Meeting Appointment Letter – 5+ Samples & Formats

A meeting appointment letter is usually required when an organization or an individual needs to specify the particulars of a meeting – including purpose of the meeting, meeting schedule, and meeting cancellation – with another organization of individual.

It can come in very handy in the following situations:

  • The representative or owner of a business has to extend a meeting request to the representative or owner of another business to discuss a mutually beneficial transaction.
  • The assistant for the company executive sends a meeting circular to the members of the company’s board or managers for internal communication.
  • The human resources (HR) personnel shares one with an employee they wish to talk to about company policies and other issues related to the workplace.
  • Different departments send one to each other whenever they need to sit down and catch up about the various business processes they’re involved in at any given moment.

The contents of a meeting appointment letter depend on why you’re writing one, and usually contain the name of the individual requesting the meeting, job designation of the requester, name of the person the letter is going to be addressed to, primary reason of writing the letter, and date/location of the meeting. There are many types of meeting appointment letters, and the most commonly used ones are:

Business Meeting Appointment letter Sample

Business Meeting Appointment letter Sample

An appointment request letter, which is written when an individual representing an organization wants to extend a meeting request to another party. This usually specifies the names, designation and contact details of the requesting individuals, along with a a potential convenient time and location for the meeting.

Meeting Appointment Request Letter

Meeting Appointment Letter

Sample Meeting Appointment Request Letter

Meeting Appointment Request Letter Sample

A meeting date confirmation letter, which is usually written in response to the appointment request letter, where a representative of an organization agrees to and confirms the proposed meeting date. This usually includes the name and personal information of the point of contact, professional information about the organization, details and purpose of the meeting, along with the number of parties that will be present apart from the point of contact.

Meeting Date Confirmation Letter

Confirmation Meeting Appointment Letter

Congressional Meeting Appointment Request Letter

Congressional Meeting Appointment Request Letter

A formal meeting appointment letter is usually issues once both parties have discussed and agreed to the meeting. To make sure that everyone is on the same page about the upcoming meeting, the letter contains details about the meeting, names and designation of both parties’ attending members, purpose of the meeting, date, time, and location.

Formal Meeting Appointment Letter

Formal Meeting Appointment Letter

Before you go on to draft a meeting appointment letter, it’s best to consult a few existing templates and samples that you can use as a reference format. Not only will that make your work easier, but will also make sure you don’t miss out on including key pointers.

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