20 Free Meal Plan Templates

As food prices go higher with each passing year, it is important to find ways to cut your food bill without sacrificing some of your favorite food items. The way to do that is to create a meal plan using a meal plan template.

These templates help you control your food purchases as well as help you stick to your diet. The key will be your dedication to the plan you create. To learn all about the meal plan and how to make a template just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about.

What is a Meal Plan Template?

The word template may be causing you some concern as it indicates you have to do a lot of work in order to create one. that is not the case. The template is a design that helps you plan your menu for the coming week or month.

It lets you pick the food items you want and list them when you want to use them in a meal. That is it. Plus, it is not a permanent meal plan. You can change it from week to week or month to month to make sure you get the food items you like and when they are on sale.

These templates help you control your food spending as well as =helping you to cut costs without making big sacrifices.

Meal Planner Templates

Meal Plan Templates #01

Meal Plan Templates #02

Meal Plan Templates #03

Meal Plan Templates #04

Meal Plan Templates #05

Health 7 Nutrition Meal Plan

meal plan calendar

Meal Plan Templates #08

Meal Plan Template

Meal Plan

Menu Planner

Monthly Meal Planner

My meal plan calendar

One Week Menu Planner


The Nourishing Home meal plan

week of meal plan


Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly meal planning worksheet

    How to Create a Meal Plan

    This is not going to be that hard to do. There are some good pre-drawn meal plan templates already on the internet, and all you do is fill in the blanks. The hard part comes in the decision making and remember you have to make decisions for three meals each day. Here are the simple steps to make your meal plan.

    1. Think about the food you want to eat- This is important as one may have a limited food budget, and two, you may be on a diet. An important influence will be your current schedule.

    2. Organize those food items- This step has you deciding which food items you want to eat at breakfast, lunch, and supper. Place the food items where they fit the best

    3. Choose the recipes- Pre-selection of the recipes will save you time on those days you want to make those meals. Having them ready to go makes everything easier for you

    4. create your shopping list- A list keeps you from impulse shopping. It will also save you money when you stick to the list and resist the temptation to buy products, not on the list

    5. Go to the grocery store- Now you buy the food you want to eat for the week or the month. Even on a month to month meal plan, you can shop once a week

    6. Stick to your plan- cook, eat and enjoy the food you have set out in your meal plan

    Using a Meal Plan Template for Diabetes or Other Patients

    Using a meal plan for patients with diabetes or other food restrictions is one of the safest ways to prepare their meals. These plans remind you of what the patient can eat and still give them the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

    Each person will have a different lifestyle, different tastes, and different goals to meet. A meal plan makes sure you can customize the meals for your patients with these food restrictions easily and without robbing them of a tasty meal.

    Plus, the meal plan can help you count the carbs each patient is getting as well as limiting food or drinks that may raise blood sugar levels than tasty alternatives. Then, you can control the portions each person eats. This helps control the patients’ intake of certain ingredients like sugar.

    If you decide to skip a meal of eating at home, you can use the meal plan to guide your menu selection. You can still choose the same foods in the same portions as is on your meal plan for that supper or lunch.

    How can a meal plan template help in weight loss?

    There are two key elements involved when you are on a diet. Patience and dedication are those key elements whether you have a meal plan or not. If you are not dedicated to the diet, then the meal plan will not be of any use to you.

    When you make a meal plan, make sure you are going to stick to it and be patient. The weight loss will come eventually. What the meal plan does is add a level of support for your weight loss goal.

    It outlines the meals you will eat and how big the portions will be. You just have to be honest and place the right food items at breakfast, lunch, and supper and do not deviate from the plan.

    Having a meal plan does not stop you from including a reward dessert from time to time. Just make sure to meet your goals before giving yourself the reward and make sure the portion is not too big.

    Tips to Stick to a Healthy Meal Plan

    To help you create the perfect meal plan for you, here are a few tips to guide you:

    • Be realistic and do not put pressure on yourself – If you fail, don’t beat yourself up, just get back to the plan and continue. Learn why you failed so you do not repeat the same mistake
    • Be exclusive – A meal plan helps you cut out the junk food and unnecessary food items that are not healthy for you or your family
    • Be sensible – The all-or-nothing approach is not a healthy attitude to have when you are on a diet or creating a meal plan. There will be times when you slip up but that won’t ruin your diet and may give you the motivation to resist temptation next time.
    • Be healthy – Create your meal plan so it allows you to have healthy snacks during the day and when the meal is a few hours away. The meal plan will help you control your intake of unhealthy food and snacks
    • Plan ahead – Eating out or traveling does not have to interrupt your meal plan. the meal plan can guide you in what to select when you are not eating at home
    • Include others – A good meal plan allows you to include your spouse and your children. They can eat as healthy as you are and give you support in your quest to cut down on food costs. Also, children learn how to eat right and save money at the same time.

    Final Words

    Finding a good meal plan template is easier than ever. They are already on different websites and can be copied and printed out with ease. These plans help you cut your food costs down and lets you have extra money for other important aspects that come up in life.