee’s inbox to allow them privately come up to terms with the new promotion before breaking the news in a company meeting. A typical job promotion announcement highlights essential details vital to transition and undertaking new obligations at the workplace.

Why Send a Promotion Announcement Email?

Promotion announcements are sent for a variety of reasons, both personal, professional, and marketing-oriented. The person being promoted gets a morale boost. Suppliers and customers are made aware of the change in the organizational structure. Press releases are a subtle form of advertising as well since they usually include information about the company in addition to announcing the change in management responsibilities. Other reasons for preparing promotion announcement emails include:

  • Employee achievements are celebrated
  • Other employees are encouraged to strive harder for promotions
  • Employer-employee relationships are strengthened
  • Add to the company’s culture
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Avoids rumors caused by secret promotions
  • Manages expectations as the employee transitions to their new role.

What to Include In A Promotion Announcement Email?

It is common for employees to discuss details about a newly promoted colleague. Coffee stations and open kitchen pantries are typical workplaces to either lament or comment about why the colleague got the promotion. As a company manager, you must clear the air by listing concrete reasons why the employee earned the promotion. However, there’s more to a promotion announcement email than notifying an employee of a promotion, providing evidence, and hitting send. Essential details you need to include are:

  • Employee’s full name to avert any confusion.
  • Employee’s number. If your company has unique numbers, include them in the email. An employee’s number is an added identification tag to the employee’s name and enhances faster transition through the HR department.
  • Date of the promotion.
  • Salutations.
  • The exact title of the newly promoted employee.
  • New salary and benefits.
  • A summary of the new roles.
  • Contact person for any queries. The contact person may be the supervisor whom the employee will answer in the new role.
  • A list of data-backed reasons as to why the employee is deserving of the promotion.
  • Closing remarks. Closing statements invite the rest of the company to congratulate the employee and restate the new position.
  • Authorizing signature and rank of the authorizing person.

How to Write a Promotion Announcement Email

Managers about to make a promotion announcement should always give some thought to the best way to issue the announcement. Companies may have a standard process to follow, and there are other factors to take into consideration when making an announcement. The following are some of the factors that should be considered:

  • Delivery channel
  • Audience
  • Introduction
  • Support and Justification
  • Describe New Role and Responsibilities
  • Congratulate the employee
  • Close with a call to action

Delivery channel – how will you deliver the message? Send an email, make an announcement at a team meeting, issue a memo to the staff, or post something on the company’s website or a combination of all four? Promotions at different levels require different deliveries. For example, a senior executive promotion with ties to government and suppliers may be announced in all four channels, while a person promoted at lower levels may be more practical using email to make everyone aware.

Audience – deciding which audience is important to be made aware of is also important. Obviously, colleagues and fellow employees should be made aware of the promotion. If the position deals with other groups in the company, customers, suppliers, etc., they should be added to the list.

Introduction – begin with an appropriate salutation, such as “To All Company Staff”, “Dear All”, etc.

Support and Justification – provide a brief background of the person promoted, history with the company, current position. This provides context for employees who may not know the person being promoted. Include their full name and new position title in the introduction. You may feel that it is important to justify the promotion. Including education, experience, and assets the employee brings to the position can help support and justify why others may not have been considered for the position.

Describe New Role and Responsibilities – including projects they will be responsible for, expectations for them, and the team they will manage. Include a connection for the new role and how that role supports the company’s objectives. Managers always manage a team or organization. It is important to recognize this group and their contribution to the company’s success and tie their support to the promoted employee.

Congratulate the employee – begin closing the email with congratulations to the employee and thank them for their contribution.

Call to action – close the email with a call to action for the success of the promoted employee and support from all groups and team members.

Warning: Do not include the new remuneration and benefits package if it will breed resentment in your company. It is best to indicate the new salary in a confidential letter.

Promotion Announcement Email Template

The following is an example of an email template that can be considered by readers:

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the promotion of [Name] as our new CFO, effective March 1, 2022. Before this promotion, [name] reported to the CFO position and participated in all company financial decisions and financial report preparation. [Name] has been with the company for the past ten years providing valuable service to the company and holding many positions with increasing responsibility.

In his new position, [Name] will be responsible for all facets of the company’s financial operations and investor relations.

Please join me in congratulating [Name] and wish him great success in this new position.

Kind regards

[Your Name]

Sample Promotion Announcement Email

To: Engineering Department

From: [email protected]

Subject: Marylyn Marlon, Manufacturing Supervisor

I am honored to announce that Marylyn Marlon has been promoted to the role of Manufacturing supervisor, effective 11 December 2030. This job promotion coincides with the launch of the Solar Power Solutions project, which will be spearheaded by Mrs. Marlon.

In the 12 years that Mrs. Marlon has worked with Green Farm Technologies, she has launched, led, and assisted in over 200 engineering projects and 60 save-the-environment campaigns. Most recently, she won the Humanitarian Award for her service to the environment.

Besides her stellar achievements in the workplace, Mrs. Marlon is also a beloved and dedicated employee. She is a team player, an avid worker, and a problem solver. The department will benefit immensely from her leadership.

Once again, it is my pleasure to announce this promotion. I welcome you to send your congratulations to Mrs. Marlon. I am also available to answer any questions regarding this matter over email.


Sheldon Doyle

Human Resources Manager, Green Farm Technologies

Promotion Announcement Letter (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Welcoming {Employee’s Name} to {Department Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs. /Ms. Last Name}

It is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of {employee’s full name} to the position of {new job title}. The promotion, which will affect the {department name} department, will take effect on {date}. As {employee’s name} {colleague/supervisor}, I welcome you to join me in congratulating {him/her}.

In the past {duration}, {employee’s last name} has been a model of {mention positive qualities}. {He/she} has accomplished great successes, such as {mention past wins}. This experience and determination will now be employed towards {list of responsibilities}.

