Promotion Announcement Email: Template and Examples

If you value an employee’s potential, skills, and dedication, you may decide to promote them to a higher position in the company. Such a message is best communicated through a formal promotion announcement, which might be done verbally in small companies or written form in large corporations.

A promotion announcement letter or email is a formal message sent to every employee in a company t inform them about the promotion of a colleague. Besides describing the employee’s new roles, it also encourages their colleagues to congratulate them on the promotion.

This post highlights everything you need to know to draft this message.

What to Include in a Promotion Announcement

Typically, a promotion announcement letter or email is written after a formal meeting with the involved employee. It only formalizes the discussion you had by putting it into writing. Here is everything you should include in the letter or email:


If you are writing a letter, include the date you sent the letter on top of the recipient’s address. Doing so will allow for proper record keeping.

Subject line

Use a brief, informative, and professional subject line in your email or letter to explain your reason for writing to the recipient.


The body should explain the details of the promotion without going off-topic. Once you mention the promotion in the first or second line of the introductory paragraph, you can use the rest of your letter’s body to expound on the following details:

  • The employee’s former and new job position
  • The experience, education, or certificates that qualify them for the higher position
  • Why you think they are the best fit for the role
  • Any successful projects they have completed with measurable impact
  • Their new roles and how the promotion will affect other team members
  • If necessary, solutions for filling their previous role.


Once you have announced the promotion, close the letter by thanking the readers for their time, and congratulating the promoted employee. Add your name, job title, and signature (letter).

Writing Tips for a Promotion Announcement

Once you have inserted all the details of the promotion into your letter, you need to connect them in a way that makes sense and sends your message effectively. The following tips should help you do that:

  • Always include the exact date the promotion is set to take effect.
  • Mention the employee’s past and new positions
  • Keep your announcement short and relevant to the subject line.
  • Avoid going above four paragraphs.
  • If there are any attachments, mention them in the letter or email.
  • Maintain a polite and professional tone
  • Proofread your letter to ensure the spelling, grammar, and facts are accurate.
  • Provide your contact information and invite the reader to contact you for clarifications

Promotion Announcement Letter (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Welcoming {Employee’s Name} to {Department Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs. /Ms. Last Name}

It is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of {employee’s full name} to the position of {new job title}. The promotion, which will affect the {department name} department, will take effect on {date}. As {employee’s name} {colleague/supervisor}, I welcome you to join me in congratulating {him/her}.

In the past {duration}, {employee’s last name} has been a model of {mention positive qualities}. {He/she} has accomplished great successes, such as {mention past wins}. This experience and determination will now be employed towards {list of responsibilities}.

If you have any questions about this promotion and the changes it might bring to your working relationship with {employee’s name}, please don’t hesitate to contact {me/the HR Department}.

Once again, join me in congratulating {employee’s name} and wishing {him/her} the best of luck in {his/her} new role. I hope you will assist {him/her} in {his/her} work transition.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

Sample Promotion Announcement Letter

7 December 2030

Marketing Department

Prize Textiles Ltd.

342 Prince Road

Fort Worth, TX 54310

Re: Miriam Kellen, Assistant Marketing Manager

I am glad to announce that Miriam Kellen, formally a project manager, has been promoted to the role of Assistant Marketing Manager. This promotion will take effect on 11 December 2030 and will affect the marketing department in the following ways:

• All team leaders will report directly to Ms. Kellen on marketing projects.

• Ms. Kellen will be solely responsible for assigning new projects.

• All budgetary decisions in the department will go through Ms. Kellen.

Miriam Kellen has been part of Prize Textiles Ltd. for 15 years. In that time, she has managed to launch 23 successful marketing campaigns across the country. She is also solely responsible for the PTL annual trade show, which she proposed, developed, and launched three years ago.

I am confident that the department will benefit immensely from Ms. Kellen’s leadership. Please join me in congratulating her.


Polycarp Jones

Human Resource Manager

Sample Promotion Announcement Email

To: Engineering Department

From: [email protected]

Subject: Marylyn Marlon, Manufacturing Supervisor

I am honored to announce that Marylyn Marlon has been promoted to the role of Manufacturing supervisor, effective 11 December 2030. This job promotion coincides with the launch of the Solar Power Solutions project, which will be spearheaded by Mrs. Marlon.

In the 12 years that Mrs. Marlon has worked with Green Farm Technologies, she has launched, led, and assisted in over 200 engineering projects and 60 save-the-environment campaigns. Most recently, she won the Humanitarian Award for her service to the environment.

Besides her stellar achievements in the workplace, Mrs. Marlon is also a beloved and dedicated employee. She is a team player, an avid worker, and a problem solver. The department will benefit immensely from her leadership.

Once again, it is my pleasure to announce this promotion. I welcome you to send your congratulations to Mrs. Marlon. I am also available to answer any questions regarding this matter over email.


Sheldon Doyle

Human Resources Manager, Green Farm Technologies

Promotion Announcement Email (Word Template)

File Format
  • MS Word

Bottom Line

The purpose of a Promotion Announcement Letter or Email is to congratulate the promoted employee while keeping all the concerned parties in the loop. It should read like a summary of the employee’s career, previous and current roles, and accomplishments. It should also prepare both the employee and the department for the transition.

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