Free Movie Ticket Templates

Movie tickets are important in running events in which people watch movies. So, if you are running a theater or have an upcoming movie event, you should familiarize yourself with movie tickets to help you make the event successful.

A movie ticket is a piece of paper that details the name of the movie and time. It is the entry card for people to enter a movie theater. Therefore, it functions just like other ticket systems.

What is the Purpose of a Movie Ticket?

Movie tickets play a big role in the success of a movie event or in running a movie theater. Here are the top reasons that show the purpose of movie tickets:

1.Tracks the number of people watching movies

You can use movie tickets to track the number of people who have attended a movie show. This information can be helpful in helping you determine the popular movies or genres that your audience prefers to watch. This means that a film theater can adapt to movies that are popular with its audience and increase sales.

2.Track sales, improving accountability

Movie tickets are also used for accountability purposes. You can use them to track the sales made during a certain period. You can then compare the sales made from the tickets and what you have in the bank to see if they are balanced.

3.Improves the movie experience

With a movie ticket, someone can walk in and out of the movie theater seamlessly. It is a single document that makes the whole movie experience smooth and exciting for the attendees and the organizers.

Movie Ticket Templates

Save Money by Customizing Movie Tickets

If you have a small movie theater or are running a single movie event, getting professional movie tickets printed out can be costly. However, you can save a lot of money by using already-existing templates to create your movie tickets. With a good printer, you can print as many movie tickets as you want without paying money.

There are various designs for movie tickets that you can use. All these designs can be personalized to fit the kind of movie that you are showing. It is also possible to have different designs for the same movie if you want separate tickets for the VIPs.

What Should a Movie Ticket Include?

Whether you are creating your design or using templates, you must include the following information in a movie ticket:

  • Name of the movie
  • Date and time that the movie is showing
  • Address of the venue whether the movie will be shown.

You might also want to consider movie tickets that have stubs. These are helpful because they help in tracking the number of people who have bought tickets. This information can give you a quick insight into the amount of money that you are making. Again, you can use this information to study the patterns of your audience and modify the shows to increase sales.

How to Make a Movie Ticket?

Creating a movie ticket isn’t a complex process. You simply need to know the steps that should be followed. Here are the four steps that can guide you to make a wonderful set of movie tickets:

Come up with a theme

The first thing is to think about how you want your movie tickets to appear. Choosing the right color is the primary consideration to finding the best theme. You should check different background colors and how they affect the final look of the movie tickets. Using unique shapes and borders is also helpful.

Using the text

Find the best text font that will present the movie perfectly. The text that you are choosing should rhyme with the chosen theme of the movie.

Add photos

The most exciting part of making a movie ticket is adding photos. This is where you add relevant photos that depict the movie that will be showing. You should be creative at this stage and come up with exciting images and exciting styles of presentation of the images.


The content should include admission information that has the title of the movie and other relevant information. You should be precise and attractive since you don’t have a lot of space to write on.


If the success of your movie event relies on the tickets you have, you should ensure that the movie tickets you are creating are attractive. Luckily, using templates can ease the burden of creating movie tickets from scratch. 

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