If you have any questions about this promotion and the changes it might bring to your working relationship with {employee’s name}, please don’t hesitate to contact {me/the HR Department}.

Once again, join me in congratulating {employee’s name} and wishing {him/her} the best of luck in {his/her} new role. I hope you will assist {him/her} in {his/her} work transition.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

Sample Promotion Announcement Letter

7 December 2030

Marketing Department

Prize Textiles Ltd.

342 Prince Road

Fort Worth, TX 54310

Re: Miriam Kellen, Assistant Marketing Manager

I am glad to announce that Miriam Kellen, formally a project manager, has been promoted to the role of Assistant Marketing Manager. This promotion will take effect on 11 December 2030 and will affect the marketing department in the following ways:

• All team leaders will report directly to Ms. Kellen on marketing projects.

• Ms. Kellen will be solely responsible for assigning new projects.

• All budgetary decisions in the department will go through Ms. Kellen.

Miriam Kellen has been part of Prize Textiles Ltd. for 15 years. In that time, she has managed to launch 23 successful marketing campaigns across the country. She is also solely responsible for the PTL annual trade show, which she proposed, developed, and launched three years ago.

I am confident that the department will benefit immensely from Ms. Kellen’s leadership. Please join me in congratulating her.


Polycarp Jones

Human Resource Manager

Promotion Announcement Email (Word Template)

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Promotion Announcement Email (Templates & Examples)

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    Best Practices for Sending a Promotion Announcement

    The following are a few of the best practices managers should consider while preparing to send a promotional announcement.

    • Always check all of your information before issuing the announcement, especially when details about previous positions, contributions, major achievements, and previous employers are included.
    • Keep your announcement to one page in length; a half-page is better. It may be tempting to include lots of details, especially if the employee has lots of experience in the company or within the industry; however, few people read these details, especially if it goes beyond one page.
    • Maintain a professional tone. This information may go beyond the company and could impact the companies image. A professional tone, reviewed by HR and also the media liaison team, is a great idea.
    • Check and double-check your email for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Verify that the spelling of all personal and company names is correct.
    • Be enthusiastic without going over the top and be informative without going into too much detail that will bore the readers.
    • While you may use an email or a memo to make the announcement, use the same format you would use for a business letter and use the company letterhead if a memo is being sent.

    Promotions often require agreement and approval from several people. Wait until you have all of the signatures and formal approval is provided.


    How do companies announce the promotions?

    Companies typically use letters, emails, web postings, noticeboard posts, and meeting addresses to convey promotion messages. However, each company chooses its unique way to relay promotion announcements depending on technological advancement and staff size.

    Should promotions be announced?

    Yes, promotion announcements facilitate the transition from one workstation to another and ensure no conflict impedes a company’s productivity.

    When should you send a promotion announcement?

    After reviewing your employees and selecting those who deserve a promotion, notify them two weeks in advance. However, different companies have different policies regarding promotion announcements duration.

    How do I sell myself for a promotion?

    When requesting employment, write a brief letter with data-backed concrete reasons and achievements and outline unique skills that make you deserving of a promotion. Find a colleague with a higher job rank to endorse you to increase your chances of landing the promotion.

    What do you say about a promotion?

    Accept it! Unless you don’t want a new job title with added benefits, acknowledge the announcement and indicate your gratitude and readiness to undertake duties of the new role.

    What to say to coworkers when you get promoted?

    Thank your coworkers and indicate it is a team effort. Also, state your unwavering support in achieving the company’s objectives. Only promise what you can deliver, such as free coffee for everyone.

    How to announce an internal promotion?

    Internal announcements of promotions can be handled in several ways. Since the announcement is not being distributed outside the company to customers or suppliers, the announcement can be a little less formal; however, it should always follow the general rules we have outlined previously in this post. Internal announcements can be made at staff meetings, an email sent to the internal team, or a memo distributed within the group.

    How to make the promotion announcements?

    Whether you are making the announcement at a staff meeting or sending an email/memo, preparing for the announcement is important. Making a proper announcement that is professional reflects on the company, the person making the announcement, and the person being promoted.

    Once you have decided on the delivery channel and the audience, the information, and the steps to follow include:

    • Introduction
    • Support and Justification
    • Describe New Role and Responsibilities
    • Congratulate the employee
    • Close with a call to action

    Review these steps listed earlier in this post. Details are provided. Make a positive impression on everyone, which will reflect positively on the employee and the person making the announcement.

    When to send a promotion announcement?

    Promotion announcements should only be sent after all parties involved have agreed and signed whatever documents your company requires. This could include salary changes, benefit changes, contracts, and changes to personnel records. It also might seem obvious, but the person being promoted should be the first to know so that it does not come as a surprise at a staff meeting, or he or she reads about the promotion in an email.

    In addition, many promotions involve moving to a new group or team. The senior managers of that team should be on board and aware that the announcement will be made at a specified time and day.

    Promotions should be celebrated. After all, someone has worked hard and demonstrated they have what it takes to perform at a more senior level. Congratulate them and impress their team.

    Key Points

    Promotion announcements can be issued using email, memo, company website, or at a staff meeting. It is important to select the right method to make the announcement and the right audience. Large distributed teams often require email distribution, whereas a small company might employ a staff meeting to make the announcement. Decide what makes sense for your organization and your team.

    Always keep it professional, get your facts right, and do not announce until all parties have agreed and signed whatever documents your company requires. Making an announcement the right way, professional and celebratory, makes your company look professional and those involved in the promotion.

    Secret promotions only cause rumors and discord. Use the promotion to boost team morale, build commitment to the company and the employee and show what it takes to be promoted. Always announce publically when someone has been promoted.