Marriage Certificate Template – 22+ (For Word & PDF)

You and your chosen one are embarking on a future filled with love, passion and prosperity. So, how about taking a little extra step in commemorating your union? Let’s face it, the legal marriage certificate isn’t the most attractive document. Indeed, it’s a tad too formal for some, which is why many couples opt for downloading and editing their own, ceremonial marriage certificate template.

These templates allow you to create fabulously designed marriage certificates that you can hand out to friends, or place on your wall.

Marriage Certificate Template for Word

There is just something so charming and romantic about vintage marriage certificate designs. Printed out on parchment paper and framed in an appropriate, vintage styled frame, will definitely give your marriage certificate template a personality all its own. Whether you select a Victorian motif or one with a Colonial flair, know that you are in full control when it comes to editing the font, color, and text. You may even delete certain areas to make room for a photo. Remember also, that the true effect of your vintage marriage certificate is enhanced considerably using specialty papers and adding a frame.

Marriage Certificate Template for Word 1

Editable Marriage Certificate

Editable Marriage Certificate 1

Fillable Marriage Certificate

Fillable Marriage Certificate 1

Marriage Certificate (Dark, Gold)

Marriage Certificate Format in Word Dark Gold 1

Couples can use a keepsake marriage certificate template. It combines the functionality of the blank but includes more designs on it, so it is more aesthetically pleasing. The boldness of the print will make it stand out more if you’re looking to make it a lasting momentum.

Keepsake Marriage Certificate Template

Keepsake Marriage Certificate Template 1

A marriage certificate format in English can be used by almost anyone. Either by nonnative English speakers, who need help when taking their vows, or native speakers that have no clue about how to create one. Either can use a template as a guide in ensuring they don’t make costly mistakes.

Think of it this way, if you do not speak a language accurately, it makes sense to get help. Help that costs nothing.

Marriage Certificate Format in English

Marriage Certificate Format in English 1

Marriage Certificate PDF & Word

Marriage Certificate PDF & Word 1

A blank marriage certificate template looks a little bit traditional. It tries to take note of the parties involved as well as the witnesses. This type of certificate has minimal designs on it, so it will suit couples who are not big on excessive decors.

Blank Marriage Certificate Template

Blank Marriage Certificate Template 1

Fillable Marriage Certificate Format

Fillable Marriage Certificate Format 1

Generally applicable to weddings, a marriage certificate format contains the bare minimum. It has linear designs running parallel each other with bold twigs at each corner of the certificate. It dictates what you need.

Marriage Certificate Format

Marriage Certificate Format 1

Marriage Certificate Template (DOC)

Printable Marriage Certificate Purple Gold Template

Printable Marriage Certificate Template

Printable marriage certificate templates come in a vast variety of designs. Some are fun, fancy and comical, while others take on a more serious design, laden with doves, butterflies, hearts and flowers. What ever your taste, rest assured that our designs are among some of the best online, each professionally designed with you in mind. Simply download your chosen theme, edit and print! Once you save them as a jpg file, you are then free to print the marriage certificate out on paper, or send the image to a print-on-demand site such as Vistaprint, to make poster size images, print it out on T-shirts, mugs, whatever printables are available.

Printable Marriage Certificate Template 1

Blank Marriage Certificate – Box Border

Blank Marriage Certificate Box Border Word, PDF (Preview)

Printable Marriage Certificate – Flower Border

Printable Marriage Certificate – Flower Border (Preview)

Blank Marriage Certificate – Small Box Design

Blank Marriage Certificate Template—Small Box Design (Preview)

Traditional Border Design

Marriage Certificate—Traditional Border (Preview)

Marriage Certificate – Pink, Blue

Marriage Certificate Format—Pink, Blue (Preview)

Blank Marriage Certificate (Light Brown)

Blank Marriage Certificate Format Light Brown 1

Royal Gold Design

Marriage Certificate—Royal Gold (Preview)

Traditional Design

Marriage Certificate Format—Traditional (Preview)

Royal Gold Border

Editable Marriage Certificate—Royal Gold (Preview)

Royal Silver Design

Marriage Certificate Template—Royal Silver (Preview)

Marriage Certificate – Gray Design

Marriage Certificate Template—Gray Design (Preview)

Marriage Certificate (Silver)

Marriage Certificate from WordLayouts # 1

Marriage Certificate (Orange)

Marriage Certificate from WordLayouts # 2

Marriage Certificate (Chocolate Border)

Marriage Certificate from getcertificatetemplates 1

Marriage Certificate (Bronze)

Marriage Certificate from getcertificatetemplates 2

Free Marriage Certificate Template

Simple Marriage Certificate 1

FREE Wedding Certificate (PDF)

Wedding Certificate (PDF) 1

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Marriage Certificate (Metallic, #1897)

47 Marriage Certificate Template 1897 Black in Word

Printable Marriage Certificate #1899

Are Marriage Certificate Templates Editable?

