34+ Printable Christmas Gift Voucher Templates

A Christmas gift voucher is basically a piece of paper or a card with printed value on it that can be exchanged or redeemed at a store. Notably, the card that is only given to people as a Christmas present can be redeemed for cash, goods, or services worth the value that is printed on it. It is worth noting that these gift vouchers are redeemable at select stores or brands that are in partnership with the voucher provider. In other words, they can’t just be redeemed anywhere.

Christmas Gift Voucher / Certificate Templates

Here are a few templates and examples in Word format for Christmas gift vouchers or certificates. You can check these out to create your professional gift certificates.

What to Include in a Christmas Gift Voucher / Certificate

For a Christmas gift voucher to be useful, the card must include a few essential details, which are as follows;

  • Some form of branding, typically the name and the logo of the company offering the voucher. It’s also not a bad idea to include a photo of the product or service offered by the company.
  • Descriptive voucher title such as “Movie voucher for two,” “Dinner voucher for four,” etc.
  • A description that includes the company’s information, few testimonials such as reviews, ratings, etc. Apart from that, the description should also include clear information on what the voucher includes, the quantity of the treat, and what’s required to book an appointment or redeem the voucher.
  • The company’s contact information, including phone number, email, and/or web addresses, and physical address.
  • The expiration date of the voucher.
  • A unique voucher number for tracking purposes.
  • Voucher terms and conditions.

How to Create Your Own Christmas Gift Voucher / Certificate

Creating an outstanding Christmas gift voucher is as easy as following the simple steps below;

  • Download your preferred Christmas gift card voucher online. There is a wide range of templates from which to choose online.
  • After that, write essential details such as names, dates as well as other particulars on the voucher. Make sure to include all the necessary details on the voucher.
  • Next, read your voucher at least twice to make sure it isn’t missing important information as well as containing spelling, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors.
  • Feel free to make your voucher as attractive as you wish by adjusting your fonts, colors, and adding visual elements like pictures.
  • After that, print the voucher on a good quality paper that will not tear or damage easily as a result of the elements.

What is better, gift voucher or cash?

A gift voucher is better than cash because when you give someone cash, they will spend and forget about it or you after that. A gift voucher is a document that someone retains even after redeeming it, as a constant reminder of your generosity and kind gesture.

How do Christmas gift vouchers help in driving sales?

It makes customers know that you think about them as opposed to just their money. This makes them become loyal and want to promote you more, leading to more sales.

How do you promote a Christmas gift voucher?

The best way to promote a Christmas gift voucher in this day and age is to use social media. Advertising your gift voucher on SM platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more is a great way to make your gift voucher program go viral.

How can Christmas gift vouchers increase brand awareness?

Making your Christmas gift voucher program go viral using the right strategy like social media is how these cards can increase brand awareness.

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