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Nothing is excellent like getting your product or business in a primary publication. But you must be wondering how this can be possible. In the digital world, nothing is impossible, especially when you realize that your business is going places. This can drive you to acquire a significant publication to offer you free press time.

This kind of exposure will likely enhance your service and product sales, making your entire business successful. Similarly, you can also opt to make your press kit template that showcases your brand. Furthermore, you can choose to make your press kit template using the Adobe Spark Post that gets you maximum publicity.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit is a complete informational and promotional material package to share the brand’s message, launching new services or products. Its main goal is to generate adequate information as well as media assets.

What Is a Press Kit Template?

A press kit template makes part of your business website, which features resources and information meant for reporters and publishers. The best press kit templates are easy for the public to learn about the brand or products continuously. On the other hand, it allows the public to access photos and materials to use easily. Besides, free press kits are not limited to reporters or major publications. Still, they are available for anyone interested in protecting their business and have essential tools to execute the mission efficiently.

What Press kits are used for

Press kits are a convenient and standard format necessary for creating and distributing content, primarily for promotional objectives, especially in the e-commerce space. For example, you can use the press kits to promote special events, product launches, company news, mergers, and acquisition.

Press Kit Templates & Examples

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Electronic Press Kit

producing an electronic kit


    Essential Elements of a Press Kit

    There are many standards for creating a press kit template with a few vital elements, which might vary. However, multiple press kit features similar basic elements, such as:

    Basic information

    Here, it provides the basic information, such as the director’s name, among many other technical details, such as the type of camera you used and the export format.

    Table of content

    This is a highly recommended part. If not, then your press kit does not feature much information. Therefore, ensure that you boost the quality of your press kit via adding links, especially from your table to varying pages.


    The synopsis features a summary of your film. Ensure that it is proportional to the length of your movie. Remember, the short the film, the shorter the synopsis.


    Ensure that your film has a catchy cover because it is the first thing people will see. You must use the best photo of your movie on the cover.

    Production stills

    It contains stills from the shot film. They are essential because they build up the reader’s interest. Make sure that you spread the still through your entire press kit and have a single still between every section.


    This incorporates a list of all people involved in the production and their respective roles.


    This can either be humorous or informative. If you feature impressing anecdotes about your production, compile them in this section. Most of the time, it is usually something that occurred during the production, causing some big damage and how you resolved.


    Many people ignore this section. This section needs you to include some questions that your audience is likely to ask about your film. It would help if you also answered these questions.

    Reviews or Awards

    Your film should feature some reviews, which have been aired in the theater or even at festivals. In addition, include a list of the awards your film gathered.


    It would help if you came up with a brief bio about the actors in your film, more so the main character.

    Director’s statement

    This is the main element of a press kit template. It incorporates your director’s statement with a reason behind the made film.

    Director Bio

    Under this section, you must include your director’s biography. In addition, it is highly recommended that you have their photographs.

    About the film

    About the film, you can discuss the inspiration that led you to produce the film. Additionally, you can share the entire process of the film and the challenges you faced during the production. Ensure that you focus on what is behind your film and avoid focusing on the film alone.

    How to make a press kit?

    Step 1- Commence with inspiration

    Ensure that you are hooked up with multiple professionally designed templates. This will help you not to start from a blank canvas. You can search via color, mood, aesthetic, task, or platform to feature a fresh inspiration at the start. If you find a graphic to commence from, click or tap to open your document in the editor’s section.

    Step 2- Remix to make it yours

    There are numerous ways you can use to personalize the press kit templates. You only need to change the font as well as the copy. Furthermore, you can sub out the imagery using your browser or photos from many free images right on your adobe spark. You can spend much or little time making the graphic yours. When you use a premium plan, you can auto-apply the fonts, colors, and logo to ensure you are on the brand.

