Product Introduction Email to Client: How to Write (with Example and Template)

A product introduction email to a client, or product launch announcement email, is an email in which a new product is introduced to clients. Product introduction emails to your clients are useful marketing tools. They both announce the launch of a new product and encourage your clients to purchase it. A well-written product introduction email contains information about the product, how it helps your client, and how your client can learn more or make a purchase.

In this article, you will learn what you need to include in your email. We provide a format for your use and a sample letter to give you an idea of the perfect product introduction email.

What to Include in Your Product Introduction Email

Prepare your product introduction email a few days in advance so that you can inform your clients about the new product as soon as it is available. Use the following sections to create a successful email.

Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

With your subject line, you need to create some buzz about the new product. Here are some examples of good subject lines.

  • The moment you’ve been waiting for! {Product} launches today!
  • {Product} is now available!
  • At last, the solution to your {problem} is here!
  • {Product} is finally here! Here’s how to get yours.
  • Meet our new {Product}! Designed to help you {benefit}.

Greeting and Brief Product Intro

Greet your client personally. Briefly tell your client that you have created a great new product that they need. Create some excitement about the product. Use words like “great news,” “now available,” or “the solution is here.” Provide the product name, what it does, and an image of the product for visual reference.

Product Summary

Tell your client what the hype is all about in a concise summary of the product you are launching. You might tell your client why you felt the need to create the product, what problem it solves, what it does, and how it is useful to your client.

Key Features

In this section, list the key features and benefits of your new product. You might also include an infographic or another form of easy-to-digest content. For example, if you produce and sell cleaning supplies to cleaning companies, list the surfaces your new product cleans. Offer before and after cleaning images or link to a demonstration video.


Provide your client with all the information they need to take the next step you want them to take. Tell your client what they should do to purchase your product or find out more about it. Continuing with the cleaning product example, you could provide a link to the product page that includes product uses, ingredients, specifications, and safety information. Offer your contact information so your client can easily contact you with questions and purchase the product.

Format for a Product Introduction Email

{Place your subject line here}

Hi {client first name},

{Begin this line with your choice of buzzwords, like “Great News!” or “Now Available!”} {State you are writing to tell them about your new product here.}

{Provide a concise description of the product here.}

{List the new product’s key features here. Provide links to a demo video or offer other valuable information about your new product.}

{Place your call to action here. Be sure to offer your contact information.}

{End your email with a closing and your name.}

Sample Product Introduction Email

In this sample email, we have continued our example of a cleaning product manufacturer introducing a new product line to their clients.

{subject line} Now Available! Our New Natural Clean product line!

Hi, Sarah!

Big News! I’m reaching out to tell you we are launching Natural Clean, our new line of all-natural cleaning products. We have partnered with suppliers of organic, natural cleaning agents to create the cleaning products our clients have asked for.

Our new Natural Clean product line is the perfect alternative to harsh chemicals that can damage valuable surfaces. Reputably sourced and manufactured in a dedicated facility, Natural Clean products are guaranteed to produce the clean you need without costly damage to your client’s surfaces.

Our Natural Clean product line includes a cleaner for every cleaning need.

• Kitchens and Bathrooms

• Carpets and Upholstery

• Wood

• Glass

• Tile

• Jewelry and more

You can see the amazing results of these ultra-safe new products on our website at {link}.

I have some samples of these products that I would love to send you! Just reach out to me at (878) 225-4229 or reply to this email and I will get them to you right away. I know you will want to give these exciting new products a try!



Product Introduction Email to Client (Word Template)

Product Introduction Email to Client (Word Template)


Writing a product introduction email is an essential part of launching your new product. Your job is to tell your client what the product does and why they need it. Grab your client’s attention with your subject line and introduction, provide a brief description of the product and its key benefits, and write a successful call to action. Feel free to use the provided format to create a great product introduction email.

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