Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale Form

Selling or buying a moped privately means you won’t involve a dealer in the transaction and will only have to deal with the buyer or seller. It also means that you won’t receive a receipt and new title, as is the case with typical transactions. Ultimately, this leaves the responsibility of recording the transaction and ensuring its authenticity to you.

While you may prefer a quick sale that doesn’t involve any legal documents, any exchange of possession of a vehicle involves several technicalities. For example, if the moped is involved in an accident, only the current owner – not the previous one – will be held liable. This is just one reason why you should learn how to create a Bill of Sale.

What Is a Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale?

A Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale is a formal document that records the exchange of ownership and transfer of liability involved in the sale and purchase of a moped. It describes the moped, the person selling it, the person buying it, the condition of purchase, purchase price, and inspection details. Once signed, it serves as final and legal proof of the transaction.

It is important to note that vehicles sold through private transactions (from the owner direct to a buyer) are usually sold as-is. This means that any defects found after the sale are the buyer’s responsibility. As such, you should never waive your right to conduct an inspection pre-sale.

Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale – Word Template

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A Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale Form is a legal fillable document typically completed by a seller to act as proof of the exchange of ownership of any powered, 2-wheeled vehicle.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Process of Selling a Moped

    Selling a moped usually involves preparing it for sale and negotiating with potential buyers until you find a suitable candidate and reach an agreement. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process:

    Step 1: Repair the Scooter

    Most buyers will be drawn to a moped that doesn’t require too much cleaning and repairs before it can be used. This is why the first step is to clean and have the scooter repaired by a professional.

    Step 2: Advertise the Moped

    With your moped in its best condition, you can now take pictures of it and list it online or on print media to attract buyers. Make use of websites, magazines, local newspapers, and circulars.

    Step 3: Find the Title

    As you wait for potential buyers to contact you, locate all the relevant documents associated with your moped, including the registration. You should also clear the moped of any liens and debts.

    Step 4: Allow Interested Buyers to Test Drive

    By this time, buyers have begun to contact you. Allow your top choices to see the moped in person and test drive it (if you trust them) to ascertain the claims in your listing.

    Step 5: Complete the Moped Bill of Sale

    Keep negotiating with potential buyers until you find one that agrees with your terms and can meet your selling price (allow some room for compromise on the price). Once you reach an agreement, complete the Bill of Sale by filling out the following details:

    • Buyer and seller names and addresses.
    • Date of sale
    • Purchase price and payment date.
    • Moped description by make, model, motor (cc), year, color, VIN, odometer reading, and other relevant details.
    • Security deposit (if any) and inspection period.
    • Buyer, seller, and witness signatures and signature dates.
    • Notary public’s seal and signature (if elected or required by state).

    Once this is done, exchange the moped and its documents with the buyer for the funds. You can have the Bill of Sale notarized as extra insurance.

    Moped Bill of Sale Form Format

    On {date}, {buyer’s name} of {mailing address}, hereafter known as the Buyer and {seller’s name} of {mailing address}, hereafter known as the Seller agreed to the following terms:

    Moped Details: The Seller agrees to sell the Buyer the Moped described as {motor, make model, year, color, etc.}. The Moped, whose legal details are {odometer reading, registration number, VIN}, will be sold in “as-is” condition.

    Price and Payment. The Buyer agrees to pay the Seller the total amount of {amount in dollars} for the Moped by {payment method} on {date}, hereafter known as the Date of Sale.

    Condition of Sale: On the Date of Sale, the Seller agrees to transfer possession of the Moped to the Buyer free of any liens, mortgages, and encumbrances.

    Security Deposit (optional): The Buyer agrees to pay a security deposit in the amount of {amount in dollars} toward the Moped, which will count toward the total Purchase Price.

    Inspection: The Buyer agrees to have the Moped inspected by a technician within {duration} and in accordance with Section 8 to ensure it is in good working condition.

    Return of Deposit: Upon approval by the technician, the Buyer agrees to be bound to this agreement. If there is no approval, the Seller agrees to return the deposit of {amount} to the Buyer.

    Signatures: This agreement shall be considered binding upon the execution of the following signatures:

    Buyer: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Seller: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Witness 1: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Witness 2: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do 50cc mopeds have titles?

    It depends on the state in which the moped is registered. In Maryland, for example, a motor scooter is considered a motorcycle if it has a 50 cubic-centimeter piston displacement capacity or more and must be titled or registered. This does not apply to a moped with a capacity of less than 50cc.

    Can I register a scooter with a Bill of Sale?

    Yes. To register a scooter in most states, you must prove that you are its legal and rightful owner. You can do this through a title, but most states will allow you to use a Bill of Sale to apply for a new title if you don’t have one.

    Can you electronically sign a bill of sale?

    Yes. If you and the other party are using an electronic Bill of Sale form, you can readily sign the document from anywhere in the world and send it.

    Key Points

    When selling or purchasing a moped, you will want to document the transaction through a Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale. The document must outline the terms of the transfer of ownership, including the buyer and seller identities, purchase price, moped description, and payment date and method. If you want authentication beyond the buyer and seller signatures, you may get the Bill of Sale notarized.

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