Notarized Proof of Residency Letter

A notarized proof of residency letter is a legal document that enables you to prove that you live in a particular place. The letter is drawn up by you and witnessed by a notary public, who is an official qualified to confirm the statements that you are making.

If you make a statement in this letter that isn’t true, you may well be subject to prosecution for perjury. Make sure that you are completely accurate and don’t make any untrue statements.

Notarized proof of residency letters is needed in many circumstances. For example, when you are applying for state benefits, when you are applying for a position at a school or university, and when you are applying for a job. Your bank might ask you for proof of residency when you are applying for a mortgage or a loan.

How to Write a Notarized Proof of Residency Letter

It’s really not a hard job to do, although you might feel a bit nervous about creating an important legal document on your own. The good news is that there are many easy-to-use and free notarized proof of residency letter templates available online. These make it very simple for you to produce a correctly drawn-up letter that will make it easy for you to prove where you live.

Do I Need any Other Documents?

When you take your letter to the notary public’s office to be notarized, it would probably be useful for you to take the following items with you to ensure that the notary is satisfied with your statement.

  • Proof of identity – a social security card, driver’s license, or passport
  • Proof of residence – a rent book, lease, mortgage document, or title deed document

What is Included in a Notarized Proof of Residency Letter?

The first thing to say is that a notarized proof of residency letter is a legal document. It’s important that you supply information that is complete and correct. For example, you may be known by everybody as Chuck. But if your actual legal name is Charles, that is the name that you should use in your letter. Make sure that you give your full address, including your full zip code, apartment number, and so on. This is not the place to be casual, careless, or inaccurate.

  • Your letter starts with the heading – Notarized Affidavit of Residency
  • Your full legal name – including any middle names
  • Your address. This should include the apartment number (if any), the name of your property (if any), the street address, the town or city, the state, and the zip code
  • The date that you will have the document notarized
  • If you know the name and job title of the person who needs the proof of residence, you can use this. It is usually more convenient to use the phrase, “To whom it may concern”.
  • There is then a declaration of the address that you are claiming as your residence, as well as the length of time that you have lived there.
  • Finally, the notary public will notarize the document, confirming that they have checked that the people making the statements are who they say they are.

Do I Have to go to the Notary Public’s Office?

Yes, you do need to appear in person in most cases, so make an appointment to get your document notarized. The process shouldn’t take long, especially if you have all your documentation correctly prepared.

Sample Notarized Proof of Residency Letter Content

Notarized Affidavit of Residency

Brianna Joan Mackenzie

Apartment 17

Sunrise Towers

Youth For The Future Drive



76543 – 3456

31st December 2022

To whom it may concern.

I, Brianna Joan Mackenzie, formally acknowledge residence at the street address of Apartment 17, Sunrise Towers, Youth For The Future Drive, City of Dayton, State of Ohio, since 5th June 1999.


At the end of this letter, the notary public will provide his or her notarization of the document.

Who can Notarize a Document in the USA?

A notary public, sometimes called a public notary, is a person who is legally appointed to confirm the authenticity of certain legal documents. The confirmation by a notary public that a document is what it claims to be is accepted by all the states. So a notary public in Florida has the same standing and authority as a notary public in Alaska. Documents notarized in one state are deemed to be legally confirmed in all states.

Notaries public are independent officials, and as such, they can’t authorize any document in which they might have an interest. So, for example, if the local notary public happens to be your landlord, your father, or someone who is loaning you money, he or she cannot notarize your proof of residency.

Can I use a Walk-in Notarizing Service?

Walk-in notarizing services are very convenient, and they are useful if you are short of time or if you need someone local. The kinds of companies that may offer notarizing services include:

  • Law firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Banks
  • Shipping companies such as FedEx
  • One-stop-shop business service companies

These may be more costly than a regular notary public but can be a lot more convenient. Of course, be careful that the notary is not prohibited from authorizing your proof of residence due to an existing interest.

Can I Notarize My Proof of Address Online?

These days it is possible to find notarizing services online. Again, these services or apps are very convenient but can be expensive, and they do require at least a minimum of technical expertise. They can be used in conjunction with easily available online templates.

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