Permission Letter for Leave (From School & Work)

A leave permission letter is written to request leave from a company and organization for a specified period. When it is known in advance that an employee needs time from work, he or she should write this letter as a formal request for leave. There are also instances when the need to take leave comes up quickly without warning. A letter requesting permission for leave should be written as soon as possible as an official document that complies with company policies and rules of conduct regarding attendance and leaves. Such a letter can also be used to request permission for a child to be away from school for a period of time.

A request that is put in writing allows you to state the reasons for the request clearly, so there is no confusion about the reason or the urgency of the request. The need to write a letter requesting leave from work as well as an additional permission letter requesting leave from school can arise when both parent and children must leave at the same time for the same reasons, such as a family emergency or some other reason. Including all information that complies with established policies for work and school can help increase the chances of the request being granted.

You can draft a letter that will work for both work and school. You just need to make a few minor adjustments in the wording. The two types of leave permission letters are very similar. Each must include:

  • The specific reason why the absence is needed.
  • How you will prepare for the absence if possible, with details that include how your responsibilities will be covered by other workers, so there is not a gap in coverage. If for school, how your child will make up any work missed.
  • When the leave begins and when you plan to be back if known.
  • Adherence to work and/or school policies in the writing of the permission for leave letter

Permission Letter for Leave (Format)

(Your First and Last Name)


(City, State Zip Code)

(Phone Number)



(Name of Intended Recipient)




(City, State Zip Code)

Re:( Permission Letter for Leave)

(Salutation including Mr./Mrs. as appropriate with the last name of recipient)

First paragraph

Opening sentence with the reason you are writing (to request leave) and the precise problem that makes it necessary to make this request. Continue with the request, outlining a request to be absent from (work) (school) from (mm/dd/yyyy) until (mm/dd/yyyy) for a total of ( number of days).

Second paragraph

I have made arrangements to (how you will cover your usual responsibilities at work or how your child will remain current with assignments in detail). Include supporting information as needed detailing clearly and concisely how your job will be covered or how your child will make up the missed work.

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience about the status of this request to make the necessary arrangements for (the reason for leave).


Sincerely, or Respectfully,

First Name Last Name

Sample Permission Letter Asking for Leave from School

Mrs. Jack Johnson

451 Elm Street

Milwaukee, WI 09890


Email: jjohnson

January 20th, 2022

Selma Jackson


Milwaukee Middle School

9283 Fairview

Milwaukee, WI, 09890

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I am writing this letter to request permission for leave for my daughter Jennie. Her grandmother in Washington State passed away suddenly, and it is necessary for us to travel there to help with arrangements and attend the funeral services.

I would be grateful if you would grant Jennie a leave of absence from classes beginning on January 22nd, 2022, through January 29th, 2022, so I may help make necessary arrangements and attend the funeral. We expect to return home by January 28th, and Jennie will be back in classes on January 29th, 2021.

We have contacted Jennie’s instructors, and they have provided us with the assignments planned for this period. Jennie will continue to work on them, so she doesn’t fall behind while she is gone, and she will submit them upon her return.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. J. Johnson

Sample Permission Letter Asking for Leave from Work

Mr. J Ambers

349 Maple Street

Portland, Oregon 29458


June 16th, 2028

Mr. John Black

Managing Supervisor

Oregon Glassworks

938 Sprite Rd.

Portland, Oregon 29458

RE: Permission for Leave

Dear Mr. Black,

I am writing this letter to request leave to attend a family funeral. My mother passed away suddenly yesterday, and my father needs my help in making the funeral arrangements. I wish to go and help him and stay to attend the funeral in Wisconsin.

I would greatly appreciate your permission to take this leave time for traveling there and dealing with the necessary family affairs. The leave period that I am requesting is from June 17th, 2028, through June 24th, 2028, for a total of 8 days. I plan to return to my office on June 25th, 2028.

I have consulted with other members of my staff to provide coverage for my regular duties while I am away. I will resume my duties upon my return.

Your consideration in this matter is appreciated, and I look forward to hearing your decision at your earliest convenience so I can make the necessary travel arrangements and confer with family about the date of my arrival.


Jared Ambers

Permission Letter To Leave Early from Office

Jan Thomas

322 Space Drive

Elmwood, Oregon 99909



June 12th, 2020

Richard Preston

Human Resource Director

Precision Office Supplies

439 Jantzen Way

Elmwood, Oregon, 99909

RE: Permission to Leave Early from Office

Dear Mr. Preston,

I am employed with Precision Office Supplies in the capacity of an assistant bookkeeper. According to the employment contract I signed before accepting this position, I have to leave the office no earlier than 5:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.

However, I have suffered a dental emergency with a loose crown that resulted in the abscess of a tooth, which has necessitated that I see the dentist at 2:00 pm, roughly 3 hours from the stipulated deadline.

In light of this dental emergency, I ask you to allow me to leave the office earlier than usual. I am willing to come into work an hour early to make up the time for the rest of the week.

I would appreciate hearing from you at your earliest convenience to confirm my scheduled appointment to address this uncomfortable dental health concern.


Jan Thomas

Permission Letter To Leave Early From School

The permission letter to leave early from school is a bit simpler than the other permission letters. It includes the date, who it is to, the name of the child. The reason for leaving school early, the date and the time that the child will leave, and who will be picking the child up from school.

June 15th, 2022

To: Mrs. Edwards, Principal

Mrs. Edwards

Re: Permission to leave school early for a doctor’s appointment for Johnny Brown

I am writing to notify you that my son Johnny Brown will be leaving school early on June 16th, 2022. This is due to a medical appointment that is a consultation for corrective eye surgery. This was the only available appointment time with the specialist available this month. This is because of a vision issue that affects his eyesight.

My son will be picked up at 1:00 pm by Me and will return to school tomorrow at the regular start of school.

Respectfully yours,

Sally Brown

____________ Signature

Things to avoid when writing a permission letter for leave

  • Avoid over-explaining the situation. Stick to the facts
  • Avoid the use of slang language or jargon
  • Avoid being over-familiar or assuming you will be granted permission
  • Avoid making grammar, spelling, or syntax mistakes

Tips for Writing a Permission Letter

  • Do the research to make sure the reason for your request is within the policies of the organization
  • Address the proper recipient or person in charge of granting/denying the request
  • Clearly state the reason you are asking permission to leave with pertinent details
  • Use formal language without slang or jargon
  • Include the date you plan to take the leave and the date you plan to return
  • Explain how you will make up the hours or any arrangements you’ve made to cover for the absence
  • Provide contact information
  • Keep your request brief and to the point without unnecessary language


What are some good excuses to leave school early?

The acceptable excuses are for dental or medical appointments, illness, family emergencies, or any other reasons that are provided for in the policies of the school.

What are some good excuses to leave work early?

Good excuses for leaving work early are for professional development sessions or training that have been approved by your immediate supervisor, illness, medical and dental appointments, death or illness of a family member, adoption or other legal proceedings, and other reasons covered in your company’s policies on early leave.

How do I ask for time off at the last minute?

In most cases, speak with your immediate supervisor or the next person in charge if he or she is not available. Follow up with a formal permission letter requesting permission for leave for documentation purposes.

Can I take two weeks off work?

This depends on the reason for taking the leave. If it is provided for in your company’s policies for leave, you may, with permission, be able to take two weeks of leave.