When you download your marriage certificate template, did you know that you can edit it as well? it’s a super easy process, one that is fun and enjoyable. First, you look for the design or designs you wish to work with. Next, you download them to your computer. Depending on the design you’ve chosen, you then select images, prose, or poetry to add to the certificate. You are free to alter the fonts, free to add your own images, free to add extra text. All in all, you’re creating an additional marriage certificate, one that you can pass around to friends and relatives.

Printing Options

Did you also know that you are able to create poster size marriage certificates to hang on your wall? Not only is it true, but it’s quite simple to do. First, choose a marriage certificate template that you like. Next, add some snazzy graphics and text. Save it with a resolution of 300 dpi. Finally, send the your image to one of the trusted online sites such as Vistaprint, Walgreens, Kinkos, etc. where you can select from a variety of sizes such as:

  • 11 x 17
  • 16 x 24
  • 18 x 24
  • 22 x 28
  • 24 x 36
  • 36 x 48

As for surface treatments, you can select from glossy or matte. Most will also mount and frame the poster for you as well..

If creating a large poster of your marriage certificate is not in your range of preference, then know that you can easily create and frame your own at home from your very own printer. After you select your marriage certificate template, add the imagery and text, proceed to save it to your hard drive as you would any other image. For instance, if you have your eye on a nice, 8 x 10 image to rest on your desk or mantle piece, save the file as an 8 x 10, 300 dpi, landscape or portrait image, your choice.

Next, select the paper. If you are new to this, know that you don’t have to stick with standard copy paper for your marriage certificate. There are specialty papers on the market, such as canvas, card stock, parchment paper, glossy, matte, and so on. Once you print out your marriage certificate template on your preferred paper, you are now free to purchase a frame from your local store, and hang it from the wall, or place on your desk. It’s really just that simple!

FAQs About Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates can be a tricky thing. When you’re trying to apply for one, it is important to understand what a marriage certificate is. There are a few questions that people generally ask when it comes to attaining a marriage certificate.
How can I make a marriage certificate?

A marriage certificate is a legal document that is proof of a marriage. As such, one cannot make it and it have any legal value, however, you can make a decorative keepsake one that can be hung on the wall of your house, shown off to others, or simply kept as a keepsake. A legal marriage certificate includes the following information:

1) Full names of each person entering into the union, at the time of the marriage. This should include the woman’s maiden name.
2) The date the wedding took place, including the month, day, and year.
3) The place of the marriage (citty, country, state or area)

How can I get a marriage certificate?

Depending on where you live, getting a marriage certificate can be done in multiple different ways. If you are getting married in the US, you will most likely have to go to a government office, fill out an application for the marriage certificate, and then you can leave with the documentation. If the wedding has already taken place, there is nothing more that you need to do. If you are still awaiting the wedding, you will need to bring back the paperwork after it has been signed by an authority that performs the ceremony.

In different countries, it varies how you apply for a marriage certificate. Make sure that you research this carefully to understand laws, as some countries require multiple ceremonies for legal marriages.

You will need the following information:

1) The full names of yourself and your spouse (using the maiden name, if a partner is changing their name).
2) The month, day, and year the marriage took place/is taking place
3) Place of the marriage (city, county, country, state, region, or area)
4) Purpose the certificate is being issued. For instance, if you are getting a replacement certificate or if this is a new marriage.
5) Relationship of the married couple (you will need proof, so, you should know that names of the last two generations before you)
6) Your phone number(s)
7) Photo ID

What is a keepsake marriage certificate?

A keepsake marriage certificate is a decorative certificate meant for the purpose of decor. This is merely something that can be shown off to guests and is utilized as a conversation piece. It commemorates the wedding and is kept as a keepsake of your wedding day. These certificates are highly decorative and usually involve the formal seal of the place which sanctifies your union. This differs from a legal marriage document and cannot be used as proof of a marriage. A legal marriage certificate is one that is issued by your government authorities and documents your marriage legally. This document is usual signed by the officiant (though this varies by state).

What is a valid marriage certificate?

A marriage license is a document issued, either by a church or by a government authority which authorizes a couple’s union. There are legal requirements that go along with attaining a valid marriage certificate, many of which require you to present documentation to a government agency to prove the marriage is legal. Today, you are required legally to have a marriage certificate to prove your legal union and it also may serve as a record of marriage if it is signed and notarized.

In order to be a valid and legal marriage certificate, it must be signed by the couple, witnesses (if applicable), officiant, and, in some cases, a notary.

Can I use a designed certificate for legal or business purposes?

When you create and print a marriage certificate from a template, know that it is for fun and decorative purposes only. These are not legal. You cannot use them as forms of identification, you cannot use them as a form of any documentation whatsoever, they are strictly a novelty item for your own enjoyment.