Partial Adjustment Letter: How to Write (Format and Example)

A partial adjustment letter is a letter in which the writer responds to a complaint with partial compensation or compensation other than requested. You might write a partial adjustment letter when you receive a complaint letter that requests compensation you cannot provide. In your letter, explain why you cannot provide the requested compensation and offer what you can provide. Also, attempt to retain the customer’s business.

In this article, we discuss the essential elements of partial adjustment letters and provide a letter format. We also provide a sample letter to demonstrate the format’s application for your company.

Essential Elements of Partial Adjustment Letters

Neutral Reference to Complaint

Begin your partial adjustment letter with a neutral reference to the consumer’s complaint. Thank your customer for informing you of the problem they had with your product or service. Express your regret for the customer’s inconvenience.

Tactful Explanation of Refusal

Because you cannot grant the customer’s requested compensation, you must deliver some bad news. Professionals know that tact is the key to writing an unpleasant message. Keep your explanation concise and professional but avoid appearing to be uncaring or inconsiderate.

Write about your inability to grant your customer’s request in the form of a tactful explanation. Incorporate the details of the circumstance that prevents you from providing the compensation requested. You might include the date the product warranty expired, for example.

Offer of Alternative Compensation

This portion of your letter is where you try to satisfy the customer. On the other hand, you must stay within defined return and exchange policies, warranties, and guarantees. Your creativity may work in your favor when you are writing an offer of alternative compensation.

Here are some of the ways you may be able to meet company guidelines and satisfy the customer.

  • Applying credit toward a future purchase
  • Repairing a product rather than replacing it
  • Prorating the purchase cost of a long-lasting item
  • Sending samples
  • Providing a discount code for a future purchase

Attempt to Reconcile and Resell

Try to retain the customer’s goodwill and continued business. You may have accomplished this with your partial adjustment. However, your last sentence should be an effort to resell your company’s products or services. For example, if your company sells cleaning products and you have provided a credit for a future purchase, you might mention that a new line of cleaning supplies is now available on your website. You might even send a small sample of the new products.

Tip: Always print partial adjustment letters on company letterhead and write in a professional tone. Address your recipient by name, and sign your letter.

Partial Adjustment Letter Format


{recipient name}

{recipient address}

Dear {recipient name}:

I just received your {date} letter about {complaint}. Thank you for bringing this situation to my attention. I regret any inconvenience this has caused you.

{Tactfully explain the circumstances that prevent you from granting the requested compensation. Then offer the alternate compensation.}

{Resell your company’s products here.}


{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Partial Adjustment Letter

March 12, 2036

Mr. Brent Windham

496 West Henderson

Grove, NJ 65289

Dear Mr. Windham:

Thank you for bringing our attention to the unusual wear your Everlast tires are exhibiting. We regret any inconvenience you have experienced as a result of this situation.

Everlast tires carry a limited five-year warranty. Your receipt dated March 2, 2033, places the tires at three years old. I can prorate the cost of your purchase price of $689.00 and provide you with a credit of $275.60 for the remaining 24 months of use. I have enclosed a check for this amount.

We now carry a line of tires especially well-suited for New England winter weather conditions. Customers in the New Jersey area report excellent results with the new Heavy Duty line of Everlast tires, HD-7000. We hope you will consider using these tires in the future.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Partial Adjustment Letter (Word Template)

Partial Adjustment Letter (Word Template)

Key Points

  • Write in a professional tone and print your letter on company letterhead
  • Greet your customer by name and sign your letter
  • Thank the customer for bringing the problem to your attention
  • Tactfully explain the circumstances preventing you from granting the requested compensation
  • Offer an alternative compensation
  • Close with reconciliation and resale

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