MV 44 Form “Application For Permit, Driver License Or Non-Driver ID Card”

MV 44 Form “Application For Permit, Driver License Or Non-Driver ID Card”

DMV requires you to have a valid driver’s license to drive a car in New York. Form MV-44 facilitates the application of the license, renewal, and application for a non-driver ID card, which can come in handy, especially if you don’t want to walk around with too many documents. This article imparts essential knowledge on filling out the form and how to use it to access the services at the New York DMV.

What Is Form MV-44?

Form MV-44 is a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) document that allows a New York resident to apply for a non-driver ID, a driver’s license, learner’s permit, or renew an expired license. Up to date forms are available on the New York State DMV website, or visit the office at 321 Main Street, Utica, NY.

The form’s usability depends on the accompanying documentation and the checkboxes you tick. Sometimes drivers use MV-44 to update their driver’s ID photo or change a registration item, while others use the non-driver ID for cash checking. Anyone can apply a non-driver ID, even individuals below 18, through New York’s Department of Motor Vehicle.

Interesting fact: International students can also apply for a non-driver ID through MV-44. It is useful instead of carrying a passport and losing it.

How to Fill Out MV-44

Like all legal documents, there are specific instructions for filling out the MV-44. The primary step is to obtain a state-provided form on the DMV website or source it from a template provider. When you source the template from online platforms, counter-check with the DMV’s to ensure it doesn’t lack essential clauses and checkboxes.

A standard form MV-44 contains 12 sections. You need to duly fill each section and mark the relevant boxes as you go along. We understand that some legalese may slow down filling the document. Read the instructions below to fill out the form with ease:

  • Part one contains checkboxes. Each checkbox indicates the reason you are applying. Only mark one box whether learner, renewal, change, or ID card. Below the apply section is the veteran status if the army has conferred the status: attach proof of honorable discharge from the army. You will then mark the relevant box; yes/no if you wish to register as a voter or decline. If you decline, you will have to register at the DMV again. Importantly note the tissue and organ donation section. Only mark yes if you approve organ donation upon your demise. You can alternatively skip the question.
  • Part two, from section 5, captures the identification information. You have to specify whether or not you had a previous driver’s license, learner’s permit, or a non-driver ID card. Proceed to write your full legal names in the assigned sections, social security number, mail address, and also if you have a different mailing address from where you live.
  • Part three from section 8 contains parental/guardian consent, electronic event notification service, and whether you have been previously issued with a driver’s license from another state.
  • Part four requests the applicant’s certification and acknowledgment that all information you have provided is true. You will affix a dated signature on the section to acknowledge the form.

Note: State laws require you to provide accurate and correct information. Falsifying documents or information is a punishable offense.

  • The final section, section 12, is for office purposes where the DMV respondent will administer an eye test and sign it in front of you.

Counter-check the form always before submitting. If you fill the form online, ensure you have captured the correct entries and resolved the erroneous ones before saving and printing or sending Form MV-44. Also, ensure you have the accompanying forms ready.

Tip: Carry a book or interesting reading material to the DMV. The queue is usually long, and you don’t want to get bored.

Arrive early to book your spot with the DMV officers. 8:30 am is ideal when the DMV officers haven’t descended into a groggy mood.


Where do I mail my MV Form 44?

Many individuals prefer submitting the form in person at DMV offices. After you complete filling MV-44, please mail it to the New York Department of Motor Vehicle at 207, Genesee Street, Suite 6 Utica.

Is MV 44 accompanied by other forms?

Yes, however, it depends on the reason you are using MV-44. For individuals below 18, you will require parental or guardian consent, and other individuals will require proof of identity. Each proof of identity scores you some points with the DMV, which they use to issue a non-driver ID card. Also, international students need additional verification, such as a US college card or an on-campus work permit. You will need a fee of $13 for new applications. The DMV revises the fees periodically. Always check the amount needed. The major merit is that you can pay with credit or cash.

When is MV 44 due?

There is no due date for filing MV-44 unless a court order states so. With the DMV’s many requests, you may wait up to 60 days to receive a non-driver ID card. You will receive the ID via mail or choose to pick it up at the DMV if you have no real fixed address.

Final Thoughts

The New York State provides MV-44 to allow New York residents to identify as US citizens through a non-driver ID card or a driver’s license. Duly fill the form with the accompanying documents, pay the fee, and you will be on your way to receive a learner’s permit, driver’s license, or non-driver ID card you will use to access government services. Refer to our instructions above to aid you in the filling process.