Permission Slip Templates & Field Trip Forms

Suppose you are brainstorming ideas to plan a delightful trip for those sweethearts, organizing regular classroom activities, or making arrangements for the retake of an examination. In that case, you might want to add a permission slip to the list. Before adding this needful prerequisite, you will need to learn how to make a permission slip that will be signed by the parents and guardians of the children. Planning a permission slip is not stress-free. From scheduling to approvals, the whole task could pose cumbersome.

Luckily, by adding the essential details, such as the space that will hold the signature of parents and guardians and the required contact information, you can carry on with your activities without worries. Here, you will be shown how to write the perfect permission slip for that upcoming trip.

What is a Permission Slip?

A permission slip is  a form/ document that is prepared by a school or organization for a child to a parent/guardian in which the said persons provide authorization for minors to travel under the protection of the school or organization for events like; excursions.

Permission slips are also widely used as formal business/contract letters and even informal friends/family letters. They are a formal way of letting our superiors or concerned parties know of how our plans will affect them.

Permission Slip Templates

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Permission Form Fillable

Permission Form Waiver

Permission Form


    What to Include on Your Permission Slip

    Certain things must be taken into consideration when writing the permission slip. These are some elements to include in the permission slip.

    1. All The Necessary Details Of The Activity

    Make sure to answer all questions related to the activity. These questions comprise all the WH’s. The question of who, what, where, when, why, how long, how much, what means of transportation, etc. This information summarizes the trip, so it must be situated at the top of the document. Here is a breakdown of what the questions mean, using a field trip as a case study.

    • ‘Who’ denotes the class – Physics class, English class, or whatever class it would be, as well as the teacher/ lecturer in charge.
    • ‘What’ denotes the activity that the class will be embarking on, like; taking a trip to the ‘Berlin Zoological Garden’.
    • ‘Where’ denotes the location of the field trip, which is the ‘Berlin Zoological Garden’.
    • ‘When’ denotes the time and date of the excursion.
    • ‘Why’ denotes the reason for embarking on this journey, which will be for learning purposes.
    • ‘How long’ simply denotes the time duration that the field trip will take.
    • ‘How much’ talks about the cost of the field trip.
    • ‘What means of transportation’ denotes the medium of transportation that will be employed to convey the kids to their destination and back.

    At the end of the question section, include the contact information of your school or organization so they can be contacted in case of any outstanding questions.

    2. A Provision For Parents And Guardians To Give Permission

    In the permission slip, there must be a statement made by the parents and guardians that they give their permission for the child to embark on the trip under the auspice of the school or organization. A line should be created, with the beginning reading, I( parents/guardian’s name). Thereafter, the line should be completed with the following sentence;

    ‘give permission for my child (name of child) to embark on the field trip(location of the field trip) being headed by (name of adult/school/organization leading the trip).

    3. A Space Or Line For Emergency Contact Information

    This  is the space that will hold the number that will be called if something happens to the child and the parent or guardian of that child cannot be reached. Create a line for this information, while indicating the space for Name and Emergency phone number.

    4. A Provision For Medical Details

    If the field trip is over an extended period of time, and a child develops some illness or allergies, provide a space for the parent or guardian to give necessary information about allergies and underlying medical conditions.

    5. A Provision For The Signature Of Parents And Guardians

    This might be the most important aspect of the permission slip. Here, you ask for the parent or guardian’s signature by providing a line for signature at the bottom of the slip.

    Field Trip Forms

    Field Trip Forms #11

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    Field Trip Permission Form



    Permission Slip for Field Trip

    Permission Slip

    Sample School Field Trip Permission Form

    Trip Permission Form

      How to Write a Permission Slip

      Apart from just the educational sector, permission slips are widely used as formal business/contract letters and even informal friends/family letters.  Because permission slips are a formal way of letting our superiors or concerned parties know of how our plans will affect them, there are several rules one must observe when drafting them. Here’s how to write a permission slip;

      Get The Necessary Addresses

      Since the permission slip is formal, it can contain both the sender and reciever’s address. In some cases, the sender’s address may not be necessary since both parties are relatively familiar with each other.

      Make Your Salutations

      Provide the necessary salutation depending on the person the letter is being addressed to. The tone should be diplomatic but respectful.

      Clarify The Purpose Of The Slip

      This denotes the title. Once you’ve gotten the address, make clear your reason for writing the slip in the first place. It should be a concise title, just after salutation. For a more attractive finish, write the title in capital letters.

      Don’t Ditch The Subject

      This is the body of the letter. Make sure to not deviate and stay on the subject. Here, you are to write about the specific details of the permission and what you need the reciever to do.

      Conclude And Sign Out

      Ensure you include the name and signature of the recipient for authentication. Include your contact information too.

      Types of Permission Slips

      The following are types of permission slips.

      Informed Consent Slip

      If the event or trip may have inherent risk, this will be explained in detail here. So when the parent or guardian signs the slip, the school or organization will not be held accountable if something occurs.

      Blanket Permission Slip

      These are slips used for conventional field trips that take place during the school year. The blanket permission slip covers the basics.


      Writing a permission slip is not the most challenging task there is. With proper guidance and strict adherence to the out-listed notables, you’ll do just fine.