32+ Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

The Christmas season is usually that special time of the year, more so for Christians and their families. It is usually marked with joy, happiness, and celebrations, and to make it even more memorable; many individuals usually engage in the practice of exchanging gifts with one another. The gifts usually come with a Christmas gift certificate attached. Therefore, a Christmas gift certificate is a specially designed note/card/certificate written and sent from one individual to the other, informing them about a gift that has been sent their way with some additional vital information regarding the gift.

Designing a Christmas gift certificate is very simple as, in most cases, it only requires the selection of a preferred template from the internet and filling it out with some of your preferential personal information. Thus, this article expounds more on the subject of Christmas gift certificates while providing you with the best and easiest way of creating and writing a Christmas gift certificate, thus making your Christmas holiday celebrations as epic as possible.

Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Examples and Templates

Is it that time for you to send a Christmas gift certificate to your loved one? Then go no further because below are some Christmas gift template examples for you both in Microsoft Word format to help you create a perfect personalized gift certificate and further elevate the Christmas holiday spirit.

What to Include in a Christmas Gift Certificate

A Christmas gift certificate usually needs to be perfectly crafted and filled out with all the necessary information so that they may present along with the cheerful holiday spirit. This is because a poorly designed gift certificate missing certain data may spoil the celebrations. Thus, listed below are some of the vital things that need to be included in a Christmas gift certificate.

  • Recipient’s name. This is a vital component of a Christmas gift certificate and thus must be included. This lists the name of the individual or group the gift is directed to as this helps minimize and prevent any confusion as to who should receive the gift specifically.
  • Sender’s name. This is also essential to the Christmas gift certificate and thus must be inclusive in the card. It identifies the sender of the gift. This might assist the recipient by personally knowing those who sent the gift and thus be able to thank and appreciate them in an individual capacity.
  • Date. This is also important and should not be omitted. This section usually indicates the date the gift was sent, which in many cases will always arrive during the Christmas holiday. On some occasions, you may also include an expiry date on the gift certificate to ensure its validity during the festive season only.
  • Description. This is usually an optional but a vital component worth adding in these certificates. This section usually entails a short and precise description of the gift being sent or even its value. This space could also be used to scribble a short and heartfelt personal message to the recipient to show them how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them.
  • Company name. This could also be included in some of the gift certificates in case the sender is a company. It will henceforth show the recipient where the gift came from and thus be able to appreciate the sender.

Tips on Creating Your Christmas Gift Certificate

Creating a Christmas gift certificate does not require professional training. It only warrants for a little information regarding these gift certificates in terms of knowing their contents and how to edit and design them to achieve the desired look. The best way to go about this is usually to acquire a Christmas gift certificate template from the web and work on it as follows;

Acquisition. This is the first step in creating a Christmas gift certificate. You will, therefore, peruse through the internet and search for the most preferred template among the vast varieties and then download it to your computer.

Filling in the blanks. The downloaded template, when opened usually has blank spaces, which usually require filling with data such as names, dates, and descriptions. Take your time to fill in all the information needed to the best of your abilities while being brief and cheerful.

Confirmation. After filling in all the required information, you should go through it again and again to ensure that nothing is missing and that all the contents are filled outright. This double-checking will also help in the identification and correcting of any grammar and spelling mistakes that might have been missed ensuring that your gift certificate is exemplary.

At this point, you may further edit the gift certificate template by adding different pictures, colors, styles, and fonts, among others. This will give it a more fancy and attractive look, which would be most appealing to the recipient.

Printing. This comes after you are satisfied with your created Christmas gift certificate. You will first save the file then print it out on an excellent quality paper capable of extended durability.

Your Christmas gift certificate is now ready to be sent to the lucky recipient.

More Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Is it better to give cash or a Christmas gift certificate?

Despite both gifts being perfectly okay, gifting cash seems to be prevailing over gift certificates among many individuals. Several studies conducted over the years reveal that many people nowadays are leaning towards cash gifts rather than gift certificates. Moreover, Christmas gift certificates also come with certain demerits making them unfavorable in many scenarios. However, these demerits can always be fulfilled through cash gifts.

What’s a good amount for a Christmas gift certificate?

There is always no good amount to gift through a Christmas gift certificate specifically. Therefore, before disbursing any money as gifts, you should first check your earning and budgets to make sure that you spend the amount you are most comfortable with without going broke. The comfortable amount could be a couple of million, thousand, or even ten dollars depending on the individual’s income.

How do Christmas gift certificates help to grow your business?

Christmas gift certificates are a brand of commodities that can be leveraged by small business owners and, even on occasion, stalk pilled by large businesses with the guarantee of increasing cash flow and growing your business. Listed below are some of the ways in which Christmas gift certificates can boost your business;

  • They literally improve your cash flow as customers buy; they pay and put money in your pocket.
  • They encourage promotional trade while attracting even more customers. This is since the card purchased will end up alerting the recipient and her associates about your store, and they will be tempted to check it out.
  • The Christmas gift certificates usually drive up sales in a business during the specific holiday season such as Christmas as more people come for the gift certificates, they also purchase other items.

How do you promote a Christmas gift certificate?

These are the strategies to adopt to ensure that you skyrocket the sales of your Christmas gift certificates and increase your business earnings during the Christmas holiday season. They include;

  • Place the gift certificates in an open and easy to spot area, more so near the entrances and exits.
  • Create a campaign program to advertise gift certificates to customers and potential customers through small posters, sending emails, and even leveraging social media to further promote the products.
  • You should ensure that you make high quality and aesthetic Christmas gift cards appealing to all kinds of customers and corresponding to the special occasion.
  • You may offer store promotions such as buy one get one free to encourage more spending while also increasing the chance of purchasing the gift certificates.

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