Personal Letter to a Friend

A Personal Letter to a Friend is an informal letter in which the writer shares personal information intended only for their friend. Writing a personal letter is an informal, intimate way of catching up with a friend.

For many years, personal letters and notes shared between friends were the primary method by which friends maintained contact and shared their experiences. Long before phones, typewriters, and computers were invented, letters between friends were the enduring basis of lifelong relationships. Now friends can write personal letters to each other via email if they choose, with a wide variety of design elements available.

Although many feel the personal handwritten letter is old-fashioned and outdated, some friends still maintain this friendship ritual to share secrets and essential events. This article discusses the elements of a personal letter and provides some tips for writing a great personal letter.

Why Write a Personal Letter to a Friend?

Friends eagerly look forward to news from one another. Regardless of the physical distance between you and your friends, writing a letter, email, or postcard to a friend reminds them of your friendship and your heartfelt concern for them. Writing personal letters to your friends takes a bit of time, but the rewards far exceed the effort involved. Letter writing is an intimate way to show your friends you are thinking of them.

Standard Elements of a Personal Letter to a Friend

An informal, personal letter to your friend will contain these elements:

  • A salutation – this can be formal or informal, such as “Dear Friend,” “Hi, Friend!” or “Dearest {nickname},”
  • Inquiries about your friend’s life and experiences
  • Information about your life and experiences
  • A closing, like “Best Regards,” “Warmly,” or “Love,”

The best thing about a personal letter to a friend is that it can contain anything you want. When writing a personal letter, there are no rules about what you can write or how you can write it.

Tips for Writing a Great Personal Letter to Your Friend

  • Get creative with your letter’s format. Use postcards, personal cards, and special stationery items to write to your friends. If you are writing an email letter, use a special background, and typestyle to set the tone of your letter.
  • Send special items with your letter. You might send local newspaper clippings, movie or play reviews, or an article you found particularly interesting.
  • Ask for news from your friend’s life and let your friend know you are thinking of them.
  • Tell your friend about your experiences, thoughts, and life events.
  • Use a writing prompt if you don’t know what to write – we have provided some writing prompts below.
  • If you and your friend share a hobby, share ideas, or send supplies.
  • Decorate your letter and envelope with your personal touches.
  • Try calligraphy or another personal style of lettering for your letter.

Prompts for Writing a Great Personal Letter to Your Friend

  • Describe one of your shared experiences in detail.
  • Write a list of your favorite things about your friend.
  • Describe how and when you met your friend.
  • Tell your friend what reminded you of them recently.
  • Tell your friend what you miss most about them.
  • Share a secret you feel ready to share.

Sample Personal Letter to a Friend

December 12, 2022

Dear Jess,

I’ve been wondering how your holiday plans are coming along. Are you still planning on having a party this holiday season? I honestly don’t know how you keep up with everything. You must already be exhausted, and it’s only the 12th. I hope you are resting enough and taking some time for yourself. How are Henri and the kids? I do hope everyone is well and happy.

We are well, and working on finishing our semester to enjoy a bit of time off. Jackson and I both have exam papers still to grade and final grades to enter. Soon it will be the holiday, though, and we are looking forward to lounging at the house and doing some reading for enjoyment!

Seeing the holiday decorations recently reminded me of you and the holiday parties your mom and dad had every year when we were young. I remember so well the beautiful tree and the holly decorating the banister of your stairway.

Remember how we would sneak down to the kitchen for cookies and hot cocoa? We were so certain your parents didn’t notice, but looking back, it’s interesting how the cocoa and cookies were always on the counter and ready for us! The innocence of childhood is a wonderful thing. I know your kids are busy making lifelong memories just like we were.

I sent some recipes I cut out of one of my magazines and a tin of cookies I made with the holiday cookie recipe. They are just like the ones we snuck into the kitchen for when we were kids.



Personal Letter to a Friend (Word Template)

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Personal letters to your friends follow the basic format for informal letters, but there is no limit to what you can write or how you write it. These letters are part of the fabric of friendship when you send them by mail or email. Have fun with your personal letters.

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