Price Quotation Request Letter

A Price Quotation Request Letter is a letter written by a consumer to request a price quote for products or services. When you need a product or a service, a good way to compare prices from several companies is to write price quotation request letters to them asking for quotes. These letters are common practice in businesses, where buyers are expected to compare prices from a number of companies before purchasing items or services. This practice assures that contracts and purchase orders are awarded to the best possible company.

Whether you are a professional purchasing agent or a private consumer, the process of requesting and comparing price quotes can help you save money and get the best products or services. Although you can ask for a quote by telephone, asking for a quote in writing is more helpful. When you write a quotation request, you can be assured the recipient completely understands the product or service you need.

Sending a quotation request by email or fax is appropriate, and can help you get faster responses. If you write an email, put your contact information after your name at the bottom of the email.

The quotes you receive in response to your letters will be more consistent if you take the time to write your letter carefully. Here is the basic process:

  • Decide exactly what you need. Does your company need to contract to provide repair and maintenance for your climate control system? Find relevant information about your company’s system before you write your letter.
  • Review past purchases for the products or services. Find out exactly what has been ordered in the past. For instance, if your company purchases a certain amount of letterhead and matching envelopes every three months, review past purchases for exact amounts, quality and type of paper, logo color numbers, and so on.
  • If you have questions, ask someone who knows what is needed. If you cannot locate previous purchase orders, ask someone who knows. For example, you might have a purchase requisition that asks for 60′ of 1/4″ steel tubing. Does it need to be in specific lengths, or do standard lengths apply? Asking the employee who requested the tubing is the best way to find out exactly what you need to request from suppliers.
  • List your specific needs. It helps to write a list of your specific requirements before you begin writing quotation request letters. This ensures that each letter will contain consistent information. You can copy and paste this finished list onto your quotation request letters.
  • Ask about availability and delivery costs. Some suppliers may not be able to meet your needs on time. Availability is particularly important in making a purchasing decision.
  • Let the supplier know when you need a response. Purchasing decisions should be well-informed, so you need all your quotes when you compare prices and availability. Be sure you mention when you need the response.

If you are not certain what you need, write letters requesting onsite estimates. You can compare the suggested solutions this way. For instance, if you need a fence built in your yard, write letters to several fence companies asking for estimates at your home. This will provide you the opportunity to compare several different fencing solutions from several companies.

Price Quotation Request Letter (Format)

Here is the basic format for a price quotation request letter.

{your name}

{your company name}

{your address}

{your phone number}

{your email address}


{recipient name}

{recipient company}

{recipient address}

Dear {recipient}:

I am {your name}, and I am a purchasing agent with {your company name}. I am writing to request a quote on the following:

{insert your list here}

{Please provide pricing for materials and estimated shipping costs. Please also advise regarding availability.} -OR- {Please provide pricing for all requested services and estimated time frame for completion of the project.} I require your response by {date}.

Thank you for your time and your assistance.


{your signature}

{your name}

Note: As you can see, the bulk of the letter consists of your list of required products or services. Be sure this list is complete and correct. This will save both you and your suppliers a great deal of time and effort.

Sample Price Quotation Request Letter

Here is a sample letter based on the above format.

Jennifer Jones

Allied Aircraft Repair

2468 East 58th Street

West Carrington, NM 89556

(246) 987-2554

January 3, 2039

Mr. James Fuller

Expert Composite Materials

200 West First

Barryfield, MI 39578

Dear Mr. Fuller:

I am Jennifer Jones, and I am a purchasing agent with Allied Aircraft Repair. I am writing to request a quote on the following:

Carbon Fiber Composite Material DSM 3726, part number DSM 3726-5: 6,000 sq. ft., to be delivered in two shipments of 3,000 sq. ft. each, at 3-month intervals beginning March 5, 2039.

Fiberglass Composite Material DSM 587, part number DSM 587-2: 12,000 sq. ft., to be delivered in two shipments of 6,000 sq. ft. each, at 3-month intervals beginning March 5, 2039.

Please provide pricing for materials and estimated shipping costs. Please also advise regarding availability. I require your response by January 8, 2039.

Thank you for your time and your assistance.


Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Price Quotation Request Letter (Word Template)


Your price quotation letter should be clear and complete. Request pricing, availability, and estimated shipping costs. Let your suppliers know when you need a response so that you can compare all quotes at one time. Because this is a professional letter, write in a professional tone, and show appreciation for the supplier’s time and effort.