Project Timeline Template – For PPT, Word & PDF

Managing projects effectively and efficiently requires strict adherence to deadlines and proper planning of various activities. To complete projects on time and do a good job, planning is vital. A project timeline template helps in designing a chronological series of events and activities to be undertaken so as to achieve the objectives of any project. It gives the employees, management, and other stakeholders a rough idea of what needs to be undertaken and at what time. It also allows easy adjustments to be made if the unexpected happens. There are different kinds of templates that can be used to manage projects such as:

Project Timeline Template for Word

Microsoft Word helps companies, businesses, and organizations in arranging project activities in a chronological sequence so as to easily manage them. By use of Microsoft Word professionals are able to prepare timelines that are integrated into their activities creating reliable and solid timeline presentations which contribute to good project management.

Project Timeline Template for Word

PowerPoint has a graphical application that enables the creation of visual charts for easy communication of project timelines to various stakeholders. Trough PowerPoint stakeholders can easily share slides building easy collaboration of ideas and activities to achieve project goals. Use of PowerPoint also enables project managers to use manually customize projects from the project schedule and create native charts in PowerPoint.

Project Timeline Template PowerPoint

Project Timeline Template PowerPoint

A project timeline sample gives a rough idea of how a project timeline looks like. It enables professional wishing to create project timeline to design their timelines according to the activities and timelines. Project Timeline Samples are very crucial to any project management. This is because they assist in proper and effective project presentation to management, clients, and stakeholders and also helps in updating executive and clients when project timelines changes.

Project Timeline Sample

Project Timeline Sample 1

They are used to envision schedules for building residential and commercial projects. They break down the various activities and stages of the construction project life cycle. This helps constructors to easily monitor the project and make necessary adjustments so as to meet the project deadlines. Stakeholders, team leaders, and executive also use construction timeline to have a snapshot of the current status of the project and the remaining work that need to be done. Moreover, it enables them to know the important milestones and dates of the projects. For huge project construction projects managers break down the project into groups and design project timelines for each subgroup.

Construction Project Timeline

Construction Project Timeline 1

Having a project timeline allows good management of projects so as to complete projects within the given time-frame. Project timelines should be realistic, understandable and clear. Being unrealistic makes it hard to make a good plan; project managers should properly manage the time needed to complete a project. Extra time should be factored in to allow unexpected activities that can cause delays. It should also be easy to make an adjustment when necessary.