Letter to Parents from Teacher about progress

A letter to parents is written by a teacher to parent to give comprehensive detail about the welfare of the child in school in terms of academic/education. It also explains the need for parent’s cooperation and child’s cooperation towards achieving the best from the child. The format is always formal.

This letter gives detailed information about the activities in school. The important thing is to make sure that you do not leave out any information. Most of the times, this letter details information about upcoming activities and these are activities involved in a whole year. This may make it look a bit difficult on the best way to write it. Using a sample letter will make it simple for you when writing.

What to include in a letter to parents about progress


This is done in the first paragraph whereby the teacher gets to introduce him or herself and describe the expertise and the experience in this specific area.

Describe your goal

The goal should be explained in the second paragraph. This goal should focus on showing your concern about the welfare of the child in both academic and behavioral growth.

Summary about curriculum units

This is in the third paragraph. Give a summary of a curriculum that is sustainable through the year. It is important because the parent and the student will be able to focus on what should be done and when it should be done.

Details on items needed

The fourth paragraph should identify in details all the materials that will be needed for every subject in order to help the parent plan on how to get the materials.

Grading system

In the fifth paragraph, explain in detail the grading system in order to help the parent and the student understand how the grades are attained.

Disciplinary action plan

This may or may not be included. In case there is such a plan it should be stated in the second page where both the student and parent sign.

Sample Letter/Email to Parents

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s)

I take this opportunity to welcome you to 9th grade. My name is teacher Regina. I have been a teacher in roots academy for the last 8 years. In all the years I have been teaching science. I am delighted to help your child excel and reach his full potential in science.

My main goal is to guide your child towards achieving the best in academics as well as in other skills that will help him become a responsible adult. I am committed to doing my best in making sure that I keep in touch with you concerning the performance of your child. This includes all the areas that he may not be performing well in both academic and discipline.

Your cooperation is very important in helping the child achieve his full potential. Feel free to contact me at the school number or through my email grade9science.com. The best time to reach me is___________

In this year, we will be working on these curriculum units___________. The texts we will use are__________. There are some textbooks that will remain in the classroom. This will therefore require your child will be required to keep the notebook containing the notes with him in order to help him prepare for homework and exams. There will be weekly tests which require you to help your child prepare for the exams. We will be conducting labs twice a week. Please sign all the assessments sent at home.

To help achieve better learning, please help your child purchase a notebook or a binder, erasers, pencil, crayons, glue and ruler. The notebook will be divided in two sections. One section is for classwork and the other one for homework. Please check your child’s notebook and sign it at the end of every week.

The grading system will be as follows:

20% exams

20% open response

20% binder or notebook test

20% class work

20% homework

Note that the home work will be given each day. Please make sure that your child is able to complete the homework. There is a diary where the parent is supposed to sign after checking on the homework. I will contact you in case your child performance is below C. I look forward to meeting your child with all the required learning materials.

Student signature


Parent signature


Tips for writing students reports

  • Make it easy for the parent to understand – Use an easy way to make the parent understand how the child is doing. For example, if you need the child to give answers in a different way from the way they have been doing it, explain it in a clear way.
  • Be straight forward – Do not include unnecessary information. Inform the parent on the only relevant matters concerning the child performance in school to avoid causing confusion to the parent.
  • Avoid professional terms – Do not use the terms within the professionalism of teaching. Remember the parent is not a teacher and will only understand a report that is detailed in clear terms.
  • Give report on level of achievement – This is what most parents will be looking at in a report. When giving this report, make sure that it is very clear and indicated in relation to the expected levels of achievement. Make sure that you clearly indicate on areas that your child needs to improve on.
  • Report on the child’s ongoing performance – Do not just provide a general evaluation but rather include a report on the progressive performance. Make sure you indicate where the child needs to improve and what according to your opinion can be done to improve the performance of the child.
  • Support your comments with evidence – The parent will believe in your comments about the child only when it has evidence. Do not leave a room for questions in this. Refer to samples of students work when giving comments as well as when indicating on areas where improvement is needed. This will help the parent to see and understand about the child.
  • Keep records throughout the school year – The records of a child’s performance throughout the year will make it so easy for you to give a report about the performance. You will be able to see how their progress has been in each and every day. Keeping this record will also provide you with samples of daily works from the student making it so easy to give a well-supported report.
  • Use a checklist – A checklist will help you not to write too much. It will also help you not to leave out any important detail that is needed in the report.
  • Prepare the parent – Every parent has expectation of their child even before receiving the report that the teacher may be aware of. If the child did not meet these expectations, it is important for the teacher to prepare the parent maybe through an interview about the child, best way to do this is to contact the parent and inform them about this and discuss on what you think is could be the problem as well as best way to help the child improve.
  • Involve the student – Help the student to set personal goals. These goals will help you and the student to discuss on what went wrong in case they under-perform. It will also help the student to be determined in keeping these goals which will help them to have progressive success.

Types of Letter to Parent

Introduction letter to parent from teacher

This is a letter written to serve as an introduction of teacher to parent. It is the first form of contact the teacher has to the parent. It should include your name, your expertise, teaching philosophy and your experience.

Letter to parents from teacher about progress

This letter is written to inform the parent about the progress of the child in academic performance. It should include detailed information on how the child is performing in both his school work as well as homework. This letter should also include information of what is needed to help the student improve in performance.

Letter to parent from teacher about behavior

This is letter written to inform the parent about the behavior of the child. it includes information about a behavior that is causing concern and needs the cooperation of the parent. It may also request the parent to meet the teacher in school in order to solve the behavior issue.

Letter to parent for school activity

This letter is written to inform the parent about the activities that will happen through the year. The teacher should give details about the activity. It should also list the materials needed for the activity.

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