Permission Letter from Parents to Teacher for Dance

A permission letter is a document used to grant an individual, organization, or group permission to do something, such as participate in an event. Topics for permission letters can range anywhere from granting permission for a child to attend a field trip, to granting permission for a gardening club to photograph your garden. If the topic is an important one, then consider composing a letter of consent, as those letters are considered a legal document.

These letters aren’t difficult to format or write. However, as the permission letter can be used for a variety of topics, it is essential that it is composed and formatted in a specific way. In this instance, a parent is giving permission to a teacher for their child to attend a dance event. In such cases, the crucial information to include would be the names of the parent, child, and teacher. The letter must be addressed to the teacher, as well.

You must be logical and formal in your request. Consider this a professional letter, not casual. This is where it may get a bit tricky, as the letter needs to be professional, yet conversational in tone. Here is a quick guide to accomplishing that.

  • If anything in your letter requires documentation, then mention in the body of the letter that you are including an attachment of the required documents. For instance, if you’re granting the teacher permission to include your daughter in a dance event, and your daughter has asthma, or other issues, include that information in your letter, along with any attachments if applicable.
  • Medication details if your child is on regular medication.
  • Include essential information that may apply, such as a complete address, contact information, etc.
  • Emergency contacts (should be different than your essential contact information) – (Optional)

Note: Include only details that pertain to the topic. So, keep items out that do not belong. These may include likes and dislikes of your child, previous performances, the fact that you and your family just got a new puppy, etc. While your first instinct might be to make it personable, remember people are busy, so limit your letter to only details that focus on the topic.

Letter of Permission (Format)

When formatting your permission letter, know that it is considered a professional letter. This means you are to use block style formatting. Block style formatting means that all segments start at the left margin, with no indents, and each section is separated by a blank space, which means double spacing between sections.

  • Sender’s information. Senders information refers to you. Always use your first and last name. The address should be your mailing address, meaning street address, city, state, and zip code. Finally, include your email address as well.
  • Date. This refers to the date the letter was signed and sent.
  • Recipient’s Contact Information. Obtain the correct recipient, and make sure you have the correct spelling for their first and last name. Next, add their business, organization, or groups’ mailing address.
  • Subject Line. This lets the recipient know what the letter is about. If you don’t include a subject line, you risk your email being passed over.
  • Body Text. You want to keep the letter brief, so three sections should do quite nicely. In the first section, you introduce the reason for the letter of permission. The second section is where you clarify any points made in the first section. You also mention any attachments you’ve included. Finally, the third section is where you show your gratitude and appreciation for their attention, and provide them with any contact information in case they have questions or concerns.
  • Closing. The closing is where you professionally close your letter. Words such as sincerely and best regards are perfectly acceptable.

Sample Letter of Permission From Parents to Teacher for Dance

{Senders full name

Mailing address

Phone number/email}

{Date Letter Signed}

{Recipient’s Full Name

Mailing Address

Phone Number/Email}

Subject: Re: {Type of Permission Letter}

Dear {Name of Recipient}:

This letter is regarding our daughter {Daughters Name} and the upcoming dance event at {School Name}, which is to be held on {Date of Event}. My husband myself hereby grant you permission for her to {attend/participate in} the dance event and join in on the festivities.

We are enclosing a list of items she is allergic to so you are aware. If she has an asthmatic reaction, know that she’s bringing her inhaler. We’ve also included our physician’s contact information.

Thank you for your kind invitation to this event. We are certain that all students will gain much from attending the dance event at school. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact either me at {contact information} or my husband at {Contact information}.

Emergency Contact Information:

• {Name}: +1 123 789 7789

• {Name}: +1 123 456 7789

• {Physician}: +1 456 456 7789


{Signature of Parents or legal guardian}

{Typed Name of Parent or legal guardian}

Permission Letter From Parents to Teacher for Dance (Template)


A letter of permission isn’t challenging to write. However, you do need to remember to include details pertinent to your situation. This includes valid dates, times, locations. When writing the letter, keep it professional. Be courteous and always thank the recipient at the end of the letter. Finally, give yourself time to proofread and edit your letter. There you have it; if you follow these basic instructions, you’ll end up with a perfect permission letter.