18 Printable Place Card Templates & Examples (Free Download)

18 Printable Place Card Templates & Examples (Free Download)

Place cards are some of the tiniest yet crucial event stationery most event planners overlook and therefore detract from the quality of the event. However, place cards ensure your ceremony attendees have an easy time locating their seats. Like escort cards, place cards have evolved over the years, and wedding and event planners utilize them as artworks. We delve into how place cards add panache to your events. Look out for our tips to design place cards that impress celebrants.

What Is a Place Card?

A conventional place card is a decorated miniature card that shows your guests their seat location in an event. However, place cards can double up as meal guides for the catering services. These stylish cards create stunning displays and enable you to control the celebrants’ sitting arrangement.

What Is a Place Card Template?

A place card template is a ready-made, customizable paper or card you fill with details that guide an individual attendee to their particular seat, then print and designate to your guests. Place cards templates save you the hassle of designing one yourself. You have multiple styles and embellishments options for place card templates from glorious gold to matte finish. The secret is to find a template that matches your event’s theme and customize it.

Tip: When printing your complete template, set the printer to no borders to avoid distorting the quality of the card.

Place Card Templates & Examples

Place Card Template #01

Place Card Template #02

Place Card Template #03

Place Card Template #04

Place Card Template #05

Place Card Template #06

Place Card Template #07

Place Card Template #08

Place Card Template #09

Place Card Template #10

Place Card Template #11

Place Card Template #12

Place Card Template #13

Place Card Template #14

Place Card Template #15

Place Card Template #16

Bunny Place Cards


    Types of Place Card Templates

    With the advent of artistry in wedding designs, place cards come in various forms different from the conventional paper document. The two well-known place cards are tent type and flat place cards.

    As the names suggest, flat place cards lie flat on the table while tent place cards resemble the tent shape and are foldable in the middle. Flat place cards carry little information compared to tent-style place cards.

    Depending on the number of guests and creative design, you can choose either option for your place card templates. Both card types usually cost the same price.

    How to Make A Place Card Using Microsoft Word?

    Do you have five minutes? That’s all it takes to design a place card from scratch in Microsoft Word.

    • Step 1: Choose your template from Word. Click File then New, and then in the search online templates bar, choose your preferred template.
    • Step 2: Choose your font—select different fonts for the name and the table number for an attractive look. Isabella is a suitable artistic font. However, you can print out the card and have a calligraphy expert write the names and table numbers.
    • Step 3: If you want to include an image, right-click on the image in the template and choose Select image. Alternatively, on the Insert tab, click Insert picture, Add a picture from the file and select your image from your files. Resize the photos to ensure it fits.
    • Step 4: Complete editing. Add color codes and customize your text style with attractive colors. Bonus points for you if your card matches the occasion’s theme. You can add distinctive borders colors that enhance the flair of the design.
    • Step 5: Counter-check your final place card and save it.
    • Step 6: Choose a suitable paper type. We recommend fine gloss papers or vellum papers that you can efficiently emboss.
    • Step 7: Print the card and display them on the respective table numbers.

    Place Card vs. Escort Card

    Wedding planners use the card terms interchangeably, albeit with their varying nature. At first glance, they pass off as similar cards; however, you’ll notice subtle differences upon scrutiny. An escort card guides guests to the table they will be sitting at, while a place card guides y to the table they will be sitting at and the actual seat they will sit in.

    Both place cards and escort cards can have similar essentials and designs that match your event’s theme.


    What is the standard size of a place card?

    Standard place cards measure 10cm by 6 cm. However, some designers custom create larger cards. Make a place card slightly larger than a typical business card when you can’t find a large enough template online.

    How to print your place cards?

    Place cards pay special attention to detail and mainly the borders and finish. Use high-quality Epson printers and set the scale to 100 or borderless to maintain the integrity and size of the card.

    Do you have to put Mr. And Mrs. on place cards?

    No rule restricts you to putting titles; however, guests feel appreciated when you recognize their titles.

    Do you put Dr. on place cards?

    You can if the event calls for it. However, don’t do it if adding titles exceed your place card budget. It’s your wedding after all.

    Are place cards necessary at a wedding?

    Yes, place cards help your guests locate their sitting position with ease and aids caterers in delivering custom culinary delights. And also, who doesn’t want a souvenir of your wedding?

    How do you display place cards at a wedding?

    Depending on your creative appetite and card size, you can use place card holders that match your place cards’ theme or display them plainly on the tables. Choose the former option. Arrange them from the center of the table towards the ends in a starburst effect.

    What do you put on a place card?

    The guest’s name, table number, and an optional thank you or welcome text.

    Where do place cards go on the table? Wedding planners usually place cards on the ends of the table. However, you can be creative with your table layout and explore various setups


    The festive season is upon us once again, and event planners will have a plethora of events to plan. You may forget the tiny details that matter in the hustle of all the preparation. It happens to the best of us. However, designing a place card is easy as pie (or wedding cake), especially with a template. Place cards set the mood for your big event. Choose wisely.