Permission Letter (Sample & Template)

A permission letter is a document that grants authorization to the user for a specific event or any other purpose. The letter is addressed to a higher authority by an individual or a group seeking authorization for their event. This letter can also be used to get permission from the workplace, home, and school or to undertake a certain project.

How to write a permission letter

When writing a permission letter, consider the flowing guidelines

Select a format

Before writing your letter, it’s essential to choose a format. In most cases, the format of the letter will depend on the recipient. The letter can either take a formal or an informal format. For example, if you’re writing a permission letter for travel or consent for medical services, it should follow the typical business letter format.

Indicate the subject line

Your letter should start with a simple but clear title. For example, your letter can read “Letter of Consent for a School Trip”, or “Medical Consent Authorization Letter”.

Address the Letter

You can address your permission letter to the recipient by using their full names, or the name of the company, agency or organization you’re seeking permission from. If you don’t know the names of the recipient you can use the words” To Whom It May Concern”.

The Purpose of the Letter

In the body of the letter use the first paragraph to highlight the purpose of your letter. The recipient should understand the purpose of the letter after reading the first paragraph. For example, your letter could be a parent authorizing their kid to travel for a school trip.

Grant the Permission

In the following paragraphs, address the issue clearly. Use the official names of the person you’re granting permission and indicate the type of permission you’re issuing to the recipient. For example, you may say you are issuing permission to MR Eric Matthews to travel for World Environmental day celebrations in Geneva from January 13th – 20th, 2019.

You must include the full names of the recipient, the activity/even been authorized and the date and time of the event.

Sign & Date writing the Letter of Permission

Consider your state’s laws regarding letters of permission. In some states, you’ll be required to submit a notarized letter. In others, they only required the letter to be witnessed, while some will only need your signature and date.

Provide your contact details

As you terminate your letter, you should provide your contact information. For example, you can instruct the recipient to contact you via your email or phone number.

Letter close

End the letter politely. For example, you can use a polite complimentary close such as “sincerely”, “yours sincerely”, “regards”, “best wishes”, etc.

Permission Letter Format

Name of the legal guardian

Address of the guardian

City, State, Zip Code


Subject: Permission Letter


(Name of Doctor),

I (Your full names), as the legal guardian of (name of child), do authorize (name of temporary caregiver) to authorize medical treatment for (the name of your child plus the date of birth). This permission is granted for (date) only.

Please contact me via (phone number), or (email address) in case you have any concerns.

Thank you.


(Signature of the guardian and date)

(Printed name of the guardian)

(Signature of witness or notary (if needed) plus date)

(Printed names of the witness)

Sample permission letter

Chief librarian

University of Chicago

5801 S Ellis Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: +1773-702-1234

Dear Dr. Mark Kelly,

Please permit me to copy the flowing text for my oncoming project:

Title: The Future of Genetics, 2nd Edition

Copyright: Lizborne Publishers 2007, 2013, 2017

Author: Leah B. Turner

Material to copy: Chapter 4

Pages: 41-83

Number of copies: 30

Distribution: this copy will be used by my team of researchers and they will cater to the photocopying costs.

Type of reprint: Photocopy

Use: The chapter will complement other research materials.

I have also attached a copy of the copyright page to help you process my request faster. If I will pay any cost for this permission, please let me know.

Besides, I have also enclosed a return letter for your convenience. You may also use my email as indicated below.

Thank you for your assistance.


Angela Martins

(210) 454-6770

Third-year student

Department of Physiology

University of Chicago

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    Types of permission letters

    Permission for an event in school/college/society

    This permissions letter is used to seek permission from this school, college or society management for an event or any other purpose. In the letter, you must specify the type of permission you’re seeking, duration and date.

    Permission for an employee to travel

    This letter grants permission to an employee to travel. In the letter, the writer should include the full names of the employee, the travel destination and dates of travel. Any other relent information about the trip can also feature in the letter.

    Permission letter for school

    A permission letter for school is a document that authorizes a learning institution to carry out a certain program or event. The letter will indicate the type of program/event, the authorizing organization/person and the date s of the activity.

    Permission letter for sports practice

    A permission letter for sports practice is a document that permits an individual/group/ team to practice their sport at a specified place for a particular period. The letter also indicates the name of the sport and team and the individual/organization authorizing the sports practice.