Personal Apology Letter – Useful Samples & Examples

Sometimes we get frustrated and hyper. It is so easy that when you are angry you can say something that will hurt others. After cooling down and getting into terms with what happened you may feel so sorry for the words that made another person feel bad. If you committed something that makes you feel sorry saying sorry through an apology letter will not only leave your mind and thoughts peaceful and also makes the person forgive and probably forget it.

Saying sorry may arise from different situations hence an apology letter may differ depending on the circumstances, here is a quick guide and some personal apology letters you can get help from:

How to Write a Personal Apology Letter

At one point in our lives, we have offended people around us or inconvenienced them. Most people would shy away from writing a personal apology letter to those whom they trespass, thinking that it would make them appear weaker than they are. What they forget is that failing to apologize even worsens their reputation. An excellent and credible apology should be made in writing. It is critical to note that if you frame the apology letter poorly, it could end, causing more harm. Have a look at how you should go about this without creating more offence.

Confess that you are sorry

I have never understood why the statement ‘sorry’ is always a very rare statement from some people. Well, no apology letter should lack the word ‘sorry’. It does not make you look inferior. Do not add ‘but’ after your ‘sorry’.

Take responsibility

It is to let the person whom you have offended to know that you are indeed sorry and willing to take the responsibility of your action. Do not blame the person or anybody else.

Specify what happened

You also need to outline what happened that you are apologizing for clearly. Do not assume that the other party knows and expects your apology.

Show interest to fix the situation

You can ask the other party to tell you what you can do to fix the problem. If you have something in mind, let him, or her know and tell you if it will be right with them.

Ask for forgiveness

Do not end your apology letter without asking for forgiveness. Learning that you have been forgiven gives you the confidence to proceed with your normal relationship. Ensure you ask for it so that the other person can respond to the request directly.

Personal Apology Letter Format

Dear (offended party),

I am sorry.

I have realized that it was wrong of me to (mention the offence) on (date). It is not the kind of action/words you should expect from your (mention your relationship with the offended party).

I am not in a position to explain why I had to do/say what I did/said to you. It was not even relevant at all, and I feel so awful about it.

Kindly have it in your heart to forgive me. If there is something, I can do to fix the harm, kindly let me know. I promise this will not happen again.

Yours (mention who you are to the offended)

Name (offending party)

Sample Personal Apology Letter


John Smith,

Highrise towers,

Washington DC.

Date 24/07/2019


Liam Jones

Highrise towers,

Washington DC.

Subject; Personal apology letter

Dear cousin,

I am sorry

I feel pretty awful that I was not keen to know what to tell you in public. It was not right of me to insult you. You do not deserve any public insult from someone you call a cousin. Well, I am not able to explain how it all happened. I am very sorry about it.

Please consider forgiving me. I promise that this will never happen again. I still would wish to have you as my closest cousin. If there is anything, I can do to fix the harm, kindly let me know.

Thank you

Your cousin

John Smith

Sincere Personal Apology Letter

This personal apology letter is directed to a customer or a friend by organizations businesses apologizing for any mistake(s) that have happened unintentionally. It is intended to continue maintaining the good relationships between customers and clients or between friends.

Sincere Personal Apology Letter

Apology Letter for Misunderstanding

It is written when you make someone fail to understand something correctly or when there is a quarrel or disagreement between two people or person. It helps to improve the image of a business by bringing the two parties that didn’t agree on something together.

Apology Letter for Misunderstanding

Businesses and individuals can fail to communicate their intentions and ideas successfully. This can lead to adverse decisions being made which can hurt the business. An apology letter when this happens is a good way to say sorry for not delivering the message in a clear and more precise manner.

Apology Letter for Miscommunication

Apology Letter for Miscommunication

Things not to mention in an apology letter

  • Don’t give blames or excuses: Just say you are sorry for what happened; blaming another person may seem that you are not sorry at all. Just be clear and admit you did a mistake.
  • Don’t use words that make the person feel that you don’t regret your action or words as this may make him/her doubt your apology. For example, avoid words such as “I am sorry you felt that way.”
  • Avoid making demands: avoid insisting on forgiveness and asking something else.
  • Avoid repeating the mistake when writing the apology letter: Repetition of the same mistake suggest you are not careful of avoiding the same situation.
  • Don’t overstate your mistake it may hurt more: Be precise and don’t be vague, go directly to the point of what happened without exaggeration.

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