Professional Reference Letter: Format & Samples

A professional reference letter is a letter written by an employer recommending his employee who would like to move to another city or has gotten a new job somewhere, without this letter, your chances of being recruited in a particular company are limited, but with it, your current employers will have the information of what your previous employer thinks about you and what he is saying about you, a positive reference letter can do you wonders.

Here are sample reference letters and letter format.

Reference Letter Format

  • You should only write that letter if you know the person in question very well.
  • Your letter should be very simple and straight to the point.

Your name,



City, state zip code.




Name of the recipient,




City, state zip code.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (recipient’s last name),

Explain why you are writing this letter, and how you are connected to the person in question and how long you have known each other, you should also explain why you are qualified to write a reference letter for him or her. Do not forget to mention the position and the company that you are recommending him for.

This is the paragraph that you will have to write all the positive attributes of the person you are writing about, this is where you will mention her qualification, skills for that job and explain what he or she can contribute to that company if taken, you can also include those instances when you saw him or her using his skills in the position he was in a very proper manner.

Complete your letter by recommending him or her, provide your telephone number and tell them to feel free to contact you in case of anything.



Your name (typed)

Project Professional Reference Letter

Project Professional Reference Letter

Professional reference letter for bank account opening

This is a letter written to a new bank that you would like to open a new account with, the letter is used to support your application for opening a new bank account with the other bank, and hence your application will be easily processed.

Bank Account Opening Professional Reference Letter

Nurse Recommendation Letter

This is a letter that is used to strengthen your application for the position of nursing, this letter normally contains your qualification, strengths, skills, and attributes. With this letter, your chances of being recruited will increase.

Nurse Professional Reference Letter

Employment Reference Letter

This is a formal letter written to your future employer by your referee to accompany your application for a particular job position, this is an honest letter mentioning your qualification, skills, and attributes for that job, and this will enable your employer to get the right person for that position.

Employer Professional Reference Letter

Scholarship Professional Reference Letter

Scholarship Professional Reference Letter


Co-Worker Reference Letter

This is basically a letter written by your co-worker to your future employer, this letter supports your job application, it contains your qualification for that job, skills, and attributes, it also states what you can contribute to them if they consider your application, this letter will allow your future employer to get to know a lot of things about you even those that you failed to mention in your application letter.

Co Workers Professional Reference Letter

Professional Business Reference Letter

Professional Business Reference Letter

What to include in a professional reference letter

  • Your name and address as well as that of the recipient.
  • The date the letter was written.
  • The salutation of the recipient.
  • Explain how you are related to the person you are writing the letter for.
  • How long you have known him or her.
  • The reason for writing the letter.
  • The position he or she is applying for.
  • Explain why you are qualified to recommend him or her.
  • General information about the candidate, for example, his skills, attributes, qualification, and others.
  • Explain why you think he or she is qualified for that job.
  • Include your phone number so that it can be easier for them to contact you in case of anything.
  • End with a handwritten signature then include your name and it should be typed.

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