Medical School Letter of Intent | Template and Example

For many people, getting admitted to medical school is a dream come true. However, getting admission into med school isn’t that straightforward as there are many setbacks in your way. One of these is learning how to perfectly write a medical school letter of intent to prove to the admission panel you no doubt deserve a shot and not anyone else.

To have the edge over other aspiring students, there’s no better way of doing this than writing a convincing letter of intent to the panel choosing who enters the medical school. In this letter, explain in detail why you’re the best candidate for this opportunity. Ensure this letter is direct, formal, and original. If you have no clue how to write a medical school letter of intent, look no further.

How to Write a Medical School Letter of Intent

You should follow a certain format when writing the medical school letter of intent. If this is a matter you don’t know how to do, worry not, as here’s a detailed guide on everything to know about it.

Step 1: Address The Directors Of Admissions Or Dean

The medical school letter of intent has the same structure as any other formal letter. When writing, you should start by addressing the Director of Admissions or Dean. You should do your research well before doing this to make sure you don’t confuse the names, as this might impact your chances of getting admission negatively.

You can also address the school admission committee in some instances. In both cases, never send the email in a rush to ensure everything is correct.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

In the first paragraph, go ahead and introduce yourself in detail. With that said, make sure to be clear and precise rather than beating around the bush, as this might make you appear not to be articulate enough. Ideally, you should only state things such as your name, the interviewer’s name, and when the interview was done. You can also add information you’ve learned about medical schools through research.

Other than this, feel free to add other details that might help you stand out from other applicants.

Step 3: Explain Why You Want to Attend The Medical Schools

Here, you should detail what about the medical schools appeals to you, thereby prompting you to write the letter of intent. This shows why you particularly have a strong desire to join the medical school in particular. This part needs to be unique only to the medical school you’re applying to.

It would be best if you also used this section as a chance to express your feelings about anything you found out or seen during your interview about the school that appeals to you. This includes specific celebrated professors, exclusive research opportunities, dual enrollment programs, and any connection with particular hospitals.

Step 4: Explain Why You’re An Ideal Fit

In the third paragraph, you should shift gears and go right ahead to explain why you’ll be a great addition to the medical school. This means showing what unique you have to offer that other applicants don’t have, and this can even be one special attribute about yourself. If you have any experience or volunteered in the past, this is the best place to mention such facts to prove further why you’d be a great fit.

When writing your accomplishments, try and link them to the school’s mission statement.

What Details Must You Include in The Medical School Letter Of Intent?

When writing the medical school letter of intent, there are several important details you must include. These include;

  • Things about the medical school that you love as per your research and what you saw during the interview day
  • Expressing your gratitude for your application being considered
  • An in-depth explanation of how your experiences perfectly match with the medical school’s specific offerings and mission
  • A clear and brief statement on what you intend to do if successfully admitted into the medical school
  • Updates on your experience, academics as well as extracurricular activities
  • An explanation of how you intend to contribute to the student body and school’s diversity
  • Finish by thanking the panel again for taking thinking you’re an ideal for the institution

Sample – Medical School Letter Of Intent

Dear [Dean or Director of Admissions]:

My name is James Brown, a medical school applicant, and I was interviewed in January at the Stanford University School of Medicine. I wish to first express my gratitude for this opportunity and say that this school is my preferred choice. Because of this, I write this letter of intent promising to attend this school should I be accepted.

I believe Stanford is a perfect fit as it’ll help me pursue my goal to become a skillful dermatologist as it boasts significant resources set aside for patient care and biomedical research. During my visit, the school’s environment impressed me greatly and further reinforced my desire to study at this institution. The program opportunities available at Stanford University School of Medicine exceed by far those offered by other medical schools.

Furthermore, I was pleased with how Stanford University School of Medicine is committed to its mission statement of providing full support to medical students while still nurturing respect. My interactions with the students I talked to on campus were very helpful and informative. Therefore, I learned a lot about Stanford University School of Medicine from these interactions. Because I’m a multifunctional learner, I value the ability to learn in different ways, be it getting help from faculty, group learning, or individual learning.

With Stanford University School of Medicine built established on high-quality medical innovations and research, I know my skills would be beneficial in achieving these ambitions. I’m always committed to updating my knowledge with current trends in medicine. This desire to always be up-to-date can be proved by running an online blog that specializes in medical discoveries and new research. I also am experienced as I have volunteered in hospitals where I’ve had direct contact with patients contact.

Thank you a lot for your time and consideration.



James Brown

[email protected]

(555) 746-9234

Medical School Letter of Intent (Word Template)

Medical School Letter of Intent


The letter of intent impacts greatly whether your entry into medical school will be successful. Therefore, make sure to be genuine when writing this letter if you’re certain that the med school offers a program that best matches your passions, interests, and needs. If you didn’t know what to when writing this letter, highlighted above is everything vital to help you out when doing this.

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