Nursing School Letter of Intent

Nursing schools are institutions that specialize in providing registered nursing students with training and education. The demand for registered nurses is in high demand in medical offices, healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, among several other institutions. But before becoming a registered nurse, you’ll need to gain entry into a nursing school. Doing this requires you to write a nursing school letter of intent.

The main reason for writing this letter is to prove to the admissions committee that you want to pursue a nursing program. This letter also includes particulars such as any experience, positions, character traits, skills, and stories that made you passionate about gaining admission to the specific school or program. Moreover, state why the admissions committee should consider you rather than other applicants.

What Is a Nursing School Letter of Intent?

The nursing school letter of intent, which is also referred to as the personal, purpose, or admission essay, is where you try and show to the board why you’re best suited for the nursing program. When writing one, it’s recommended you observe the laid down formatting guidelines, which have become a requirement by many nursing schools.

Other than stating your qualifications, goals, and interests that drove you to wish to pursue nursing, don’t forget to mention what you intend to do after graduating as a registered nurse. Including such details will increase your chances of being admitted into your dream nursing school. Consequently, you’ll be able to achieve both your educational and career goals.

How to Write The Nursing School Letter Of Intent?

When writing the nursing school letter of intent, there are steps you need to observe. Here’s an overview of the steps to follow when writing this letter.

Create A Plan

You shouldn’t jump ahead and write the nursing school letter of intent. Instead, set aside space and time to when you’ll entirely focus on writing the letter. After all, you don’t want any distractions that might affect how well you write the letter, thereby impacting your chances of getting admitted into the nursing school.

Think Of Ideas

This involves writing everything that made you interested in writing in the first place. Highlighting these things will better explain what you’re hoping to achieve while in nursing school and during your career as a nurse. Before writing the ideas in the letter, it’s best you first list them and choose only those that you feel will fit best in the letter.

Share Your Thoughts

After you’re done making a list of things that fascinate you about getting admitted into nursing school and a nurse, later on, classify these ideas into relevant categories. Using these categories, you’ll be in a position to decide where to place the points in the different paragraphs.

Write A Rough Draft

Having a draft is essential to ensure all the facts in the nursing school letter of intent are flowing well by confirming the ideas flow sensibly. The language you use should also be professional as you’ll be addressing the admission committee. In addition, try your best to express your thoughts well.

It’s while writing the draft that you should choose to either send the letter physically or electronically. Nowadays, many nursing schools expect you to submit an electronic application, so adding the traditional business header won’t be necessary.

Read Through The Letter of Intent

You shouldn’t send your nursing school letter of intent without carefully revising all the content included. This includes making sure you’ve used persuasive language and that the formatting is well done. When editing the letter, you’ll detect errors such as spelling and grammatical mistakes, remove unnecessary words, and add any information you might have forgotten.

Sample Of Nursing School Letter Of Intent

Dear (Name),

I am first thankful for looking at my admission and reading through my letter. I appreciate this a lot as I’m interested in joining the nursing graduate program that Columbia University is offering. This program, I believe, will be best-suited to me as I’m a hardworking and passionate individual with a great interest in nursing. Therefore, I’m confident to quickly become an incredible nursing student.

The first time I got interested in nursing was after volunteering to offer my services to a nursing home close to home. This was five years ago, and attending to the older people at this nursing home made me feel the good I was doing to society. My desire to one day become a nurse grew from here, and from then have volunteered for similar causes whenever I get an opportunity.

This nursing school offers my preferred course that will be perfectly aligned with my goals, hence why I’ve decided to apply here. This institution also boasts an excellent reputation nurturing great nursing professionals who establish a name for themselves. Knowing this, I firmly believe this community will provide me with everything I need to achieve my long-term goals.

Thanks for this considering me, and looking forward to representing Columbia University.


Emily Ramsay

Nursing School Letter Of Intent (Word Template)

Nursing School Letter Of Intent


The nursing school letter of intent is vital to increase the likelihood of getting admitted into nursing school. Highlighted above are what you should do to write one and increase your chances of getting your desired admission. If you had no clue how to write the nursing school letter of intent, this guide has highlighted everything you need to know.