Permission Letter from Parents for Sports

Whenever you wish to give your permission for someone or entity to perform an action, you do so using a permission letter. Permission letters can handle a wide variety of subject matters, such as giving someone permission to walk your dog or granting someone permission to hold a party at the office. When you wish to give your “O, K’ , then a permission letter is the document for you. Just remember that it’s not a legal document, so if you’d like to give someone permission to pick up your mail, then a letter of consent is the better choice, as it is a legal document.

One of the reasons permission letters are necessary is that you’re putting your permission statement in writing and signing it. Right then and there, you can see that you’re providing backup to your situation. Once written out and signed, no one can say you did or didn’t grant permission. This is especially useful when handling situations involving underage children. The permission letter will contain everything pertinent to the situation, from dates, events, names of all those involved, documentation if applicable, and the signatures of both parents.

it’s time to sit down and compose your letter. First, know that it’s not as daunting as it may seem. This is a no-frills letter, composed using a professional, yet conversational tone. Don’t include any slang and refrain from getting too personal. The fact that you and your family just got back from a visit with grandma is nice, but does not belong here. Finally, remember that the person reading your permission letter is probably quite busy, so steer clear of lengthy, drawn-out paragraphs. Instead, keep the letter brief and to the point.

Elements to Include in Your Letter

If this is your first time writing a permission letter, go and grab a sheet of paper, and jot down all of the essential details, such as dates, name of the event, etc. By doing this, you’ll be able to have all the necessary information ready at your fingertips, and are less likely to forget a crucial fact. Every permission letter is unique, but here is a list of must-have elements:

  • Start and end dates
  • Time of the event
  • First and last names of all Involved
  • Name of the Sporting Event
  • Documentation, if applicable
  • Signatures of both parents/legal guardians
  • Parental contact information

Since this letter is in regards to parents granting permission for the child to be either involved in a sporting event or attending one, you’ll need to include some specifics, and present them in a certain order. By using three sections, you’ll be able to present a clear and concise letter.

Section One

The first section or paragraph is where you’ll announce the purpose of your letter. It’s where you address the recipient, state who you are, and in this case, that you are granting permission for a child to attend/be involved in a sporting event.

This letter is in regard to both my husband and me, Mr. and Ms. Cumbersome, granting permission for our son Jeremy, to participate in after school basketball for the 2032 season starting September 10th, 2032, and ending December 19th, 2032.

Section Two

Section two is where you’ll include mention of any attachments or issues which may affect the situation.

As our son, Jeremy has asthma; we are attaching both our contact information and that of his physicians, Dr. Harold Purell. We understand that teaching duty will be held by coach Lyman Brown for the entire season. We will be sure to forward said information directly to him as well.

Section Three

Section three is the closing paragraph. Here, it’s common courtesy to show gratitude for your child being chosen for sports, while reiterating your statement of granting permission.

Thank you again for inviting Jeremy to be a part of after school basketball. We are both happy to allow him to participate and hope that you and yours will have an excellent upcoming season.

There you have it. You were conversational, polite, and brief. The permission letter contains all the vital information for the necessary event. Please remember to proofread and edit your letter before presenting it, and to make a copy or two for your records.

How to Format Your Letter of Permission

Your permission letter must be formatted appropriately. When a letter is formatted correctly, it’s easy to read, organized, and flows well. This means you are to use block style formatting. Here, all sections of the letter begin at the left margin, with no indentation. The sections are single-spaced, with double spacing between the sections. We’ve outlined the essential elements of a properly formatted letter of permission, below.

Sender’s information

Here, you’ll place your contact information. Include your first and last name, home mailing address, and contact information. Contact information includes your phone number and/or email address.


The date refers to the date you wrote, signed and sent/presented the letter.

Recipient’s Contact Information

First of all, it’s important that you have the correct recipient, or your letter can be tossed or forgotten about. Next, make certain that you have the correct spelling of their first and last name, as well as the correct address and contact information.

Subject Line

Always include a subject in the subject line. This ensures your letter will be actually read, as its been found that people sometimes toss both emails and letters if there is no subject line.

Body Text

The elements of the body text have been described above. This is where you’ll place your three sections.


Closing is simply how you end the letter. Again, keep the closing phrase simple and professional. If two words are used, only capitalize the first word:

  • Yours truly
  • Sincerely
  • Sincerely yours
  • Best regards

Sample Letter of Permission From Parents to Teacher for Dance

(Senders full name

Mailing address

Phone number/email

(Date Letter Signed)

(Recipient’s Full Name

Mailing Address

Phone Number/Email

Subject: Re: (Type of Permission Letter)

Dear (Name of Recipient)

This letter is a letter of permission from (Parents Names) granting our son, (Sons Name), permission to attend and be an ongoing member of (Sporting Event/Team) for the (Start/End Dates) season at (School Name)

We request that (Instructors Name) will provide us will any additional information if we so need it. We are including an attachment which contains all names and numbers of individuals who contacted in case there is an incident.

Thank you for allowing (Sons Name) to be a part of your after school activities during the (Date) season, we are pleased to allow him to attend. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my husband or me at (Phone Number). Thank you again.


(Signature of Parents or legal guardian)

(Typed Name of Parent or legal guardian)


As you can see, a letter granting permission is quite simple to write. Just keep the letter brief and to the point, be courteous, pleasant, and professional. Make certain that you have all the details, such as names, dates, contact information, in front of you before you sit down to write. Always thank the recipient, and don’t forget to proofread your letter to avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Edit the letter to ensure that only the required information is present, eliminating non-essential topics. Once followed, these easy to follow basic steps will help you create a permission letter to be proud of.