Order Letter Sample & Format

An order letter is a business document that confirms information about the purchase of goods or services. The letter usually includes information about what is being ordered, the quantities, model/ brand, mode of payment, and probably how the products will be shipped.

After receiving the letter, the supplier will process the order and send the goods to the buyer.

How to write a perfect order email/letter

If you want to write an excellent order letter, it imperative you must plan. The letter should adopt a clear structure. A standard order email/letter should include the following sections:


Your order letter should start with a subject line. This section should feature in the top middle section of your letter. This portion should be descriptive enough such that the recipient will know what you’re ordering by reading the subject line. For example, it can read” Order for 10 Counter Books”.


Use the appropriate greeting for the seller. If you know their name includes their second mane in this section; for example, Dear Mr. Thompson. If you don’t know their name, you can address them as “Dear Recipient or Dear Seller/supplier.

Company introduction

If it’s your first time, you’re contacting the seller; you can share brief information about your company and your future aspirations. These details may be useful, especially if you want to develop a lasting business relationship with the seller. In short, you’re introducing your business to the supplier.

Order details

In this section, you’ll highlight all the details about what you are ordering. Make sure the information in this section is clear and accurate. Indicate the type of products you’re ordering, the model, size, color, quantities, etc. If you’re ordering different items, you can use a table or paragraphs to make sure the information is clear.

How to pay

After highlighting the items you require, it’s essential to provide information on how you’ll pay for the goods or services. If you’ve already paid, you should also include this information in the letter. For example, you can pay via check, credit card, money transfer, etc.


Indicate how you’d like the merchandise to be shipped to your preferred destination. It’s also essential to indicate your preferred deadline for delivery. If you use a specific courier for your shipments, indicate this information in the order letter.

Important instructions

This section should feature any relevant information about your contract with your seller if you have any business agreement.

Future business relationship

Under regular business operations, a seller pays more attention to orders from their existing customers. If you want to establish a robust business relationship with the supplier, it’s vital to share these sediments with them.


As you close the order letter, share your contact details. This is crucial since the seller might want to contact you to get clarification about the order. Share your phone numbers and email address.

Letter closing

An order letter is a formal business document; thus, you should close the letter formally. Official closings you can use for the letter include: Sincerely, Respectfully, Regards, Kind Regards, Yours Sincerely, Best regards, etc.

After the closings, include your full names, signature, designation, and comma name.

Order Letter Format


From: (insert your name & address here)

To: (insert the name & address of the recipient)

Subject: Order Placement

Dear Mr. / Mrs. [Name of recipient]

According to our earlier communication on [date], I request you to supply us with [indicate the items you’re ordering, including the names, sizes, quantities, and other relevant descriptive information].

I have already paid for the goods via [mode of payment] as we had agreed. Additionally, I would like the products to be delivered via [courier] on or before [date].

As a company, we look forward to a stable business relationship.

Thank you.


[Your name]


[Company name]

Sample Order Letter

December 14, 2019

Ms. Belinda F. Thomas

34 Saint Lane

Chicago IL, 90909

Dear Ms. Thomas

I write to order 50 pcs the Synilix Smart TV you had advertised on your website. I believe this product is still on offer.

I will be glad if I can receive these products before the end of the week. Charge this order to our account.

Thank you for your excellent services.

Sincerely yours,

Martin Lee

Store Manager

Acrossbay Technologies

The Dos and Don’ts of writing a purchase order

When ordering goods consider the following


  • Get the details. When purchasing goods, whether online or otherwise, it’s vital to ensure you have sufficient information about what you’re buying. You should not hesitate to get further information from the seller. Make sure you are contented with the product before making your purchase.
  • Use the right words. As you write the letter, you should embrace a polite tone. This is not only important for order letters but all business communication. In business, it’s vital to establish solid relationships with your partners.
  • Know when to expect the merchandise. When ordering products, especially online, it’s essential to know how long it will take to have the goods delivered. For example, if you have ordered some gifts for a wedding or a birthday, you must get assurance that you’ll get the products on time.
  • Offer sufficient and accurate details. When writing a purchase order, you must ensure the details in the letter are correct. A simple mistake can be costly, for example, adding an extra number on the products you’re ordering. You should also make sure the letter is simple to read and comprehend.
  • Adopt a good structure. In your letter, ensure the information is formatted correctly; this will increase readability and eliminate errors. You may choose to use different paragraphs or tables to ensure the information is clear, accurate, and specific.


  • Order your products in time. Order your goods immediately; you’re ready for the purchased. This will ensure the goods are delivered on time. For example, if you’re ordering a gift for a special day, say mother’s day, ensure the seller has adequate time to process the order, and deliver the products. There’s no need to send a belated gift to a loved one when you could do that in time.
  • Avoid jargons. When writing your order letter, avoid using complex words or slang. Ensure the reader can understand the information in the letter, without difficulties.
  • Avoid irrelevant details. An order letter should be simple, clear, and to the point. The details in the letter should be related to the business. You may goal should be to deliver the information in the simplest possible.
  • Be reasonable in your demands. In the order letter, you should avoid issuing unreasonable demands. You must understand suppliers deal with many orders at each moment, and the process follows a defined protocol. For example, you should not ask the seller to supplier the goods in a day if they usually take seven days. In this respect, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the purchase.

Order Letter Samples & Templates

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Work Order Letter

    Types of order letter

    Purchase order letter with terms

    A purchase order letter with terms highlights the agreement between the buyer and seller. It points out the terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between the two parties. If a buyer and seller plan to be in a long-term business relationship, they need to enter into a contract. This letter will include pertinent details about the order, such as the purchase order (PO) number, shipping address, shipping date, the purchased items, and their quantities, etc.

    Letter of ordering goods

    This is a letter that a buyer/ customer send to a supplier requesting products or services. In most cases, the buyer has already seen the goods been advertised on the supplier’s website, in a catalog, or any other media and who likes to purchase the products. In a letter of ordering goods, the buyer should include relevant information such as the specific gods, the quantities, and mode of payment, shipping details, and their contact details.

    Purchase order confirmation letter

    A purchase order confirmation letter is an acknowledgment that the seller has received the buyer’s purchase order and it ash been proceed. In this letter, the seller will include essential details about the order, such as the order number, items purchased, how they will be delivered, and when the client can expect to receive the goods. This document is mostly used for online shopping to confirm to the customer the seller has received and processed the client’s order.

    Request letter for revised purchase order

    A request letter for a revised purchase order is a document that is sent to a seller to amend the details in the purchase order. The letter may reduce or increase the quantities of the ordered items, or delete or include more items. The letter will alter what will be shipped to the client. The original purchase order should accompany this letter.

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