Letter of Introduction Examples and Templates

“Hi, how are you” This is one of the most used sentences to introduce yourself to someone. Fortunately, it is not a sentence you can use in a letter of introduction since you are not introducing yourself but someone you know.

When you are writing a letter of introduction for a friend to a friend, you do not want to be informal. You want to sound like you genuinely know the person and want to set up the right atmosphere so the person can continue the meeting on their own.

These letters can be a boost to someone’s career, so they have to be good. To learn how to write one, just continue to read our article. It has the guidelines you need to follow in order to write a great letter of introduction.

What is a Letter of Introduction?

An introduction letter is written by you for a friend to another friend or associate. As a personal introduction, this letter helps break the ice between the two and provides some information about the subject to the recipient.

These letters are very handy as they help open the door to a good interview, meeting, or some other business relationship. These letters may state your personal opinion of the person, their qualifications, and if they would be a good fit for the other person’s firm, etc.

Types of Introduction Letters

While the basic premise of an introduction letter is the same, there are different types of these letters. The letter depends on the situation and can be for any of the following purposes:

  • for a colleague to another colleague
  • a client to a customer or a colleague to either a client or customer
  • introducing new team members to the other members
  • helping a job candidate
  • or for one professional contact to another

All of these letters should be professional, clear, concise, and easy to read. Also, all of these types of letters should create the right welcoming atmosphere and set everyone at ease.

How to write a Letter of Introduction

The first step before you start writing the letter is that you should have both parties agreeing to it being done. This is not always necessary or mandatory but in some situations, it can help smooth the way for the person being introduced.

  • Make sure to have a greeting- a friendly note helps lower defenses
  • The purpose- be right upfront and tell the recipient why you are writing the letter
  • Introduce the person and give details- give their name, explain their qualifications, how you know them, what they do and how their talent and experience can be helpful to the recipient
  • Suggest a possible positive collaboration- this section tells the recipient how they could work together
  • Make yourself available- provide your contact information if the person doesn’t already have it and invite them to call you if they have any questions
  • Write a conclusion- include any final comments and your name and title

Tips for Writing a Letter of Introduction

  • Be brief, not long-winded. Be concise and to the point leaving out flowery language
  • State your purpose very clearly and your goal in writing the letter
  • Proofread your letter and edit it so there are no mistakes or badly worded sentences
  • You can send the letter by e-mail or hand it to the person it is introducing so they can hand it to the recipient at the time of their meeting
  • Follow up your letter with a phone call or e-mail

What a Letter of Introduction Isn’t

Many people confuse other types of letters with a letter of introduction. It is easy to do at times as those other forms of letters can resemble an introduction but they are not interchangeable:

  • A cover letter – you are not introducing yourself but being introduced to another person via mutually known third party
  • A letter of recommendation – the letter of introduction is merely an introduction and nothing else. This letter recommends you be hired for a specific job and the recipient is not known to the letter writer
  • A referral letter – this is a combination of an introduction and recommendation letter. It contains elements of both.

Sample Letter of Introduction (Introducing Yourself)

Jack Pardee

Vice-President of Operations

Hurst Inc

June 6th, 2021

Dear Sir,

My name is Michael Sonnenberg and I have been a Regional Director for Blockbuster Inc for many years now. While I have liked my position and duties I am moving to your city in two months.

Our office cannot change locations and it is too far to commute so I am looking for a new opportunity with your company. I know you have offices in the city I am moving to and have heard a lot of good things about your company.

I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you or receive different recommendations about professional opportunities in that city. I have included my resume and am available to talk with you at your convenience.

My e-mail is samplemail @ yahoo . com and my phone number is 555-545-1212. Thank you for any time you can spare to help me out.



Sample Letter of Introduction (Introducing Two People)

Hi Pete,

How are the family and life treating you these days? We should get together soon and catch up.

The reason I am writing is to introduce a good friend who has worked for us over the past few years. His name is Ronald Fahr and he has a degree in marketing and business management.

Ronald is moving to your area and would like to see if there are any openings in your firm. Since you are in the same line of work I was hoping you could give him an interview and see if he is a good fit for your company.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Your old friend


Sample Company letter of Introduction

Dear Tom

I would like to introduce Peggy Smith to you. She will be your new team member and she comes with 5 years of organizational experience for large projects, Her experience will be quite valuable to us as we get ready to launch our new lines next year.

Her duties will include reporting to you any updates on each stage of the projects, organizing key promotional material, and making sure they are printed out in time. You can contact her at ext. 345 to set up a meet and get acquainted.

Thanks for your co-operation


Letter of Introduction Templates

When and How to Send it

There are two ways to send this letter. The first is e-mail and it is probably the easiest and most popular method to use. It is quick and can be read at any time. The second method is by giving it to the person the letter is about and let him or her hand it to the recipient. This is the old-fashioned method that has been used for generations.

When to send these letters is not so hard. If you are using e-mail you want to send it a day or two before the two people are to meet. If you use the traditional method, you write the letter, seal it and then hand it to the person who will give it to the recipient when they meet.

Final Thoughts

Letters of introduction are very important to the people needing them. They should be well written and state the facts about the person. They should be honest and sincere while also being to the point without any filler.

These letters only take a few minutes to write when following the right example. But they also have a lot of impact, so they need to be professional.

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