MBA Letter of Recommendation Template

A strong recommendation letter can significantly improve your chances of getting accepted into an MBA program. It is important to the admissions committee that someone who knows you well through direct involvement vouch for your qualifications and character. What’s more, if the person recommending you can mention detailed examples of your performance, your name might shoot to the top of the list.

The most valuable recommendations are usually more professional-leaning than academic. These are references provided by employers, mentors, and supervisors. That said, a professor can also improve your chances of acceptance by penning a glowing recommendation.

In this article, we review all you need to know about MBA letters of recommendation.

What Is an MBA Letter of Recommendation?

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. An MBA Letter of Recommendation is a formal document written by a person of academic or professional authority on behalf of a student who is applying to get into an MBA program. Because every institution is different, this letter may vary slightly from case to case in terms of format and submission procedure.

Who Should You Select to Write the Letter?

As already mentioned, the most ideal person to recommend you for an MBA program is someone from your current or previous workplace, such as your supervisor or employer. This is because, unlike your teachers, these parties have seen first-hand your skills in a real-world setting.

If you are self-employed or your supervisors haven’t known you long enough to recommend you, you may turn to one of the following parties:

  • A client who enjoyed your service.
  • A supervisor or employer from a previous job.
  • A member of the board of directors
  • Anyone who evaluates your work.

One of these people can write your principal letter of recommendations. For the support letter, which is just as crucial as the first, you should consider someone who knows you very well and will likely write a glowing recommendation.

What to Include in Your Letter

As with any recommendation letter, an MBA Letter of Recommendation argues that you are an excellent applicant that will likely excel if chosen for the program. To do this, it must include:

  • A brief description of the relationship between the writer and the applicant.
  • An overview of the applicant’s qualifications and best qualities.
  • Detailed examples to demonstrate these claims.

Most admissions committees will prefer that the description be more specific than anecdotal. If the writer claims that the applicant is diligent, they should give an example of when the applicant displayed diligence in their work.

How to Write an MBA Letter of Recommendation

Unless it is to be set via email, your letter of recommendation should be written in a formal business format consisting of an introduction, at least two paragraphs, and a closing. It should be no more than one-page long and should follow the submissions formula provided by the institution.

If you are the applicant, you will need to discuss the letter format with the writer to ensure they cover all the necessary details. The following is a detailed breakdown of how to draft this letter:

1. Introduction

After including the addresses, contact information, subject line, and a proper salutation, the writer should briefly establish their relationship with the applicant then mention their reason for writing.

2. Paragraph One

The first paragraph should outline the applicant’s positive qualities and qualifications. The writer may focus on attributes related to the business industry such as organization, leadership, and social skills. Overall, this part must read as facts backed up with evidence rather than a compliment from a friend.

3. Paragraph Two

Paragraph two should explain further why the applicant is an excellent choice by giving exact examples of their achievements. If applicable, the writer may also offer mild criticism and show how the candidate responded positively to a negative situation.

4. Closing

The writer should close the letter by restating their support for the applicant and inviting the reader to contact them for further assistance. They should then include their contact information, supply a formal sign off, indicate their name, and sign below it.

MBA Letter of Recommendation Format


Admissions Committee, Institution Name

{Institution Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear Admissions Committee,

I, {your name}, am writing to offer my recommendation of {applicant’s name} who I have known for {duration} as {describe relationship} at {mention setting}.

In the {duration}, I have spent with {applicant’s name}, I have witnessed {his/her} {mention positive qualities}. {Applicant’s name} is {describe the applicant’s work ethic, professionalism, etc.}.

It is because of all this, that I without reservation recommend {applicant’s name} for your upcoming MBA program. I am available at {contact information} if you have any questions or requests.


{Your Name}

{Your Signature}

Sample MBA Letter of Recommendation

5 May 2031

Admissions Committee

Harvard School of Business

100 First Avenue

Cambridge, MA 67000

Re: Applicant: Tyrel Dwyer

Dear Admissions Committee,

I, Philip Landon, PhD, am writing this letter in support of Tyrel Dwyer, who is applying for admission to the MBA program at the Harvard School of Business.

As Mr. Dwyer’s lecturer at the California School of Business, I have enjoyed first-hand his dedication, analytical mind, and thoroughness. The four years spent instructing him have convinced me of his creativity, unique problem-solving skills, and humility.

Mr. Dwyer has held the position of Business School president at the university for 3 years straight. He is a level-minded leader with great ideas for the future of his field.

I am confident that Mr. Dwyer will do well and I, without reservation, recommend him for your MBA program. You can contact me at [email protected], if I can be of more service.


Philip Landon, PhD

MBA Letter of Recommendation Template (Word Template)

MBA Letter of Recommendation Template


An MBA is a continued education program that provides the applicant with an opportunity to further their education and future career. If you are applying to this program, a recommendation from one of the parties discussed in this article can only improve your chances of getting accepted.

As the writer, if you are approached to write an MBA letter of recommendation, try to emphasize specific examples over general compliments. Doing so will ensure that your letter reads as a factual account of the applicant’s qualities and capabilities.

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