Formal Letter to Principal for Discontinuing a Class/Subject

It’s important to know why there is need to withdraw from a class or a subject since it is an essential decision about career one makes. Students withdraw due to several reasons, but the most valid reason is to know if a particular subject is suitable to your interest or career. If you start disliking any class or subject in the initial weeks of your course, you are not too late to withdraw from it.

Students usually decide to withdraw when they start feeling uncomfortable or hardship with the subject. It’s always better to send a withdrawal letter instead of stop attending the classes.

You should or shouldn’t drop a subject or class?

If there are valid reasons to leave a subject, there are definitely some issues that are actually not valid and just a perception of mind forcing you to leave the subject. You might not have developed your interest yet or you like being home comfortably, such situations may lead you to make a wrong decision. Therefore, you must consider carefully before you think of submitting a withdrawal letter.

Taking it as a serious matter, you must know the following strong reasons for leaving a subject or class.

  • You are not capable to handle the workload and planning to cover a particular subject later.
  • Your schedule of the classes is too hectic and unmanageable.
  • A particular class is not relevant to your degree.
  • You finally get to know that it is not suitable for your career and you went for it by mistake.
  • You are unable to bear the expenses for all classes at the moment.
  • You can’t cover your syllabus as you are far behind in it.

The Process of Withdrawal

The withdrawal process from a subject is not that hard generally. Sometimes, you just have to simply remove the subject from online system or you are supposed to write a formal letter to your coordinator or the concerned department. The procedure will usually vary between universities and schools. Below are some sample request letters to help you.

Request Letters to Drop a Subject/Class

Formal letter to principal for dropping a subject:






Sub: Application to drop a subject


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

With humble submission of this letter, I want to withdraw from (SUBJECT) that I chose as an
optional subject. At the time of joining, I wanted to enhance my knowledge however I feel it very difficult to cope with all subjects at a time. I am unable to manage even fundamentals of my course due to this pressure therefore, I have decided to drop this subject for now and concentrate only on main subjects.

I request you to kindly approve this application for the discontinuance of (SUBJECT) class. This will really help me to concentrate on other classes that are more suitable for me at this time.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,



Discontinuing a class due to change of interests






Sub: Application to discontinue a class for changing interest


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I have been attending (SUBJECT) classes since (MONTH, YEAR) as an optional subject to
enhance my skills. However, the classes have been proving to be the best for the ones who are interested but I find that I am losing my interest. I am unable to keep up with the class while it is on and prof. (NAME) remarks also made me realize that I should not continue anymore since I am not performing well.

I request you grant me your approval for discounting the classes so that I can come across other options that are more suitable to my choice and preferences.

I look forward to your positive response.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,



Application for discontinuing the course (From student)

March 29, 2019

The principal

Merton College

London Rd

Morden SM4 5 QX

United Kingdom


Re: Discontinuation of Classes


Respected Sir/ Madam,

I’m Peter Kelvin a second-year student taking a diploma in Culinary Arts in your college. I write this letter as a request to discontinue classes from the end of this month.

Our family will relocate to the US; thus, I can’t continue with studies at Merton College.

I appreciate the support of lecturers, fellow students and other staff for the time I have been a student here.

Please guide me on the procedure.

Thank you.


Peter Kelvin

Reg No. 3445/2018

+44 20 7012 8011

Formal letter for discontinuing from a course (From parent)

April 4, 2019

Phillip Matthews

955 W Grande Rd

Chicago, IL 60415


The principal

The Ancona School

4770 S Dorchester Ave

Chicago, IL 60615


Sub: Discontinuing classes


Dear Mr. Jefferson,

I write to inform you that our son, Derrick, a grade seven student at your school will withdraw from The Ancona School from May 1, 2019.

We’ll be moving our business to New Jersey from May 2019, and we’ll move the entire family to this new destination. We appreciate your cooperation and support all the time we’ve been in parents in your school.

Pass our regards to Mrs. Patrick, Derrick’s class teacher.

I have attached the relevant withdrawal documentation to this letter.

Once more thank you.



Phillip Matthews

Enclosure (2)

Things to consider before dropping a class / subject

Before the submission of the letter, you may have still have doubt whether you should really drop the subject or class. Below are some questions that you must ask yourself before taking the final decision.

  • Will dropping the subject affect your degree, How?
  • Are you leaving a subject that is important for your learning?
  • Is it going to be an advantage or a disadvantage of your college/school experience?
  • Do you have to cover the subject later in your course i.e. is it mandatory?
  • Is the subject related to any other main subject of your course?

Once you have got answers to those questions, you are definitely going to take the right decision.

Related Formal Letters

School discontinue letter

A parent writes a school discontinue letter to their child’s school to inform them their child will move to another school. In response, the school may ask the parent to fill a withdrawal form. When writing a school withdraw letter indicate the following details;
  • The student’s name
  • Year of study
  • Reason for leaving the school
  • Effective date

College discontinue letter

If a student is no longer interested in continuing with classes in college or they’re moving to a different location, it’s essential to write a letter to the administration or college principal communicating your decision. Include these details in your letter;
  • Your name and registration number
  • Why you intend to discontinue college
  • Your last day in college

Letter for leaving school permanently

A student can leave a school permanently if they’re moving to a new school or they’ve had a permanent injury or condition that can’t allow them to stay in school. In such cases, the parent will write to the school to inform them of the decision. The letter should highlight;
  • What motivated the decision
  • Name of the student
  • When they will leave school
  • Any support you require from the school

Letter to withdraw a child from school

A parent can withdraw their child from school if they wish to home-school their child or move them to a different school. They must do this in writing. In the letter they or they may not indicate the reason for moving their child. Important details that should feature in the letter include;
  • When
  • The child’s name
  • Parent name and address
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