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Excuse Your Child’s Absence for a Dentist Appointment

So, you need to go with your child to the appointment with the dentist and suddenly realize that you have to pick him/her up from school and that you really need a letter to excuse your child from being absent in order to attend the appointment. Or in another scenario, your child didn’t even go to a school that day because the appointment was really early in the morning.

In any case, your child was not able to attend school because of an appointment and now you wonder how to write a letter to excuse your child´s absence. The first thing to keep in mind is that this letter is not an apology letter for not attending school, it´s about exhibiting the reasons of the absence and recognizing that your child will miss a few classes (if not all of them) and how you as a parent are surely willing to accept that the school sends a little bit of extra homework to assure that your child will not miss any important information.

To be able to write a letter to excuse your child’s absence because of the appointment is in general not a difficult task if you take into consideration how it must be structured and what you can say to excuse such absence.

  • First of all, you must be clear about the motives that led to the absence, at what time is the appointment? What kind of appointment?
  • Second of all, include a sentence such as we are aware of the fact that (Child´s name) will miss some classes, but we are willing to do some extra homework so he/she knows the contents of the classes that he/she was not able to attend.
  • Remember to direct it and present it to the teachers of the classes that your child will miss.
  • Avoid being over diplomatic or to apologize for too much for your child´s absence, just go clear and direct to the point, state the reasons for the absence and the contingency measures you will take to guarantee that your child will not miss too much of the contents of the classes.

Sample Letter to Excuse Your Child’s Absence for a Dentist Appointment

To Whom It May Concern

This letter has the purpose of requesting you to grant my son/daughter (Name of your child) a student of class (Complete with your child´s grade), of your school, a leave for the day (date). He has a dentist appointment that takes place during school hours. We are aware that he/she will be missing the classes for the day, but he/she is willing to have a little more homework to compensate the absence (this part is suggested but always optional).

Parent’s signature

And always remember to write the dates or hours of absence, to address the teacher in a professional manner, to keep it professional and serious and to get to the point quickly.