18 Postcard Templates (Word | PDF)

18 Postcard Templates (Word | PDF)

This question pops up every time, “Do people still send postcards?” The fact is people don’t send postcards as much; Those who do have registered significant success by designing unique postcards.

This post delves into how you can use postcards as low investment marketing tools for your business. If designed correctly, postcards have the potential to increase your customer base and stack more sales in your favor.

What is a Postcard?

A postcard is a paper card for sending greetings or marketing a product without the need for an envelope. Postcards are typically rectangular; however, there are novelty exceptions. The standard size is 4×6, but it is not unusual to find 5×7 postcards.

Interesting fact: Designing, collecting, and studying postcards is a career. The career term is deltiology.

Postcards were a marketing staple in the late 80s to early 90s. In today’s world, they are not at the fingertips of every marketing strategist. However, they are still low-cost direct marketing tools that are less intrusive but compelling to the recipient.

What Is A Postcard Template?

A postcard template is a pre-drafted postcard containing the structure of a standard postcard and customizable designs. Templates come in different layouts and designs. You need to input your details and custom graphics to convert the template into a postcard. Templates are free or can cost you a small amount to purchase one.

Note: Template designs may seem stellar on-screen. However, if you choose a low-quality paper, it may be challenging to recreate the same stellar design.

Why Send a Postcard?


Postcards are cost-effective marketing tools, especially for market segments. A simple postcard can cost you $0.40 but reach thousands of clients. No other direct marketing tool has such ROI.


Postcards have various utilities. You can send one to appreciate someone or as a marketing tool. The way you customize and the core message determine the postcard’s particular use case.


You can use postcards to target a specific cadre in your customer base. Postcards are handy when launching high-level products for the wealthy clients of your business.


Postcards present feedback channels you can track to determine whether they reached your recipient and their response to your call of action. You can attach a coupon or a redeemable code the customer can use on their next purchase to determine whether the method achieves its intent.

Postcard Templates & Examples

Postcard Template Word and PDF #01

Postcard Template Word and PDF #02

Postcard Template Word and PDF #03

Postcard Template Word and PDF #04

Postcard Template Word and PDF #05

Postcard Template Word and PDF #06

Postcard Template Word and PDF #07

Postcard Template Word and PDF #08

Postcard Template Word and PDF #09

Postcard Template Word and PDF #10

Postcard Template Word and PDF #11

Postcard Template Word and PDF #12

Postcard Template Word and PDF #13

Postcard Template Word and PDF #14

Postcard Template Word and PDF #15

Postcard Template Word and PDF #16

Postcard Template Word and PDF #17


    Why Use The Postcard Template?

    Postcard templates are hassle-free. You can create one in a matter of minutes. The easy process saves you the time you could have spent dashing to the post office to send an envelope.

    Templates are cost-effective. For a few hundred bucks, you can get thousands of templates. You can also choose different postcard templates for the exact cost.

    How to Use a Postcard Template

    Creating postcard templates can be complex or straightforward. If you have no proper guidance, you may fumble around and get it right. However, if you want to design a postcard professionally, we have prepared easy to do steps that make the process seamless.

    Step 1) Select a template

    Choose a suitable template with the preferred format from the online template provider. While selecting your preferred template, consider what you want to achieve with your postcard.

    If you want to market a new product, you may consider a flashy and high contrast template. If it is a family postcard, you may choose a photo-based template. You can still customize the template to suit your needs which is the next step.

    Step 2) Customize your template

    Add the core image of the postcard. You can drag and drop images on the editable image or open the File Manager and add pictures from there. Use photos you took yourself or that resonate with your audience for a more personalized touch.

    Step 3) Edit the background

    If you are satisfied with the template’s background, you may skip this step. However, you need to change the background color to create a unique design. Use a solid color or spice it up with blends of hues. Refrain from adding too much color that distracts the recipient from the core image.

    Step 4) Change the text style

    Text succinctly conveys your message. It is crucial to select a font and text style that’s legible and unique. Use a spacious font whose hue matches the overall theme of the postcard for the best visual effect.

    Step 5) Save the postcard

    Once you are satisfied with the design, save the template and print it. You can also share the template as digital postcards.

    Tip: Set the printer to borderless when printing postcards. The essence is to print the postcard as it appears on the screen.


    Can I make and send my own postcard?

    Yes, provided you have a postcard’s basic structure, you can customize your postcards and send them via mail.

    How much does it cost to make a postcard?

    The rates for making a postcard vary. Depending on the quality of paper, size, and level of customization, you may pay anything from $0.35 to $2500.

    What is the size of a postcard in the United States?

    The standard size for a postcard in the US is 4×6; however, the USPS also allows a minimum of 3.5×5 postcards.

    Can any card be a postcard?

    If the card meets the minimum dimensions and does not exceed the maximum measurements, then you can send your card as a postcard.

    What is the cost of the postcard in the US?

    As of 2022, postcards will cost $0.40 to send them. The charge amount can increase if you increase the number of cards.

    What is the cost of a postcard in Canada?

    Sending a postcard within Canada will cost you $1.07 and $1.3 for mailing it to the US. International mail costs $2.71. You can pay up to 1.94 if the postcards are in the range of 31-50 grams.

    Can you make money selling postcards?

    Some individuals have built a life by selling postcards. A large audience and attractive designs are the selling points that will generate lucrative profits. You can switch it up to selling digital postcards to increase your profits margin and expand your niche.

    Can I mail a 4×6 photo as a postcard?

    Yes. A 4×6 photo is the standard dimension for a postcard. Remember to affix a stamp.

    Key Points

    Digital marketing is the industry standard for marketing campaigns. The success of digital marketing is also its undoing. No one wants their inbox spammed with promotional campaigns and ads. Customers these days prefer less intrusive marketing methods, which is what postcards present. If used correctly, postcards have the potential of growing your customer base and increasing your business’s revenue significantly.