19+ Printable Company Letterhead Templates

19+ Printable Company Letterhead Templates

The company letterhead plays a vital role in conveying your brand’s values and messages and communicating with your recipients. Whereas its importance is often overlooked, you should always ensure the company letterhead is presentable to your potential associates or suppliers. Furthermore, it plays a role in reaffirming the company’s existence.

Therefore, it is clear that the company letterhead is, without a doubt, an essential item for any business. If you are looking to come up with a company letterhead for your business, you are in luck. This article is an in-depth look at what should be incorporated in a company letterhead as well as how to select the right one for your business.

Things a Company Letterhead Should Always Contain

If you want your company letterhead to look professional, there are five things you should always incorporate. These are;

  • The Company Name. It would be best if you always mentioned the company name in the company letterhead either in the header or footer immediately after your logo. The name you choose should ideally depend on you’re the kind of business you are doing. This means that for a sole trader business, make sure to include your name and that of the company. The same applies to partnerships where you should state not only the legal business name but also every partner. If the number of partners is too big, you should mention a site address where there is a list of all the partners.
  • The Address and Location Where The Business Is Registered. The company letterhead should ideally include both the postal and physical address where your business is registered.
  • Company Registration Number. The company registration number is only needed when operating a limited company. However, you aren’t required to state the names of the company directors.
  • Address of Any Company Location. Here, you should state any other business location owned by the company. In case the address locations are too many to be included on the company letterhead, include a site URL that states all the service locations.

Company Letterhead Templates & Examples

Here are some letterhead examples and templates available in MS word.

How Do You Choose The Right letterhead Template For Your Company?

You should put in a lot of effort into ensuring the company letterhead looks appealing to all your prospective clients and partners. But how can you do this? Here are some simple tips you should incorporate to make sure the company letterhead template looks outstanding.

  • Position Every Detail Correctly. Whereas the details contained in the letterhead are more crucial, you should never overlook the importance of a correctly positioned letterhead. The most popular option is the classic letterhead placed at the top of a page. You can easily drag and drop design details and elements without being required to redesign the whole appearance. Usually, this style is an excellent choice as you can easily incorporate it into other things, including business cards.
  • Use The Correct Details. The purpose of the letterhead is to provide your readers with enough information about your company and ways of getting in touch with you. You should also put deep thought before putting anything on your company letterhead. The first things you should make sure to include the relevant phone numbers, email, and website. Social media profiles and company address are also suitable choices to include in the letterhead. This is critical, regardless of whether this is the first time you are designing the letterhead or the millionth time.
  • Size Of The Company Letterhead. You should always aim for simplicity when designing the company letterhead, irrespective of the business you are in. This means the company letterhead should be clear, slick, and clean, as this will be proof to potential partners and clients of the company’s professionalism. While doing this, you can still exhibit your creative skills, but don’t go overboard by designing half-page letterheads.
  • Ensure Consistent Branding. As you design the company letterhead, make sure to use the same style, colors, and font as found in other digital materials. This is important as it shows uniformity throughout every brand you make.
  • Know Where To Color. In design, color is used to spark the attention of onlookers. Therefore, you should always use colors carefully as too many colors might dilute the impact, leaving individuals unsure of what to focus on.
  • Add The Finishing Touches. The last thing you need to do is to confirm that everything is in place and looks neat and clean. This means ensuring on the letterhead, including the details and addresses, are positioned correctly. After doing this, you can now proceed to print your letterhead, knowing that it will appeal to the attention of both potential customers and business partners.

What are the crucial parts of a company letterhead?

The company name and location and address of the business premises are the most important parts of a company letterhead.

Reading through this article has given you insights on what must be included in a company letterhead and how best to design one. With this in mind, you can now go ahead and design a company letterhead for your business.