Part-Time Job Resignation Letter

A Part-Time Job Resignation Letter is a letter informing your employer of your resignation from your part-time position. Part-time employees often think they don’t need to write a resignation letter, but writing this letter is always a good decision. Formalizing your two weeks’ notice with a well-written resignation letter is a professional move that can help you later in your career.

This article will explain why this letter is so important and provide some professional tips for writing it. We have also provided a format for this important letter and a sample letter to inspire you to write your own.

Resignation letters are a formal way to let your employer now you are leaving. Even if you are leaving your first job, writing a resignation letter is both practical and helpful. Remember, your employer today is your reference tomorrow.

You will frequently need references from previous employers, even from those you held part-time positions with. Your previous employers can also let you know if they hear about positions you might be interested in later on. Leaving on a positive note and maintaining contact with your previous employer will serve you well throughout your life.

During Your Final Two Weeks at Your Job

After you have given your boss your resignation letter and discussed it with them, you can tell your coworkers you are leaving. Be sure not to say anything negative about your job or your employer. Leave your job with professionalism.

Important Note About Social Media

Don’t write anything negative about your job, your boss, or the company on your social media accounts. Remember that a public post is just that – public. Your future employers may look to see what you have posted about your previous employers.

What To Include in Your Part-Time Job Resignation Letter

Your resignation letter should include a bit more than just your intent to resign and your last date of employment. Here is the list of what you should include in your letter:

  • Your job title
  • Your last date of employment – this is your end date
  • The company name
  • our future plans (optional)
  • A favorite memory from your time at your job (optional)
  • A thank-you statement
  • Best wishes for your employer and the company
  • An offer to keep in contact
  • Your contact information

Even though adding a favorite memory from your job is optional, when your boss can relate to an interesting or fun experience you shared with them it reminds them of you in that moment. This is one way of helping them remember you in a positive way after you are gone.
If you are on a first-name basis with your boss, you can begin your letter with their first name. Otherwise, greet them with their surname (last name).

Do’s and Don’ts of Resignation Letters


• Allow two weeks’ notice from the date of your letter to your end date
• Stay positive
• Thank your employer for the opportunities they have given you
• Wish your employer and the company the best
• Offer to stay in contact


• Blame your boss or the company for your resignation
• Compare your next position with your current position
• Mention pay rates for either position
• Make any negative statements about your job

Part-Time Job Resignation Letter Format

Here is the basic format for a part-time job resignation letter.

{your name}

{your address}


{your employer’s name}

{your employer’s job title}

{company name}

{company address}

Dear {employer name},

I am writing to inform you of my intent to leave my part-time position as {job title} at {company name}. My last date of employment is {date}.

{you can use this space to discuss your future plans if you want.}

I have enjoyed the time I have spent working with you. {You can use this space to talk about a favorite memory.} I wanted to thank you for the opportunities you have given me. I wish you and {company name} all the best. I hope we can keep in touch. You can reach me at {your contact information}.


{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Part-Time Job Resignation Letter

Here is a sample letter based on the above basic format.

Mallory Jackson

3000 South Elm Place

Exeter, NM 39087

August 1, 2022

Mrs. Eleanor Banks

Manager, Women’s Clothing Dept.

Albertson Department Store

2096 East Main Street

Exeter, NM 39089

Dear Mrs. Banks,

I am writing to inform you of my intent to leave my part-time position as sales clerk at Albertson. My last date of employment is August 15, 2022.

I am excited to be moving to New York to attend college in a few weeks, but I will miss you and all of my coworkers.

I have enjoyed the time I have spent working with you. I remember when I started here a year ago. I was so intimidated by the shoppers, but mostly I was nervous with all the children running around! It seems funny now, but it was serious then. Thanks for getting me through those first few weeks.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunities you have given me. I wish you and Albertson all the best. I hope we can keep in touch. You can reach me at


Mallory Jackson

Mallory Jackson

Part-Time Job Resignation Letter (Word Template)

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Always remember that your resignation letter is your opportunity to leave your job and your boss on a good note. Write your letter in a professional format like the one above. Be positive, stay upbeat, and be kind. This way you can leave your job with a positive professional contact. Feel free to use the format above for your professional part-time job resignation letter.