Offer Letter: Formal Job Offer Letter (Format & Sample)

A job offer letter is a formal invitation to a position in a company by the employer. The letter highlights the terms of employment, the salary, benefits, and company policies. In most cases, the latter comes in duplicate. If you are pleased with the offer, you are required to sign the letter and return one to the employer as evidence you have accepted the offer. Though most job offers are via phone or email, a letter is always issued later to the candidate.

If one isn’t versed with the format and details to include in the letter, a sample/ template will go a long way in providing this information.

What a job offer letter includes?

A typical job offer letter must include the following:

Job title

The letter states the position at hand and other relevant details such; if it’s permanent or temporary. The letter will also specify to whom you will report, i.e. your immediate boss. Besides, you will receive information on the job description.


You will also be notified about your compensation. How much you will receive, the frequency and the date of payment.

Reporting date

The job offer letter will also include information on when you are supposed to start working. Failing to report on the indicated date might result in expiration of the offer.


Company benefits such as an automobile, medical insurance, sick leave, and vacations are included in the job offer letter.

Company policies

Some employers will attach a copy of the company policies to the job offer letter. As a candidate, you are expected to read and countersign if you have comprehended the policies.

Job offer template/format

Company letterhead(Date)


Your name




Dear (recipient’s name),

(Company name) is glad to inform you are successful for the position of a (state the position). Your skills and experience meet the requirements for this position.

You should start work on (date). It’s a full-time position, and you will report to (name of manager).

As an employee of (company name), you will be eligible for full family medical insurance. You will also be eligible for one vacation per year, two weeks sick leave. In addition, you will gain one off day per month.

(Company name), is offering an annual salary of $80, 000 per annum, payable monthly.

Sign both copies of the letter and return one copy to us before (date) if you will take up the position.

If you need any clarification, contact us for details.





I accept the position of (state the position)




Sample job offer letter

Dear Peter,

Acerpro Ltd is pleased to offer you the position of marketing assistant for the delta park region.

We expect you to report on 2nd February 2019. You will be working under our marketing manager, Collins Davey. The remuneration package, benefits, and company policies have been attached to this letter. Acknowledge acceptance of the offer by signing the relevant documents and return them to our offices before 15th January 2019.

In case of any queries, we are ready to assist. Welcome to Acerpro ltd.


Humphrey George

Human resources manager

Acerpro ltd

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