    Step 3- Amp up the flair

    Use Adobe Spark’s design asset that is exclusive to add extra personality and flair to your project easily. Then, apply a text animation, especially for short-form graphic videos in a single tap. Likewise, you can also add collaborators to your entire project to make your press kit catchy.

    Step 4- Re-size to expand your content

    After choosing the design you love, you can modify it easily for any social network or printed need using Adobe Spark and the auto-magical re-size feature. Indicate the platform you want to get it for, and it will take care of everything. Within a minimal duration, you would have got the content for your entire channel.

    Step 5- Share and save the custom press kit

    When you are through with the design, click on the publish button. After that, download the creation and share it online across any given social channel or website. You can even print them out in the comfort of your home or at work with your professional printer to share with your entire clients. In addition, Adobe Spark will permanently save your creations and allow you to revisit them in the future and update them.

    Types of Press Kit Templates

    Most people create a free press kit template to capture the attention of journalists and reporters to develop their company to provide excellent publicity, especially when establishing a brand product or business. Here is an in-depth discussion on the types of press kit templates:

    Nonprofit organizations

    This press kit template assists in describing and promoting a nonprofit organization via visual presentation. It uses the reports of the organization’s previous projects, its overall message, and its future goals. Additionally, it proceeds to describe the primary aspect of the nonprofit organization, which entails your organization’s name, message, goal, history, and active programs. Ensure that you use this template to promote your nonprofit organization and include links to your social media profiles and other external sources, making your brand more recognized.


    It helps establish the bloggers’ genuine essence and the brand they have created on their own. They usually achieve this by emphasizing the main aspects of their past works, future goals, and the brand message. They use a free press kit template that is creative, visually appealing, and compelling. Furthermore, the template gives the blogger the capacity to initiate a social proof of their brand and the bio via PowerPoint slides or PDF sheets.


    People who want to create buzz on a preplanned function or event promotion can find this template very useful. Come up with an attention-grabbing template, which documents the vital part of your entire affair. Ensure that it appeals to your audience and the targeted public. Remember, this template promotes events and maximizes the company and brand recognition. This ranges from the constant connection between the sponsoring company and your event.


    This template is primarily for business companies. Besides, they usually use it for the brand establishment to enhance their products or even drive engagements with the target audience in mind. Its objective is to provide a buzz for the press, potential customers as well as marketers. Ensure that you use the basic template when formatting essential information like employee biographies, previous projects, contact details, and the logo. Being a simple template, you can easily customize it according to your needs. You can also use it to pitch ideas to other brands, collaborators as well as journalists.


    How long does it take to make a press kit?

    It can take you about an hour to make a press kit, especially when you have all the materials needed, but it will take more time if you start everything from scratch.

    What’s a press kit include?

    The press kits usually include feature articles samples, press releases, media mentions, info on team members, brandied marketing assets, facts, mission, and company stories.

    What is the easiest way to make a press kit?

    The easiest way to make a press kit is to commence with a template, like the free press kit template. After that, fill in your information and save it as a PDF. Then the media kit is ready for you to share. Likewise, if you do not want to make your press kit, you can hire a graphic designer to develop one for you.

    What is a press kit for an artist?

    This is a collection of materials perfect for promoting the artist. It is usually distributed to media personals for promotional purposes. For example, you can release a press kit for an artist before the official art of affair to leave people anticipating to see the official production.

    Do people pay for press?

    Not really; you must not agree to pay any fee for the press. Instead, you can opt for a national magazine or known websites to be on the safer side.

    How much does a press kit cost?

    A press kit is an inexpensive way for you to get recognized globally. It is suitable for fiscally challenged freelancers that are creative. It costs $5,000 on average. This is cheaper compared to other alternatives of advertising.

    Final Thoughts

    With the in-depth discussion about the press kit, You now understand that it is a standard method that you can comfortably use to communicate your business information to the media. Moreover, reporters utilize these kits to acquire relevant information faster, which saves them effort and time. However, before using the press kit, ensure that you have the correct information about your business.