MBA Letter of Intent (Format & Sample)

The purpose of an MBA letter of intent is to demonstrate the applicant’s qualifications for the program. Also known as a statement of purpose, this letter serves as the applicant’s opportunity to state their goals and motivations. The admissions committee may use applicants’ letters of intent as part of their decision-making criteria when awarding their graduate program spots.

In this article, we discuss MBAs and what to include in your MBA letter of intent. We provide a format for this letter and a sample letter for you to read.

What is Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

A Masters of Business Administration is a professional graduate degree that paves the way for many different jobs. Most often, a graduate with an MBA obtains a position in general management. Other employment fields for a graduate with an MBA are accounting and finance, sales and marketing, and entrepreneurial roles.

Students in an MBA program regularly apply the ideas and principles they learn in the classroom to real-world situations and projects. They learn principles and practices for management and how successful businesses operate. Students gain experiences that are useful in a wide variety of industries.

What to Include in Your MBA Letter of Intent

Graduate school admissions committees look at several things when deciding which candidates they feel will do best in their MBA program. They consider your GPA in undergraduate school, your GMAT exam score, your work experience, and your letters of recommendation. They may also consider your volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities.

When you apply to graduate school, carefully read the program requirements and application instructions. Your school or program may not require a letter of intent. If you are required to submit this letter, research the program, faculty, and alumni for any information you might be able to use when you write your letter.

Admissions committees look at your letter of intent to understand why you are interested in the school and the program. They are interested in your academic and career goals, as well as your qualifications for the program. Your letter of intent is a way to stand out from the other applicants to the program. Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments, experience, and your academic qualifications.

Be sure to include the following items:

  • Where you attended undergraduate school
  • Your undergraduate GPA
  • Any honors you received in undergraduate school
  • Why you are interested in the school’s graduate program
  • Your GMAT score
  • Your volunteer experience
  • Your work experience
  • Your career plans
  • A statement of appreciation, for example, “Thank you for considering my application.”

You can use the format provided below as a guide to writing your MBA letter of intent.

MBA Letter of Intent (Format)

{your name}

{your address}

{your telephone number}


{university name and program name} School of Business

{university address}

{school of business telephone number}

Dear {recipient name},

{Introductory paragraph. Use this paragraph to discuss why you chose the university and the business school. You can reference alumni, faculty members, or anything else that impacted your decision to apply at this particular school of business. You can also discuss why you are interested in earning an MBA.}

{Second paragraph. Use this paragraph to highlight your academic achievements, past GPA, GMAT score, academic honors, etc.}

{Third paragraph. Use this paragraph to highlight your volunteer or work experience, your career plans, etc.}

{Closing paragraph: Restate your passion for the school. Thank the committee for their consideration.}


{your signature}

Sample MBA Letter of Intent

Solon Kippering

2048 South Harvard Avenue

Jackson, NY 58942

(426) 399-4665

April 22, 2038

Elysium University, Fallon School of Business

3048 South Elysium Street

New York, NY 28756

(334) 989-2006

Dear admissions committee,

First, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to apply to the Fallon School of Business. I have intended to pursue a Masters in Business since my first year at City College in New York, and I am confident that Elysium University is the best place for me to achieve my academic goal. The faculty at Fallon School of Business has an incredible reputation for training business and finance leaders.

I earned my BA in business management at Jackson University, where I graduated with a GPA of 3.8. My professors and I got along well, and they were happy to write letters of recommendation, which are enclosed. I took the GMAT in April, and I scored 690.

In the summer of 2037, I worked as a management intern at Micro Manufacturing. In August, I was awarded intern of the month for my assistance in planning and developing new policies in manufacturing management. My experiences there reaffirmed my dedication to becoming a leader in the field of business management. If selected, I will continue my pattern of excellence at Fallon School of Business and in my career.

I am happy to provide further information. Thank you for your consideration of my application.


Solon Kippering

MBA Letter of Intent (Word Template)

MBA Letter of Intent


Your MBA letter of intent can help the admissions committee understand your motives and your plans. Don’t be afraid to emphasize your qualifications for the program, such as your undergrad GPA and your MCAT score. Include any work or volunteer experience you have.

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