Letter of Interest – (Format & Sample Letter)

This is a letter written to a potential employer expressing your desire to work in that organization. This mostly happens when you are searching for a job in a particular company, but it does not have an appropriate position of your interest at that moment. You write to request the human resource manager to fit you in a position that matches your skills.

When writing the letter one can miss to write a compelling statement or indicate the target department, they want to work in. These are some challenges a user face when writing the letter but can be overcome by using a sample teller to write a clear, simple and easy letter.

What to include in your letter of interest

Before undertaking to write the letter, it’s paramount to carry out some background research on the organization. This can include up-to calling the organization to find out to whom the letter should be addressed. This would help you to avoid generalizing the salutation like “Dear Sir/Madam” and state the actual name of the addressee.

It’s important to state some few details about yourself. This is basically your address and contact details. This would enable the prospective organization to contact you in case they would be interested in your services.

If you are sending letters to several organizations kindly ensure that each letter is personalized and signed. The letter should be tailored to each organization details e.g. addressee.

The letter should be very descriptive detailing your skills set that you intend to bring to the organization of interest. These skills should be described in such way so as to meet the needs of the prospective organization. You should seek to be as professional as possible avoiding information on personal likings. It also necessary to describe your qualifications.

It should also describe the professional achievements if any. Your Strengths should be detailed in this letter and how you have used them in the past to solve challenges.

The letter should seek to compliment your resume and seek to put more details in your accomplishments.

The closing paragraph should be an expression of the desire for an interview and informing them on your availability. It’s of utmost importance to personally sign the letter.

Letter of interest format

Your Contact details


Locational and postal Address,

Telephone Number,

Email address,

Website if any.

Date of the letter.

April 1, 2019

Contact details of the organization

Name of the Hiring manager,

The Organizations’ Name,

Locational and postal Address,

Telephone Number.

Dear “insert Name of the Hiring manager”,

Dear Mr. Alph,

Introductory paragraph

In this paragraph you introduce yourself and express the interest to work in the organization

Skills, Qualification and accomplishments Paragraph

Describe your skills set

State your strengths

State your qualifications.

Describe your accomplishments with examples. This could be a short paragraph on your success story.

Closing Paragraph

It should state your availability

State your desire for an interview

Signing off

This is where you put your signature

Sample letter of interest / email

Ruthy Kirst,

413 Downtown,

Tampa, Florida



April 2nd, 2019

Leon Wright

The Wright Wrong Group,

453, Uptown

Chicktown, CA,


17th September 2018

Dear Mr Wright,

Recently I happened to come across a business article detailing about your organization. I was greatly impressed by your level of professionalism and felt what a great team. Particularly I was impressed by your focus on excellence and people. I envisioned myself working for such a firm and believed that my skills would be a great addition to your team.

I am a resourceful and analytical thinker, achievement oriented. I pay close attention to detail and possess good financial report writing and analytical skills, initiative and concern for quality and details. I am able to plan, prioritize and deliver tasks on time, participate effectively in teams. I also bring the additional quality of strong business planning/budgeting, analytical and problem-solving skills. I have a capacity to do monitoring and ensure that all policies are adhered to and all controls are in place and working efficiently.

I look forward to hearing from you to further discuss my skills set and how they will be of benefit to your firm. Am available at your earliest convenience.


Signed (incase of hard copies)

Ruthy Kirst,

Tips for writing the letter of interest

This letter should contain an offer to the organization the skills, competency, qualifications and how they will be of benefit to the prospective organization.

There are a few rules which should be followed to have a befitting letter.

  • Contact Information. You should make sure get the contact details. This is not only about the organizations details but more details such as the manager’s name and even to the extent of the designation.
  • Good Background Research. It’s imperative you do a good research of the organization. This information is helpful in helping understand about the organizations’ culture. Information gained will help identify the gaps that exist, in-house tagline and the contact details of the key personnel.
  • Being Specific. the letter should not be vague about your achievements and skills. It should also provide information on how you will improve the organization. When explaining your achievements, it should be easy for the organization to identify them.
  • Formatting. the structure of the letter should follow the prescribed format, the salutation, organization of the paragraphs and the closing of the letter which includes the signature.
  • Right Focus. the letter should detail why you are the best fit and the reason as to why the organization excites you. Indicate how you fit within the organization and if it’s a specified role emphasize how your skills match the role. Explain how your past successes would interest the organization.

Inquiry Letter VS. Cover Letter

The above two letters appear to serve the same function. They may be used to prospect for job openings in organizations. However as much they may serve the same purpose, the timing, structure, and content are very distinct.

An inquiry letter are not a response to any particular job opening, they are an avenue to get the attention of a potential employer. This letter when done expertly done can secure you a placement.

A cover letter is done in response to an advertised job opening. It should accompany the resume explaining more on your skills sets and qualifications. It seeks to state why you are the best fit for the job.

A cover letter is time specific as job openings usually have an expiry period whereas an inquiry letter can be done anytime.

As far as the content is concerned an inquiry letter is meant to prospect while a cover letter is in response to a need expressed by an organization.

Types of letter of interest

Letter of interest for project

This is a specialized letter expressing desire to work in a specified project as advertised or as you are prospecting for.

It should contain the successful projects undertaken, the referrals including their contacts. The value and scale for each project that you have undertaken.

Letter of interest for job within the current company

It’s written to your current employer expressing your desire to fill a certain gap that exists within the organization.

This letter should contain, the subject matter, introduction, the organizations need, and a clear closing.

Letter of interest for internship

This is written by a student expressing interest in internship opportunities for placement as part of the school calendar or with an intention prospecting for jobs upon graduation.

It should include the academic year and the purpose for internship. It should also state the course that you are undertaking in college.

The letter should aim to express a desire in the department you are willing to work in.