New Customer Welcome Letter: Sample & Format

A new customer welcome letter is a useful tool for businesses that value customer relations. The aim of writing the letter is to introduce the customer to your business, i.e. the services and products your offer besides starting a solid business relationship. In the letter, you must let the customer know they are working with the right partner. You should provide all the relevant details about your business to the customer including the business contacts.

Writing these letters can be challenging for beginners. You might not know the details to include and the format. In such cases, a template will make the work easier.

What to include in a new customer welcome letter

A new customer welcome letter should bear the following details;
  • An introduction to your company to the customer
  • The company’s contacts
  • Appreciating the client for choosing to work with you
  • Reassuring the customer, you are the best choice

New customer welcome letter format








Dear [customer’s name],

As the managing director of [company name], I am pleased to welcome you aboard as our new customer. Our staff will be delighted to work with you to take your business to the next level.

[Company name] is a leader in the supply of high-quality pharmaceutical products. We have won several awards in the past few years including the prestigious Top 100 Companies Award. We are known in providing the best products from all over the globe.

Our Accounts department will always send invoices in time at the end of every month based on your account. We will be glad to receive regular feedback and updates to better our services.

In case of any queries or concerns you can use the following contacts;

Phone: [indicate]

Email: [indicate]

Fax: [indicate]


I have attached our current price list, terms and conditions & company policy documents to this letter.

Thank you. We look forward to a long-lasting business relationship.

Most respected


Sample new customer welcome letter

Yester closures Ltd220, Michigan

Leviton Mo, 56302




Manse Organics

110, Mo, Michigan

Azoori LA, 300143


Dear Felly,

Welcome aboard! Allow me to welcome you to Yester Closures as your preferred partner in filing tax returns.

Yester Closures has been in operations for two decades. Over the years we have gained reputation as one of the best companies in tax returns in the city. We have assisted many companies to file their tax returns every year. By selecting us to handle your tax issues, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Our work ethics dictate professionalism, transparency commitment, and fairness. Our staffs are delighted to be part of your success. For inquiries, use these contacts;


Phone: 313-340 -7729


Fax: 734 233 0002


Once more thank you for engaging our services.

We look forward to a rewarding working relationship.


Abel Martins

Group C.E.O

Yester Closures Ltd

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