20 Free Notary Acknowledgement Forms & Statement Templates

20 Free Notary Acknowledgement Forms & Statement Templates

The notary acknowledgment and statement are usually crucial in your life at some point. Furthermore, for legal reasons, you must execute a notary acknowledgment. In most cases, it is accompanied by an affidavit, which is a written document filed with the affiant and acts as a source of evidence in the court case.

Therefore, you must understand that there are two judicial notarizations, primarily a jurat and a notary acknowledgment and statement. Suppose you are not familiar with a notary acknowledgment and statement template, worry less because this article has you covered.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a qualified official; whose responsibility is to bear witnesses to signatures. The State usually licenses this individual.

What Is Notary Acknowledgement?

A notary acknowledgment is an official declaration you present before a professionally qualified official, and it features an affixed signature. This official differs, but in many cases, it is usually a notary public. In other given States, it could be a judge or mayor, on any other officials in authority.

There are two ways you can use to make your notary template. You can decide to use the acknowledgment language on your original document. Secondly, you can opt to add your acknowledgment language on a varying piece of paper and attach it to your entire document.

You can confidently use either of the two, but you must make sure you finalize your notary form. Furthermore, ensure that it has the notary’s public signature. Remember, a perfect acknowledgment includes a commission and expiration number. Make sure that all forms are notarized to act as verification proves of your signatures.

If your documents are not notarized properly, the register is not likely to accept them. This means you should ensure that all your documents are notarized appropriately to avoid wasting money and time. Improper notarization can make the liability of the closing agent, attorney, and leader questioned.

Notary Acknowledgement Forms & Examples

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    Notary Statement Templates & Examples

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    Sample Notary Statements

      How to Write

      You might know how relevant the notary acknowledgment and statement are, but do you know how to write it? If not, below are several steps you need to follow to initiate one. Before starting the steps, ensure you download an Open Document Text (. dt), Microsoft Word (.docx), or Adobe PDF.

      Step 1- Ensure you save your notary acknowledgment template to your machine

      Download your notary acknowledgment template to your machine and have it saved. This will also help you have a view of how it looks like. To get this copy, click on the ODT or PDF you downloaded earlier.

      Step 2- Give your current location

      When documenting the incidence that requires notarization, ensure that you indicate the State where the incidence took place on the first blank line given. On the second line, state the county where the action took place.

      Step 3- Support your declaration using relevant facts

      After providing the location where the witnessed action occurred, you must support it with the date and time. On the first blank line of your first paragraph, state the Month and a two-digit calendar day. On the second empty line, fill the two-digit calendar year.

      When you are through, on the third blank space, identify yourself by stating your full name and that of any title or office accompanying your notary business. The fourth space carries the identity of every person available during notarization time. Under this paragraph, you will use pronouns and verbs in a few areas, which must be ideal for the parties available. You can use the editing software to get rid of words that might not be applicable. Suppose you are filling your document manually; ensure you circle the pronouns you may wish to use.

      Step 4- Provide the credentials needed for notarization

      The notary public needs to sign a blank line, which is labeled signature, then beneath it, there is a label print name, where the notary public requires to print their name. A notary seal label is on your right-hand side, reserved for your seal embosser or seal stamp. Stamp it to finalize your notarization.

      Notary Acknowledgment vs. From a Jurat

      As mentioned earlier, there are to key judicial notarization, primarily jurats and notary acknowledgment. However, most people fail to understand which one applies to their needs. Sometimes even the notary public finds it hard to remember. Thus, what makes these two different?

      You use a notary statement or notary acknowledgment to confirm the identity of your signer. In addition, it verifies that they signed the document. Similarly, in some scenarios, the signers are not needed to affix their signatures with a notary public witness. But the notary public must make him or herself available before the notary for signature verification.

      Likewise, if the signer swears to your document’s content, you use the jurat. Besides, a notary public needs to administer an oath or affirmation to the signer for a jurat to be complete. You must understand that signers must attach their signatures with a notary acting as the witness.

      The notary public must familiarize themselves with these two, even though some states prohibit them from determining which of the two the signer plans to use. And if they go against this, they also go against the law. Therefore, the only duty the notary does is to ask the signer their preferences. If the signers are not sure, they are usually referred to individuals who developed their document.

      More About Notary Acknowledgment

      There is more to Notary acknowledgment and other notarized documents. Therefore, below is an in-depth list of things you should consider when handling acknowledgments, notary statements, and other similar documents.

