P90X: Chest and Back Workout (Free Download)

P90X: Chest and Back Workout (Free Download)

The P90x Chest and Back Workout is an upper workout that is very intense. However, it does not involve using weights; instead, you use your body weight when working out. You must understand that P90x Chest and Back Workout does not allow you to lazy around because it is a sandwiched program. And this is between a few minutes of cool-down time, ballistic stretching, and the cardio warm-up.

Furthermore, the main program includes twelve upper body exercises. You are supposed to do each of these exercises until you cannot manage to do them anymore. Ensure that once you are through, you repeat the whole Workout one more. Below is an in-depth discussion about P90x Chest and Back Workout.

What Is a Chest and Back P90X Worksheet?

This is an intense workout because it involves two different classic movements, primarily pull-up and push-up. All this guarantees you maximum stimulation since the entire moves are effective as well as functional. The push-ups engage anywhere staple for either your shoulders or even chest. On the other hand, the pull-up is a perennially tricky move basically for your biceps and back. This program has several unusual differences because each movement focuses on a varying portion of your back, musculature, and chest. Besides, each scalable is for advanced lifters and novices.

P90x Chest and Back Workout (PDF Template)

P90x Chest and Back Workout 20211010

Download: PDF

    P90x Chest and Back Workout: Instructions

    You might be interested in P90x Chest and Back Workout, but you probably do not know what instruction it involves. If this is the case, worry less because the P90X worksheet features sufficient information on how you should go about it. Additionally, it is designed in a unique way to help you track your entire progress.

    Additionally, the worksheet is an exercise schedule with what you are supposed to do within a specific duration. Similarly, the worksheet training includes different models of exercises, such as:

    Leg exercise

    This is an upper-body workout, and it also involves leg movement. It encourages you to do single-leg wall squats, wall squats, and step back lunges, among many more exercises.

    Various triceps and biceps workouts

    These Workouts are used to develop an individual arm. Furthermore, it features Congdon curls, static arm curls, and chair dips.

    Shoulder exercises

    It involves upright rows, shoulder presses as well as multiple physical activities that work your shoulder.

    Varying type of chest workouts

    This category of Workouts boosts a person’s chest. Furthermore, it entails single-arm balance push-ups, diamond push-ups, military push-ups, and standard push-ups.

    Different models of back exercises

    These exercises are supposed to enhance your back because it incorporates exercises, such as chin-ups, and different pull-ups.

    Most exercises are common, while others can seem strange, hence confusing you. The worksheet generates reminders, especially giving you information on which type of exercise you are supposed to repeat. This helps the trainee not forget specific supporting activities, like cooling down, ballistic stretching, water breaks, and warm-ups.

    It is vital to keep the repetitions records you have made for every exercise, and you should also indicate what weight you have used. Therefore, each list should commence with the section where the trainee designates the week program and date.

    Benefits of the P90X

    This box balances each pushing movement using a pulling movement. Furthermore, this helps you avoid common and unnecessary mistakes, more so of the overworked muscles that you can tell from the mirror as you underwork the ones you cannot. Besides, the back-to-front balance helps in preventing your lifter slouch. This is a telltale shoulder slump you are likely to come across among the gym-goers, more so those who spend their entire workout bench pressing.

    Likewise, it allows you to perform sets for your chest and back alternately. This helps a single muscle group to function as the other one rests. Thus, you will not require extra rest time. Remember, this workout offers your lungs and heart a serious challenge. Through this, you will be able to burn many calories without having to touch your legs. The upper body exercise gives you a real sense of workout that you have been yawning for.

    Things You Need for P90X Chest and Back?

    Many P90x Chest and Back Workout usually need additional tools. Furthermore, a worksheet for every day features a sports gear list that you will require. To experience efficient training, you must ensure that you prepare in advance and examine if you have all the tools available before you start. Below is a highlight of the sporting gear list:

    • An exercise mat
    • A towel
    • Chin-up bar
    • Hair or bench
    • Resistance weights or bands

    You can find the equipment listed above in a fitness center or even a local sporting goods store. This means if you wish to workout using the P90x Chest and Back Workout, you need to visit an official P90X website, which will enable you to order your branded sport gear tools online.


    How long is the P90X chest and back Workout?

    The P90x Chest and Back Workout is a set of 12 DVD high-intensity workouts that you are likely to do for 90 days. If you love this, you are probably aware of it because the infomercials are usually on the TV. Similarly, it would help if you committed to working out for at least 6 to 7 days each week; each section should be 1 to 1.5 hours. In addition, the DVDs can keep you moving from one exercise to another like the circuit training. You must understand that some DVD exercises majors in strength. On the other hand, others include yoga, abs/core, cardio, kickboxing, and plyometrics. This plan features a nutrition plan as well as a fitness guide.

    Does the P90X workout work?

    Yes, the P9OX works efficiently. This is much comparable to jogging. Without much ado, P90X is an efficient way of building muscles, burning calories, and enhancing overall fitness. Statistics generate sufficient evidence that proves P90X works adequately.

    Can I work out my chest and back at the same time?

    Yes, you can work out your chest and back at a go, but you need to make sure that this is done through a super setting. Ensure that you commence with the back exercise in every pair. Moreover, for a physique balance, ensure you pull a lot more weight than you would push in your entire training.

    Can you lose weight on P90X?

    The body is not likely to get used to P90X routines, which can either stop or slow down. You must know that short training cycles continuously challenge muscles with intensity and variety. This workout maximizes muscle sculpting and fat burning, more in varying ways each day.

    What does chest and back routine entail?

    Most people are not aware of what chest and back routines entail. Therefore, below is what the chest and back routine include:

    • Back flys
    • Dive bomber push-ups
    • Lawnmower
    • Diamond push-ups
    • Heavy pants
    • Decline push-ups
    • Closed grip overhand pull-ups
    • Wide fly push-ups
    • Reverse grip chin-ups
    • Military push-ups
    • Wide front pull-ups
    • Standard push-ups

    Final Thoughts

    If you need a chest and back workout, opt for P90X Chest and Back workout because it guarantees you two pretty classic moves. Similarly, the pull-up and push-up offer your maximum back stimulation. You must know that all these moves are effective and functional. When engaging in this workout, ensure you have a chest and back P90X worksheet to record your workout.