Marketing Calendar Template – 12+ For Excel, PDF

A marketing calendar template is a document used to organize your various marketing activities; the document also doubles as a working document, which one can continuously revise and update over the year. A marketing calendar is deemed the best way to plan your marketing activity.

The cool contains various marketing events including media campaigns, as well as merchandising efforts that ought to be undertaken, the place, and time where they will take place. Most marketing agents who fail to keep a marketing calendar tend to be found unprepared for various marketing events throughout the year. The value of a marketing calendar cannot be overstated; Its ability to coordinate, communicate, as well as measure performance is unmatched. The marketing calendar is not simply for planning purposes only, but it is a tool that your entire team can use to align, as well as plan for the best results. A good marketing calendar must have the date, time, event, and place where the marketing event ought to be taking place.

2018 Monthly Marketing Calendar Template


A marketing calendar example is a plan of marketing activities and events that ought to be undertaken by a marketing agent or company throughout the year. The difference between a marketing calendar and a marketing calendar template is the fact the template does not have the different types of marketing events and activities that are planned to take place throughout the year, while on the other hand the marketing calendar has such activities already included.

Marketing Calendar Example


2018 Marketing Calendar Landscape Template


Marketing Calendar Template in Excel

Marketing_Calendar_Template_ in_Excel

Marketing Calendar Template Spreadsheet


Marketing Calendar for Wealth Management Template


Marketing Calendar Template Excel Sheet


Marketing Communication Calendar Template


Brandeo Marketing Calendar Template


Annual Marketing Calendar Template PDF


A social media marketing calendar template is a document used for scheduling and planning for social media campaign activities and events. This template purely contains those marketing activities and events that ought to be undertaken on different social media platforms. The social media marketing calendar template is a critical document for marketing agents who undertake marketing activities on the social media as it helps them to keep a clear plant of activities.

Social Media Marketing Calendar Template PDF Format


Monthly Marketing Calendar Template


A good marketing plan is one that works. A marketing plan that works is one that is being followed and is helpful to the users. The following steps need to be undertaken to come up with a marketing plan that works;

  • Turn your intended marketing strategy into real content.
  • Understand and indicate who will carry out what duties.
  • Define the themes of your topic.
  • Prioritize the various marketing projects that you have.
  • Ensure your content is planned on the marketing calendar.