      Capacity to make a wise decision

      A notary public must tell that the signers understood what they were signing, but if your signatories are under medication or the influence of something and cannot understand what they are signing. The notary will not continue with the notarization process.

      The signer’s willingness

      The notary public must look for an indication that you are not forcing a signature from signers and they are doing it out of their free will.

      Identity verification

      The notary publics require signatories to offer their identification. They usually write down the details of each individual involved in signing the document.

      The notary acknowledgments process and similar documents

      If you visit a notary public, your documents can be easily notarized. Besides, the entire process of notarization can run better if you consider the following things:

      Pay the fees

      To get the document notarized, you need to pay a notary public. The amount you pay depends on where you make your notarization. This fee will help your notary publics to operate well since they need to consider all changes in the law and run record maintenance.

      Sign at the correct time

      It is appropriate that you do not sign your document without a notary public during notarization. Instead, take the document with no signature to your notary and let the notary see as you sign the document.

      Give your official identification

      The notary public will seek your identification to confirm your identity. Therefore, your identity needs to feature a photograph, such as a passport, government-issued ID, or driver’s license. Bear in mind that the requirements can sometimes differ, depending on where you reside. Suppose the notary public doubts your identification; they might decline to notarize your document.

      Where Can You Get a Notary Acknowledgment?

      You must be wondering where someone can acquire a notary acknowledgment. It is appropriate to understand that you can get a notary form and any other given legal documents notarized in varying places. Without much ado, below are several places you can get a notary acknowledgment:


      The best way to acquire your notary acknowledgment is online, but before you proceed, make sure that they are with this technique. Some cases usually need a physical signature, such as real estate transactions. Most people can use the online method if time is not on their side and for quickie transactions. Remember, online notary work needs your video when signing the document as well as the identity verification.

      Internet search

      There is no harm in searching on the internet if you cannot seem to situate a notary publicly. You only need to type notary public and indicate your city. There are multiple names, which will show up on your monitor. Moreover, some mobile notaries can comfortably travel to your home, office, or any given place to lend you a hand with your documents.

      Other businesses

      Big businesses usually consider employing a notary public. However, ensure that you contact them first before embarking on your trip because notarization services usually differ depending on the location. Here is an overview of businesses that guarantee you this service:

      • Car dealers and a few convenience stores
      • Tax preparers and law offices
      • Check-cashing stores money transfer
      • Office supply retailers
      • Shipping stores

      Financial institution

      A credit union or bank is the best place for you to meet a notary public. More so if you are a customer. Sometimes you might be privileged to get free services. Suppose you are not their client; the notary public will offer help, but you will have to pay a small fee.


      How do you notarize an Acknowledgement?

      You must understand that all crucial legal documents must undergo notarization. This is the only way you can inform any third party or court that the parties available are valid and every individual authorized under a free choice. Here are a few steps you must take when notarizing your acknowledgment:

      Step 1- Finalizing your document

      Notary time is usually costlier. This means, before notarization, you must have your acknowledgment complete and ready for a signature. In addition, you must have sufficient copies for each party to incorporate an original document.

      Step 2- Collect the signers

      Here, you must ensure that all parties are present. Bear in mind that all members authorizing must be of legal age with government-issued identification. If not, the notary will not verify the identity of this member, and you might be required to go back again.

      Step 3- Find the notary public

      Many Financial Institutions can offer you a notarization service freely if you have an account. Suppose you have none, you can visit TD Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America for help, but you will have to pay a minimal fee.

      Similarly, you can find a local notary public or visit UPS Store via an online directory, like the American Association of Notaries, 123notary.com, or Notaryrotary.com. You can also opt for an online service which you must pay. You can have your notary acknowledgment signed online by a notary public, NotaryCam.com, eSign.com, and Notarize.com.

      Step 4- Distribute the original copies

      Each person involved in the acknowledgment must get the original acknowledgment copy with an acknowledgment seal. This showcases that all members feature an authorized copy of the form and can showcase it to the third party if violated.

      What is a notary Acknowledgement form?

      A notary acknowledgment form refers to the sworn statement made by the notary public claiming that someone signed a document.

      What if a document doesn’t have a notarial Acknowledgement?

      When you present a document with improper notarial acknowledgment, the notary might not perform the notarial act. On the other hand, the notary might offer the signer an option to choose a loose notarial certificate, more so from the notary’s inventory.


      This comprehensive post has enlightened you more about the notary acknowledgment and statement template. Thus, it calls upon you to follow the incredible information above and develop a perfect notary acknowledgment and statement. Bear in mind that this acknowledgment is maximally considered for the entire essential legal documents.