Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Christmas comes only once a year. As such, it is a season to be served the attention and treated with the pomp it truly deserves. One of the best ways to achieve this awesome end is to prepare and present a Christmas gift certificate to the loved ones. A Christmas gift certificate will help you to do a great job as a perfect Christmas gift.

A Christmas gift certificate template generally provides you the guidance you need to design and create your own personalized gift certificate. It contains some patterns, font styles, and fillable spaces that you may fill or make small alterations to be able to come up with a nice-looking gift certificate.

Christmas Gift Certificate Examples and Templates

You have to get the necessary inspiration to be able to draft a better certificate for yourself. That can only happen if you access and subsequently make do with the right templates. Here are templates and examples in both MS Word for you to create a professional Christmas gift certificate.

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Wording

A typical Merry Christmas Gift Certificate contains the following fields:

  • Name – It is the name of the person who is getting this Christmas gift certificate. The name has to be depicted in a fancy manner and, if possible, with some calligraphy for added beauty.
  • Date (Optional) – Here, you have to specify the date, for example, if a certificate has an expiration date or is valid in specific months (For example, 12th November – 30th December, etc.).
  • Signature – Signature is a very important part of a gift certificate. A signature confirms that this certificate is valid for a specific offer, discount, or service when officially signed off by one of the store’s authority.
  • A statement or note – This forms the core of the certificate. It is this statement that explains if there are any terms and conditions or requirements to redeem the gift certificate.
  • Christmas decorations this certificate is incomplete without the various Christmas decorations like the Christmas bells, the trees, lights, and the image of the Santa Clause. A template helps a lot in design, as all you need to do is pick a perfect design, print it out, and fill the required fields, and there you have it.

Why use Christmas Gift Certificate?

This certificate serves three main purposes.

  • Demonstrates your appreciation – Its primary purpose is to demonstrate your appreciation to the person whom you gift it. That goes a long way in creating a friendly rapport with the said person going forward.
  • Gets personal – Given its equally personalized nature, the gift certificate creates a sense of personal feelings and awareness. It also goes beyond that to make the person concerned feel wholly appreciated.
  • Saves your money – Gift certificates are not that expensive to make or craft. They are hence cheaper to come by and make compared to many Christmas gifts.

Tips on Creating your Christmas Gift Certificate

Apart from the wording, there are some tips you inevitably have to adhere to create your Christmas Gift Certificate well.

  • Download the most suitable template from the internet. Choose a gift certificate that fits with the company’s color scheme.
  • Read the statement twice or thrice to see to it that it lives to your expectations precisely. Get rid of any grammatical, semantical, or spelling errors that may compromise the overall theme or meaning of the certificate.
  • Use an excellent quality paper for printing. The paper will go a long way in enhancing the quality and overall appearance of the gift certificate.
  • Design the certificate to give it an excellent appearance that fits with your company’s pattern.

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