Permission Request Letter to Use Supports Ground

You need to seek official permission to use a sports ground for any purpose. For instance, if you wish to organize a social event, you should speak to the ground authorities. This is done to prevent any legal problems that may arise during your activities and is achieved through a Permission Request Letter to Use a Sports Ground.

The permission letter should highlight the type of activity, as well as its date and duration. It should be formal and written by the person or group planning the event.

Are you planning to host an event in a sports ground? This post should help you achieve that.

Tips for Writing a Request Letter to Use Sports Ground

The chances of success of your request depend on how well you draft your letter. Here are some tips to help you write an effective Permission Request Letter to Use Sports Ground.

  • Address the Request Letter Appropriately. You need to know the name of who is in charge and address your letter to them. You can do this by either asking the relevant sources or looking it up online. This should help you establish a connection with the recipient early on in the letter, thus raising your chances of success.
  • Make Specific Requests. You need to communicate clearly. This means that you should furnish the recipient of your letter with exact dates, time frames, duration, and purpose of your event. You should also convey that you are ready to adhere to any rules and meet any costs that may arise. Provide your contact information, just in case you are needed to answer more questions.
  • Proofread and Edit Your Request Letter. Before sending your letter to the sports ground authorities, you should proofread and edit it. This should help you correct and spelling and grammar mistakes that could reduce the validity of your letter. It should also remedy any semantical error to prevent your message from being misunderstood.
  • Convey Your Request Using the Right Tone. The sports ground authority has the discretion to either accept or deny your request. Always use the right tone and remain courteous throughout your correspondence. Don’t try to force or coerce a positive response, instead layout your points convincingly.
  • Write in the Second Person. A permission request letter should be written in the second person to create a personal connection with the recipient. It also helps make sure your message is received in the manner you intended. To achieve this, address the sports ground authority as you and use terms like ‘yours’ throughout your letter.

Template for Permission Request to Use Sports Ground

Subject: Permission Request to Use Sports Ground for Event

Dear Mr. /Ms. {Last Name}:

I am planning a {specify the event} for {date and day}. The event will involve {exact number} of attendees and shall last for around {number of hours or days}. As I cannot accommodate this event on my premises, I request permission to use your sports ground for the same.

Please provide me with the terms and conditions that govern your lease of the sports ground and an estimated budget for any costs involved.

I look forward to your consideration and approval.


{Your name}

Sample Permission Request Letter to Use Property

16 June, 2039

Collins Black


MetLife Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ 09173,

Dear Mr. Black:

RE: Sample Letter of Permission to Use Sports Ground

I draft this letter on behalf of the Charity Hands Foundation. We are planning a charity run for 23 July, 2039 and hereby seek official permission to use your sports grounds.

The event is aimed at raising awareness for Sickle Cell Disease and will involve 500 attendees and officials. We plan to use the premises from 0900 hours on the said date to 1500 hours.

Kindly furnish me with the terms and conditions that govern the use of your grounds and an estimated budget for possible costs.

I look forward to a favorable response.


Amina Lighthouse


Drafting a Permission Request Letter to Use a Sports Ground is a critical step in planning an event. As such, it should be done with the utmost care. Make sure you know who you are addressing your letter to and remain formal. State the nature of your event and provide as much information as possible. Finally, provide up to date contact information for when the sports ground authority wishes to reply.

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