18 Mission Statement Templates and Examples

One of the big pushes with companies and with people shopping with companies is a mission statement. A mission statement is normally posted front and center for a company and helps with its transparency. If customers and clients know what a company stands for, they are much more likely to shop and utilize their services.

Mission statements are a powerful motivator, so it is important that you understand them and have the right one.

What is a Mission Statement?

The first question that you might have is, “What is a Mission Statement?” That’s simple. A mission statement is defined as a summary of the views and values of a company. These are normally short, concise statements that help to explain the existence of a company. These can range from one sentence to one paragraph in length and are one of the first things that you normally see on a company’s page.

What Is a Mission Statement Template?

A mission statement template is pretty simply defined. It is a template that helps you to write your own mission statement within a set of parameters. Using this guide, you can then plugin information to fit the needs of your company or yourself! It makes writing and creating a mission statement a much more simple and streamlined experience.

Mission Statement Templates & Examples

Mission Statement Template #01

Mission Statement Template #02

Mission Statement Template #03

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Vision vs Personal Mission

Vision and Mission Statement Worksheets


    Tips for Writing a Powerful Mission Statement

    Writing a powerful mission statement is incredibly important to the success of the mission statement as a whole. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you are writing:

    • Keep it Short: No one wants to read pages of text. Making sure that your mission statement is short also makes sure that it is readable for your customers.
    • Think about the long term: If you think about a company as a long-term investment, you also want to make sure that your mission statement aligns with it. The longer you can utilize your remission state, the better advantage you have.
    • Don’t be afraid to change it: If you find that it isn’t working, you can always change a mission statement. It’s just as much about customer perception as your own personal beliefs. If it isn’t driving people to you, it might be time to consider a change.

    The Benefits of a Mission Statement

    There are quite a few benefits of having a mission statement. First of all, it gives the employees a chance to see the benefits of their work. It also gives them the chance to make sure that their personal beliefs align with the company that they work for.
    Mission Statement VS. Vision Statement

    While they might seem similar, a mission statement and a vision statement are two entirely different things. A mission statement explains the views of a company. A vision statement, however, describes where a company is going within the coming years. These two statements don’t always have to align because of the time limitations on each one. It is best to try to align these two statements to one another so that you are always aware of what your company stands for.


    • What are the 3 parts of a mission statement? There are three parts of a mission statement. They are the purpose, values, and goals of the company. It is important that all three of these components are utilized to create a lasting impact.
    • What is a professional mission statement? A professional mission statement is a statement that allows you to define your ideas and values as a company. It is the outside, professional face, and values that you want to put forward.
    • What is a personal mission statement? A personal mission statement defines your values and what you want success to look like. This will help you to decide how you want to proceed with jobs, professional decisions, and so on!
    • How to write a personal mission statement? When writing a personal mission statement, you want to clearly define your values and articulate that for other people around you. You want to utilize the main three parts of a mission statement and succinctly summarize who you are as a person.


    Writing a mission statement is something that is important to your company’s views and values. It can help you to establish a lasting impression with customers and potential clients long before the first contact is ever made. Whether you are just starting out a new company or you are reworking an old mission statement, having a clear, concise view of what you want will help you to create a strong relationship without ever seeing a customer face to face.

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